Matt Rosendale Signed Legal Documents as a Maryland Resident in 2015. He is Either a Liar or An Idiot.

What is it with Montana GOP candidates and an inability to be residents of our great state? Has the party gone so far to the right that actual Montanan Republicans look at running for office and say, “thanks, but no thanks.”

First Troy Downing illegally grabbed a resident hunting license (allegedly) and now GOP frontrunner, drone shooter, and Maryland accent haver, Matt Rosendale is caught with his pants down claiming a tax break in Maryland.

The Helena IR reported yesterday that Rosendale signed a form in 2015 certifying that he was a Maryland resident in order to get a tax break. The whole story is worth a read, but the key points are that Rosendale could be looking at a perjury charge due to his error. According to the story:

Below the box ultimately checked, the form says that under penalty of perjury, the signer has examined the declaration made on the form and to the best of their knowledge it is true.

The form was signed by Rosendale, who was a real estate developer in Maryland before moving to Montana in 2002, as part of a packet of forms sent by a title company, Rosendale’s accountant Thomas McCarthy said Wednesday.

Later in the story, Rosendale gets a title company, The Atlantic Title Group, to take the fall for him. Their Yelp reviews will likely take a hit.

A seasoned real estate developer like Rosendale surely knows what kind of forms need to be filled out for a real estate sale. And any person who’s ran for public office as much as Rosendale knows not to just sign forms with the words “perjury” on them willy-nilly. It seems Rosendale did it anyway.

That leaves us with two options:

  1. Matt Rosendale is lying.
  2. Matt Rosendale is so dense he doesn’t understand what forms he signs.

That’s about it.

We’ve all had fun poking fun at Rosendale’s accent, joking about his affinity for shooting drones out of the sky, and laughed as he has staff roll around in mud in his Carhartt jacket so he can look like a “rancher” in TV ads, but this legal document and the attempted cover up by him brings a new spin to the residency issue.

Did Rosendale work with this title company back in his old development days? Did Rosendale and his crew work with this Maryland based title company to cover up Rosendale’s perjury?


Does Rosendale just literally sign documents, under the penalty of perjury, without thinking twice?

Either way, not a good look for Rosendale.


11 Comments on "Matt Rosendale Signed Legal Documents as a Maryland Resident in 2015. He is Either a Liar or An Idiot."

  1. RE the option question, both!

  2. Beat me to it, Kurt!
    Must we make believe it’s one or the other when we already know it’s both?

  3. During tonight’s debate Maryland Matt said he had a letter of apology from the title company. Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. I suspect that “letter of apology” will have been drafted by someone in Rosendale’s staff and presented to the title company to issue on their letterhead. One of those little client services that companies just love to provide…….or else.

  5. The State of Maryland should be contacted to see if a tax reduction was provided per the declaration of Maryland Citizenship. The MD Attorney General, Doug Frost, is a good attorney and was elected as a Democrat. So apology notwithstanding
    a crime may have been committed in One state or the other….

  6. Wiki seems to be saying that Maryland-Matt was serving in the Montana legislature at the time he was claiming citizenship in Maryland “He was elected as Senator for the 2013 and 2015 sessions”.

  7. This is NOT insignificant at all, if integrity and/or brains matters Maryland Matt! Here’s the facts about his legislative service right from state government:

  8. Is the Montana GOP so devoid of eligible candidates that they have to continually go out of state for people to run for office.

    • Not just candidates, also legislative ideas. They resort to cutting and pasting from ALEC, AFP, etc. when they propose legislation.

  9. Rather than a letter from the title company, I’d want to see a document that he paid back the taxes he avoided.

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