Top Gun 2: Montana

If you haven’t seen Troy Downing’s new ad–you should. It’s been playing all around Montana and it is something else.

Click HERE to watch the ad.

And now, look at this beautiful cartoon from JC Moore:


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  1. Easy to see why the comment section is disabled for that video…what a tool

  2. Troy, Rosendale, Gianforte and all the rest hoping to ride the Trumpster’s coat-tails to victory (especially in ag-states) might find themselves collateral damage to Trump’s il-considered trade war . . . as of China didn’t hold enough of our debt instruments to do some real, lasting damage. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch . . .

  3. Shades of “Mission Accomplished.”

  4. The California boy is targeting the hard core stupid vote. This is the most telling ad since Maryland Matt’s drone hunter spot.

  5. Duh, his platform is airplanes¿?????

  6. Next they’ll run an ad of Troy Downing antagonizing Tester on the playground. How old is Downing? 15?

  7. Are you sure this isn’t a Tester fund-raising ad?

  8. Never underestimate The Stupid in Montana. Only problem is the Dems are just as bad. They’ll lose the seat for sure with the only three front burner issues they have. Gays, gun control, and immigration, as if a majority of folks in Montana really cared about those. I predict a Fagg victory. I’m not saying I approve, but it’s just a fact of life. If they don’t get their asses totally kicked, they can always assert that they’re making progress. And for them, that’s good enough! Maybe in another fifty years or so, a majority of Montanans will agree. Hope springs eternal in the Montana Democratic Party!

    • This is what Montanans know, and this is why Tester will lose. It’s exactly why Hillary lost. Has it been worth it?

      • @Ambrose Rey – Actually, what Montanans know is that Senator Tester is one of their own, and would never go beyond sensibility on gun issues. He might well lose, but every day that this so-called president is in office shifts another significant number of rational, independent voters to his support.

        The terminally corrupt NRA does its best to hide real numbers, but a significant percentage of NRA members are veterans, particularly in Montana. Many of them are thoroughly disgusted and ashamed at the NRA’s greed-driven commitment to gun insanity; and they certainly recognize that Tester has been one of their strongest advocates since his first day in office. They know that this is who he is, and that it is not just election-year hypocrisy.

        Contrast that with the pathetic lineup going into the GOP primary:
        *Rosendale’s asinine behavior shooting at an imaginary drone.
        *Downing’s blatant contempt for Montana’s hunting laws and tradition.
        *Fagg’s hypocritical violation of the ethical standards of both the judiciary and the political arena, coupled with his embarrassing reliance on “endorsements” from dead conservatives.
        *Olszewski, who is just crazier than a wood watch.

        As I said, Senator Tester might lose, given the staggering amount of ignorance among trump-chumps, but I like his odds better than any of his opponents’.

        Here’s a quick riddle for you –
        Q – What has seventeen teeth and an IQ of eighty-five?
        A – The front three rows at a Trumpsky rally.

        • I hope you’re right. But I doubt it. How long did the Dems let Baucus run wild? They have never taken a disciplined stand except on minor non-issues. Gay cakes. How brave!

          • @Ambrose Rey – Baucus held his seat for 36 years. While there were a lot of his positions and compromises I didn’t approve of, he was effective and powerful. Actually, I would say the same about Tester.

            Frankly, I would rather have ethical Democrats, however shambling, than the disgusting partisan hacks who have hijacked the MT GOP.

  9. One way to sort out the winners from the losers in the Republican primary is to get them on record as to whether they support Republican President Donald Trump. It’s a simple question that takes a “yes” or a “no” to answer.

  10. ha! Maybe ‘drone boy’ will shoot down Dumb Downing, or they can challenge each other who’s the bigger CARPETBAGGIN’ Teabagger!

  11. So Downing the Doofus maligns the teaching profession also in that ad? I hope he gets NAILED for poaching, and even poachers considered ‘low life’ in red votin’ country…

  12. I think the commercial is funny, and that people will remember it.

    It surprised me that Tester was a music teacher, as I didn’t figure him smart enough to read music.

