Gianforte Takes Credit for Bill He Voted Against

Since becoming a national disgrace, and our Congressman, New Jersey’s finest, Greg Gianforte has kept a relatively low profile. He’s held 0 town halls. He’s rarely in the news–unless it’s for being historically cheap. But now that Gianforte is set to face voters again in 8 months or so, he’s been strategically popping his head up from the sand.

Back in April, Congress passed a bipartisan bill that funded many important programs in Montana. It funded the always popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, it set aside money for the much-needed Butte Veterans Home, and it included a fix to how wildfire fighting is funded. Big win for Montana–right?

Well, Greg Gianforte didn’t think so. He voted no, saying, “Washington has a spending problem.”  Great talking point Greg.

But after two weeks, Gianforte hopes that we all forgot about his no vote. He authored an op-ed and sent out an e-mail to Montanans praising this deal.  The same deal he voted against…

Gianforte has high praise for something he opposed when push came to shove:

This deal also enhances public safety and helps protect Montanans’ access to power by accelerating the removal of vegetation near power lines. It also removes barriers to allow states, like Montana, to have greater management authority on national forest service lands. This will open the door to get more restoration work done and will help get Montana loggers back to work.

Importantly, the deal also reauthorizes the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) program for two years to get Montana counties $25 million to fund schools and roads. This program is critical for many rural Montana communities, and the lack of reliable funding creates uncertainty for these rural communities. This deal will fulfill the federal government’s commitment to rural Montana.

Sounds great right? Wonder why Gianforte voted against it!

In an e-mail to Montanans he proudly declares:

Last month, I secured forest management reforms that were signed into law

But yet he still opposed the bill. Strange.

Gianforte seems to want credit for others hard work. He thinks he can coast to re-election this fall based on the R next to his name. But Montana voters aren’t as gullible as Gianforte thinks.

Montanans deserve a representative who shoots them straight and doesn’t play politics with important votes.  And maybe someone without a criminal record…

No one knows who is going to win the Democratic primary, but one thing is for certain, they should be able to give Gianforte a run for his money. He doesn’t seem to have a clue what he is doing in Congress.


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  1. This needs to be posted to wide distribution with MSM, other blogs and perhaps national media. Highlight his hypocrisy and hold his feet to the fire.

  2. Dear Cowgirl,
    The R behind his name will secure his re-election. All you need to do is change the, He, leading off your last sentence to, The majority that voted for him….. doesn’t seem to have a clue what he is doing in Congress. And clueless they will remain until it’s time to send in the mail in ballot, or go vote on election day and do what voters do 86% of the time in the state and the nation; re-elect the incumbent. This is not being cynical, it’s being realistic to the times.

    John Marshall

  3. The question is who would vote to replace and repeal the tax cuts? Greg or Heenan? I think we know that answer. Of course someone will ask Heenan this question so we will find out for sure.

  4. It won’t be Heenan losing to Gianforte, it will be Grant Kier.

    With the money split between the favorites, somebody from Helena picked up the phone to get Grant the union endorsement, and that will be the difference in the primary.

    Kier is a second-tier candidate, but apparently the best the Dems have.

  5. “But Montana voters aren’t as gullible as Gianforte thinks.”

    Really? We/you/they elected the pos the first time, didn’t we/you/they?
    Does anyone seriously believe the voters in this state have gotten any smarter/less gullible since then?

    The only thing that’ll save us from electing him again is:
    A. A massive campaign highlighting his shitty record and avoidance of the Montana people (ok, maybe; as mentioned many times, Republicans rarely if ever admit that they made a mistake), but more likely,
    B. A massive get-out-the-vote campaign; overwhelming the conservative idiots with sheer numbers is probably our only savior.

    • You need a platform that would benefit working Montanan voters. Sanctuary cites, single payer health care, repealing tax cuts, open boarders, more regulations stifling business. More Obama years. You need to come up with a platform that grabs the voters attention not just the Birkenstock crowd in Zoo town and Bozo.

    • Kevin must be the smartest guy in MT. Just ask him.

      • Smart enough not to make an idiotic comment that addresses nothing to do with the subject at hand and think I’m clever for it, but whatever. And one doesn’t need a PhD to have closely studied the political scene for 50 years and be able to identify Republican greed, lies and charlatanism, and Republican voters’ gullibility – they’re blatantly obvious, and there for all to see. So smirk on, sonny, and come on back when you have something intelligent to add to the conversation.

  6. montana has too few people too spread out to give everybody decent broadband. I have a plan to team up with all of the coops around the state and establish a State Broadband Agency, abiding by existing utility regulations. Being non-profit every Montanan could have broadband at a reasonable price billed on your electric bill. Not subject to free market interference in Net Neutrality. We used to have a Ford Model T race-brought tons of tourists. We need another annual event like a road race around Flathead Lake for pre-WWII cars only. I have proposals for a new CCC- this time a Child Care Cooperative. Run by a board of gov officials,parents and providers. We could be training HS graduates in Early Childhood Development and preparing them for the growing demand for daycare-and i use the day part of that loosely, these centers could be 24 hours. I have many ideas like that and would love a chance to bring them to fruition. We lost our way 40 years ago and began paying more homage to profits than we do Prophets. We the People have the Power to reverse Reaganomics-all it will take is for the couch-sitters to get riled enough that even half of them register and vote. But we will have to offer more exciting ideas than the same old gun control abortion loop we always get roped into. We have to offer realistic hope our ideas will make their lives better.

