Want to See Grown Men Dance to no Music? Just Look at the GOP Senate Candidates Talk About Trump’s Tariffs

President Trump seems hell bent on a trade war. He’s announced multiple rounds of tariffs and that has placed Montana producers firmly in the cross-hairs of this trade war.

As we’ve seen GOP candidates and elected officials run on a “who can kiss up to Trump most” campaign, we were wondering how the GOP’ers might react to the President threatening to bury our agriculture industry.

Well, wait no more!

Thanks to the Helena IR we know can see four grown men create a word salad with just the right amount of Trump butt-kissing, a hint of “oh god this might sink my election” & a helping of political non-speak to top it off.  Delicious!

“Rancher” Matt Rosendale, who if he actually ranched would  be worried about his cattle having a market, leads it off by letting Montana know he will keep an eagle-eye on these tariffs that may cause farmers and ranchers to lose the farm:

Last week, Rosendale said he keeps a close eye on tariffs, but it’s too early to tell where the recent escalation with China will end up and what it will mean to Montana.

“When it gets to the point it starts negatively impacting our agricultural producers or any other manufacturers or producers, then I will be very concerned,” Rosendale said.

As any real farmer or rancher knows, you have to be able to plan. By the time these tariffs come home to roost, the barn may not be standing.

America’s newest Top Gun recruit Troy Downing gave a doozy of an answer:

“Trade wars are never good for anybody,” Downing said. “But we need to make sure our trade deals are fair, and I think they have been unfair. … Who knows what the end deal’s going to look like. … I think President Trump is a deal-maker, is a negotiator. Until we have something definite and final, it’s hard to do specific comments on it.”

Minus the political talking points? “Trade wars are bad.  Who knows what’s going to happen in this trade war.”  Kind of undermining his own argument a bit there….

And finally Russell Fagg.  Fagg has consistently shown he might be too much of a RINO for Trump’s Republican Party. And he took this opportunity to distance himself from the President again:

Fagg said he’s concerned about Trump’s actions and China’s response, saying it could harm the state.

“I think this is going to hurt Montanans,” Fagg said. “I’m generally opposed to tariffs. Montana’s driving engine is agriculture. … If we get into a trade war it’s going to hurt our No. 1 industry, agriculture. I would not be in favor of those tariffs.”

Bold stance Russell. This will surely bump you up in the primary race to see who can be Trump’s bff.

But don’t worry, this is always what Rosendale backer and former Trump bff Steve Bannon wanted all along. American protectionism.

President Trump thinks Montana farmers and ranchers will understand.  According to the Hill:

President Trump on Monday acknowledged that U.S. farmers could take a hit from trade disputes with China but said they will ultimately “understand” why the confrontation is necessary.”


If the Trump train continues to barrel through rural Montana, will Rosendale and Downing jump off? Or will they be pulling the horn as it runs over a confused Russell Fagg and further down the line Montana’s ag industry?


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  1. http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/09/news/economy/trump-farmers-china-tariffs/index.html Don the Con will ‘make it up to’ farmers like he did for three wives and employees he banktrupted!!??

  2. Hey but TrumpAss said farmers will suffer for the good of the country! Ok! Lose the farm, starve to death but hey, you saved the country!

  3. https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/2018/04/12/daines-trump-re-engage-china-start-new-tpp-negotiations/511079002/ ‘city-slicker’ Noo Yawker Don the Con thinks he can ‘buy’ farmers and ranchers with ‘handout cash’ instead of markets, kind of like how Don the Con and his ‘Fixer’ buys off women, opposition, etc…NOT MONTANA VALUES – I hope!

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