Out-of-State Air Pollution

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  1. Here is your dark cloud. Politics and a upcoming election drives stupid allegations. I guess Testers music degree or experience has not made him appreciate on what a takes to be a Rear Admiral or tools available to Senators verify allegations and procedures to follow up. Time to send him back to the farm. No more embarrassment.

    One of the most offensive twisted unsubstantiated allegations based on comments by supposedly 20 people I have ever seen by a sitting Senator against a Rear Admiral. Recommend steering clear of the local VFW or America Legion for a while.

    The embattled nominee tapped to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs was known as “the candy man” inside the White House, Sen. Jon Tester said Tuesday, citing reports from individuals who raised concerns about his nomination.

    The Montana Democrat Jon Tester told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that around 20 people raised concerns to his committee about Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, and according to those people, Jackson would hand out prescriptions “like candy.”

    • You seem rather infatuated with Jackson’s rank as a Rear Admiral (a one star general in the other services).

      The fact of the matter is that there is are differences in how you advance in rank for the medical class than what is involved with the warrior class. For one thing, Jackson is an Admiral that has never commanded a vessel of any significant size, let alone multiple vessels.

      You are also conveniently forgetting that quite a few Republican Senators expressed their doubts in Jackson’s qualification to run the VA which is a huge organization.

  2. Events unfold relentlessly. Some people take a slice of a process and draw conclusions and make pronouncements, most of which are not helpful. Thinking objectively, if a Senate Committee member got a communication from someone(or 20 someones) who knows and interacted with a Executive Department Director-nominee declaring the nominee behaved in a way that refelcted badly on his appointment, what else can the Senator do but pull the plug on the hearings until those allegations are investigated and evaluated for their veracity? If the hearing went forward without the information in hand being evaluated, that Senator would be ignoring his duty. This thing will unfold over time and we will have a better idea what is going on. Over the years, many Presidential nominees of both parties have had their appointments delayed or derailed due to information being presented in much the same way. Some have withstood them and gone on to serve. While it’s too soon to know Admiral Jackson’s fate, it’s not to soon to calm the hell down and let this thing unfold. .

  3. Well, Tester got his 15 minutes of fame. Maxine Waters will be very proud of Jon. We will see in November what Montanans think of this representation. Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson withdrew his nomination for the appointment Veterans Affairs secretary.

    Mr. Jackson, was criticized for managing a staff of around 58 then moving to the VA to a department with more than 350,000 employees and Tester stated 20 people had raised concerns. I wonder if any of them have ever met Mr Jackson. Were any of these concerned persons questioned on what was their relationship to Mr. Jackson? Were any of the persons in direct contact with Mr. Jackson? Mr. Jackson oversees around 58 people, which includes nine doctors, 10 nurses, 16 physicians assistants and support staff.

  4. Interesting this now surfaces and not during the prior 8 yrs of Obama and Tester.

  5. From MPR. Hope you are proud. Wish we would have known. Bet there would have been a hell of a lot of more veterans show up for a lot different reason.

    Senator Tester’s office asked four Missoula-area veterans to hold a press conference on the sidewalk outside his Missoula office Thursday afternoon.

  6. The veterans said they give some credence to the allegations against Admiral Jackson that Senator Tester gathered, despite them being anonymous. They said they looked forward to Jackson addressing them in his confirmation hearing.

    Andrew Person saw combat as a paratrooper between 2002 and 2005, I asked him if he really believed that Senator Tester’s release of the anonymous allegations about Jackson was not political, given that Tester is running for re-election this year.

    “Absolutely not, no,” Person says. “Senator Tester is one of the senior members of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. He does his job. He’s voted in favor of about 12 of the White House’s nominees for the VA. And so he doesn’t play politics with these nominations.”
    More MPR
    Elsewhere, other Montanans expressed the opposite point of view. Aaron Flint, who hosts a conservative radio talk show on a Billings radio station tweeted Thursday that, quote, “several callers this AM expressed outrage that a man who served his country with a career in the U.S. Navy was not given a fair hearing by Sen. Tester.”


    • How many of those folks contacted Tester’s office?

      How many of them gave their full names when they called in to Flint’s show?

  7. Was Tester set up?

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