    What a strange election so far. The GOP candidates are each going after Tester, and he can’t respond because he doesn’t have an opponent yet, so the Dems, (The Party of the Rich) are spending their ad dollars trying to make Tester a Trumpist. And the Dems in Helena are attacking green Dems by trying to toss them from the ballot, and risk them staying home.

    It’s going to get old long before November !

  13. Myrna Vanderburg | April 7, 2018 1:30 AM at 1:30 AM |

    No comma between teacher and as, Eric. Also, the Democrats are not the party of the rich. I taught for 36 years. There’s no better job than teaching and team leading to learn leadership skills no matter what the subject. This isn’t a commercial, it’s just a cheap shot meant to demean the opposing candidate and avoid the issues. We still don’t know how Downing perceives the needs of Montanans. The ads I’ve seen that Tester approves talk about the work he is doing for Montanans. They aren’t attack ads. Like him or dislike him, Trump is still the President of the United States and we are lucky to have a congressman who recognizes that and knows he needs to work with the President for the good of Montana as much as possible. However, apparently now voters are suppose to hold the good of the party over the good of the country. That’s the real joke.

    • Thanks for teaching our kids Myrna! That takes real dedication.

      But – and party that can pump $11,000,000 into Jon Testers campaign before the primary is certainly rich.

      That is what rich parties do. :)

      • Did you buy the materials for your glass house from Robert Mercer, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers, among others?

        The Kochs alone are planning on spending another $300 million this election cycle to subvert democracy.

        • I love it –

          The Dems (The Party of the Rich) have so much money that they can launder money for the Hillary campaign, and sell their votes (fact) and pump $11,000,000 so far into Testers campaign (fact) but it’s Ok because somewhere in the world a boogeyman called Koch is making campaign contributions?

          Please explain.

          • I notice you didn’t declare (fact) after this: “have so much money that they can launder money for the Hillary campaign”. Explain why you included that unfounded assertion.

            You declare two items as facts but include no supporting links. Let’s see your proof.
            138 are GOP, 20 are Dem.

            “Now they are deploying their vast wealth in the political arena, providing almost half of all the seed money raised to support Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, a New York Times investigation found. Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.”


            Declaring Democrats to be the “party of the rich” is pathetic attempt at projection on your part.

              • Margot Kidder was pro-Bernie and Counterpunch is a good fit for her.

                “During the 2016 presidential election, CounterPunch published the writings of Alice Donovan who purported to be a freelance writer but was in fact a pseudonymous employee of the Russian government.[12] Donovan was tracked by the FBI for nine months.[12] According to The Washington Post, “she seemed to be doing the Kremlin’s bidding by stoking discontent toward Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and touting WikiLeaks, which U.S. officials say was a tool of Russia’s broad influence operation to affect the presidential race.”[12] In late November 2017, the Washington Post contacted CounterPunch about Donovan; co-editor Jeffrey St. Clair said that Donovan’s pitches did not stand out amongst the pitches that CounterPunch received daily.[12] St. Clair asked Donovan to substantiate her identity by sending a photo of her driving license but Donovan never responded.[12] On the same day the Washington Post article was published on Donovan, St. Clair and Frank published a piece stating that CounterPunch only ran one article by Alice Donovan during the 2016 election, which was on cyber-breaches of medical databases. They also exposed Donovan as a serial plagiarizer.[13] In addition, in another follow-up article St. Clair and Frank exposed a network of alleged trolls that operated a site called Inside Syria Media Center, which promoted a pro-Bashar al-Assad and pro-Russian view of the Syrian Civil War. St. Clair and Frank speculated that the website was connected to the same network of trolls as Alice Donovan.[14]”


          • 200 million going to be used to elect either Ben Nelson or Rick Scott in Fl and you are worried about 11 million.

            Maybe it is time to get all the money out of politics except you and the GOP are against that type of reform.

  14. Is there a sign on Mt that says:
    “Move here, say you’re Republican and Mrs Zinke will elect you to Congress? Screw Montanans the dumb lot–look who’ve they’ve elected to sell Montana to the biggest $$$ polluters! What sellouts they are, and it’s cheaper to campaign here–those BiG Boy Koch polluters will kick in their DARK MONEY besides.”

  15. I have always respected a good trumpet player.

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