Rosendale’s New Craptop

Matt Rosendale put out a new television ad yesterday. It is a rip-off of an old Jon Tester ad. It is surprising Rosendale even knows about the ad to rip-off seeing as he was probably living in Maryland at the time…

In his never ending quest to seem like a Montanan, Rosendale is ripping off Jon Tester’s trademark flattop haircut. But true to his off-brand Montana roots something just doesn’t look right with Rosendale’s haircut.

Unfortunately for Rosendale, his cut is just not that flat. His wife even looks to check and see the uneven, more mohawk like, cut.

Rosendale’s just never really been able to get the whole Montana thing right. Whether it is his accent, his tax forms, or now his haircut there’s something just off about Rosendale.


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  1. Who’s the dickhead on the right? And by on “the right”, I mean the photo on the right.

  2. That looks a little like the pseudo military High & Tight style haircut.

  3. Don’t be fooled! A flat top haircut or Mohawk in this instance does not make you a Montanan. As a matter of fact it cements the fact that he is an easterner by the display of a Mohawk. He is so ignorant he doesn’t even know what Indians were in this part of the state..

  4. Smarter than Margerie | April 28, 2018 7:54 AM at 7:54 AM |

    I’ve never been to Maryland. Does everybody look like that there? That can’t be very good for tourism!

  5. Not even a good haircut by a professional barber in Montana is going to cover up Jon’s bluper this week with his character assassination of Admiral Jackson. It doesn’t take too many mistakes like that to cost the good Senator the seat. Let’s hope the next time he’s making political headlines the campaign staff checks the facts first.

    • We just entertained the dwarf AG here in Billings and he ranted about the doctors that are pushing pills. Jon was merely pointing out the fact that there were folks that were on the receiving end of the pill pushing doctor and that there were complaints. Of course, not wanting to incur the rath of the orange haired monster in the white house, nobody is going to come forth and place their name on his shit list. Jackson has the same qualifications as skippy the seal, he was in the service and had a title (of admiral of what it would be nice to know about)but it does not qualify him to lead an organization with 350k employees.

    • Let’s hope that Spanky Trumpsky keeps up the unwarranted attacks on Sen Tester. Every slur, every whining lie, just cements Tester’s position with veterans and the people who actually do care about them. The record shows that Tester has been the strongest, most consistent voice in Congress for veterans for his entire twelve years in office. Unlike Daines and the current crop of GOP wannabes, he doesn’t suddenly discover his compassion and concern just in an election year.

    • It is no mistake to call BS on Trump’s unqualified pick to lead the Veterans Administration. I am sick gutless hypocritical Republicans’ in their unabashed support of their immoral lying leader. We need more Republicans like Vietnam Veteran Chuck Hagel, former Senator and Secretary of Defense, who said “What I heard this morning out of the president and others vilifying Tester, it made me sick. John tester is as clear, direct, honest, transparent and pure on veterans matters as anyone I’ve ever run into.” Hagel went on to say that the GOP needs to stand up to Trump’s outbursts and “say enough is enough.”

  6. Matt should go all the way and go ‘chrome dome’ so brain surgeon at HUD can complete the lobotomy’……as for Trump, the POTUS FAILED To send the best qualified for VA position – period.

  7. Tester made a major unforced error this time.

    I don’t know if he recovers from this one.

    All he had to do was keep being a Trumpist, and with the bankroll the dems have he was looking at a easy re-election.

  8. Hmmm – bragging about working with a Trump, and how many bills he helped a Trump pass, driving down the blacktop in an old Chevy pickup, with a lever action rifle in a gun rack, is Tester acting like a Trumpist.

    I think he was trying to placate the far left wing of the Dems by smearing a Trump nominee, and he didn’t think the President would be calling for his resignation.

    That’s two strikes. First voting to shut down the government in favor of DACA illegals, and now this stunt.

    Does he have time to recover? Probably, as he doesn’t have an opponent yet.

    • Concern troll is concerned.

    • The masked avenger | April 30, 2018 6:38 AM at 6:38 AM |

      Lets see, Fagg, Dowling or Rosendale??? Doesn’t look like he will have much of one after the primary either.

    • And every time the Cheeto Cheater runs off at the mouth, Tester picks up a couple hundred more votes. His competition in the election? The choice comes from: two blatant tax dodgers, a former judge who seriously violated judicial ethics to get a running campaign start, and a pseudo-libertarian screwball who would make a laughingstock of himself. Yeah, Tester is really running scared.

