Stapleton’s Fraudulent Hypocrisy

Political Cartoon by JC Moore



10 Comments on "Stapleton’s Fraudulent Hypocrisy"

  1. I’m sure all the Montana Greens will really be ready to vote for Tester after the Dems work so hard to kick them off the ballot.

  2. Montana Greens and Montana Libertarians need to call out decoy candidates; otherwise, both parties’ credibility is undermined. For example, how can Mark Wicks run as a Libertarian in 2017 and then as a Republican in 2018? What a joke.

  3. The Dems have bigger problems than losing a few ballots to the Green Party.

    The Dem House candidate forum in Billings drew approx 150 people, which is nothing in a city of 100,000 people.

    Looking at the highlights it’s easy to see why there is no interest, because none of them looked like first-tier candidates.

    • Republicans, Libertarians, and NRA have an even bigger problem since the April 7 pro gun rally in Billings drew approximately the same amount. I was genuinely surprised by the lack of interest.

    • This also explains the level of this blog, the usual users and comments. Hardly worth anyone’s time.

  4. Corey is an upstanding guy and validated the Green Party signatures. This is just Democraps being salty about an ideology that isn’t in line with what the DNRC mandates.

  5. i assume all of you CONservatives carrying on about the Greens are fully in favor of open primaries aye?

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