    • Our lives ARE getting better Bob.

      My paycheck is bigger, because of the raise I got, and a tax code that lets me keep more of my money.

      Obama’s odious anti-business rules are gone now, and the economy is humming.

      Illegal immigration and drug trafficking across the border has slowed to a crawl.

      Maybe the Dems should just get on board and help make America Great again!

      • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | April 18, 2018 10:19 PM at 10:19 PM |

        That extra $1.50 a week makes all the difference.

        • More than $50 a week.

          Remember, raise + tax code.

          And that doesn’t even take into account that we just hit another quarterly bonus for sales, five quarters in a row, after NEVER hitting one since 2014 under the Obama economy.

          • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | April 19, 2018 10:56 AM at 10:56 AM |

            Congratulations on your dollar an hour raise. When you are bringing in 10 bucks an hour, every little but helps. Those Big Macs must be flying out the window.

            “And that doesn’t even take into account that we just hit another quarterly bonus for sales, five quarters in a row, after NEVER hitting one since 2014 under the Obama economy.” That makes no sense whatsoever you doofus. So are you saying that you did hit those numbers from 2009 through 2014? When we were in the worst recession since the 30s? And BTW, how could you have hit 5 quarters in a row if you had NEVER hit one since 2014? You are an idiot.

            • You might consider getting a job !

              We hit 5 quarters in a row starting at Inauguration Day last year.

              An additional $6k per year, compared to no wage growth under Obama isn’t crumbs.

              • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | April 19, 2018 8:32 PM at 8:32 PM |

                I don’t need a job, I have a business.

                Results vary, I did very well during the Obama years, both in wages (I had a job then) and in my IRA.

                Most people get paid/work 40 hrs a week x 52 weeks for 2080 hrs. I am not sure how your $50 a week x 52 weeks- $2500 works out to an additional 6K but as long as you are happy, that is the main thing.

                If you apply yourself maybe you can run the fry machine.

                • A good quarterly bonus, when you can hit one is $1250.

                  That’s what happens when you increase sales 40%.

                  Obama said it was impossible for 8 years.

                  Stop into Billings and I can get you going on math in a jiffy.

                  • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | April 20, 2018 8:53 AM at 8:53 AM |

                    Obama said what was impossible for 8 years?

                    I think it is great you got a bonus. Don’t spend it all on a new double wide and a big new Dodge Diesel.

  7. Dem’s push “Crumb” sweeping plan.

    Top congressional Democrats used this week’s IRS filing deadline to ramp up calls to repeal GOP tax cuts — drawing jeers from Republicans who say the package is helping working Americans and putting some rank-and-file members in a difficult spot.

  8. My op-ed in the Missoula Current yesterday:

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | April 24, 2018 1:33 PM at 1:33 PM |

      Nice Op-ed Mike, well reasoned and well written.

      How long should these areas be studied? wasn’t 40 years sufficient?

      If the intent is to use the WSA to treat these as de-facto Wilderness it is corrupting the intent of the Wilderness act.

      Steve Daines is an idiot but occasionally even idiots get some things right.

  9. Sounds like Montanans will have another chance to pass an IQ test this November. My fingers are crossed.

  10. Could we have links to some sources, please? I shared this on social media and I’m getting a lot of pushback saying that Gianforte supported both measures.

  11. Dems need to remind ppl that tax cuts for working & middle class are temporary, while Corp. taxes are permanent. And that only 15% of corporate tax cuts are being used to benefit workers. Rest goes to shareholders & execs. Focus on making sure working families get their share & that hardworking people should get greatest benefits. Social security & Medicare is an insurance plan we pay into. No more borrowing/taking from it! That’s our money, and our retirement! Over 200 GOP reps just voted to use it to pay for the tax cuts. Focus on helping small & family businesses, giving them the lions’ share of business tax breaks, not Fortune 500 companies that write off most of their taxes already. Focus on job creation! Renewable energy is (was) very profitable & gives us a chance to be less reliant on foriegn nations for energy. Dems need to put all their energy into representing and standing for working Americans and ensuring that they know we are the party who will ensure that working American families prosper. That’s what people need to hear above and beyond any other message. Inclusion and equality should be part of our message, but they cannot be THE message if Dems want to win. People may not realize they’re voting against their own self interests if it sounds like were standing up for everyone but them, and they hear GOP tell them that over and over. Show them that dems are the party of hardworking Americans who want to have – deserve to have- and CAN have better lives.

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