      • You are whistling through the graveyard.
        Tester can’t pull 50% of the vote, as proven by his last campaigns.
        And there are only 170,000 voters in Montana who are truly stupid, as proven by the number who voted for Hillary.

        • And 279,000 who are irredeemably gullible morons.

        • @Eric – You’re absolutely right!! Hillary Clinton won’t get elected in Montana. Which is why you & the other alt-right numbnuts are trying to make the race about her instead of Tester.

          Wait for it……….when you get your ballot this fall, be sure to write Clinton in and vote against her.

  9. I’m wondering if Tester will poll as well as Crooked Hillary now.

  10. Are you sure you want to start comparing the physical attributes of the Republican candidates to Senator Tester?

  11. For the rest of my life, I don’t ever want to hear another Republican lecture anyone about patriotism, law and order, family values or morality. The party of Trump has lost all credibility on those matters. While Tester remains true to our Montana values.

  12. I would submit Montana values would not include a naive senatorial representative bringing forth unsubstantiated allegations and easily proven false by contacting the secret service against a active Rear Admiral. At least, as a Montana Voter, I find this a blatant attack on patriotism, law and order, family values and morality.

    Simple google search:

    The main allegations were brought forth by Vice President Mike Pence’s Army physician Dr. Jennifer Pena. Dr. Jennifer Pena has a history of making FALSE Sexual Harassment claims against Men.

    • And the rightwing smear campaigns against women continue.

    • Liberal Science | May 1, 2018 4:49 PM at 4:49 PM |

      Hahahaha! I would submit that voting for Cadet Bone Spurs, who was banging porn stars as a married man, and hacking on a POW as a “loser”, while continuously spouting forth unsubstantiated allegations easily proven false, is a blatant attack on patriotism, law and order, and family values and morality.
      Abraham has it right. Hypocrisy thy name is Republican.

  13. The military does not know right or left wing, only results. Ms. Pena will soon be reminded on how the chain of command works. If real lucky maybe only a change of duty location. lol

    Pena, who is still active military and assigned to the White House Military Office, did not follow proper protocol to report on the allegations. Instead, she went directly to the Senate with the support of some current and former White House medical staff who were her loyalists. None of the allegations she allegedly brought forth have been substantiated.

    • There is definitely a rightwing problem in the military.

      Nearly one in four troops polled say they have seen examples of white nationalism among their fellow service members, and troops rate it as a larger national security threat than Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a new Military Times poll.

      The troops were surveyed about one month after white supremacist groups and counter-protesters clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia.

      Critics of Trump have accused him of emboldening groups who wish to discriminate against minorities, through both his public comments and policies.

      Trump has said he opposes racism in all forms.

      In the wake of the Charlottesville riot, senior military leaders repeatedly emphasized that threats or discrimination against minorities is against service values. The Military Times poll findings show that the armed forces aren’t exempt from the debate.”

    • Richard Miller | May 2, 2018 9:48 AM at 9:48 AM |

      Sorry windywalkerwithpantsfullit but there is a tiny bit of right wing stuff in the military. Please spend some time in Colorado Springs talking to some of the members of that elite military organization called Air Force Academy. I did and came away with the idea that the right wingers are well entrenched in that community and their influence at the Academy is pretty startling.

  14. Thanks for setting the bar so high.

    Lawmakers Make Criminal Referral on Clinton, Comey, Lynch to DOJ on Steele Dossier.

    • Sara Carter is rightwingnut talking head with a rightwing agenda bent on histrionic misinformation.

    • @windy – What’s the matter? Alex Jones & Sean Hannity weren’t crazy enough for you, so you went mining the alt-right, foam-at-the-mouth ranters for the lies you want to believe?

      • Everybody should realize that this Claudius person is the reason that the Bozeman Daily Chronicle shut down their online comments due to asshole behavior by certain commentators.

        • @Cs… – And your source in the Chronicle newsroom is?

          You’re just shoveling out more of those “alternative facts”. The behavior you’re referring to was coming almost entirely from the far-right trump chumps, and was driving away readers with actual concern for their fellow Montanans.

          • Csmt is spot on. Disagree with Claudius, Doug or Fenske and expect to be bullied and called some vile name. Even with Swede’s interesting use of words and Windy’s alternative facts, I don’t see them swearing and vulgar name calling.

            • @Somebody Else – It’s well-known that facts have a liberal bias.

              What you and the others you pointed to actually object to is that you are not allowed to get away with distorting and dominating a discussion with an endless litany of pathetic fabrications and far-right lies.

              Your whinging is just a classic example of, “Moommm!! No fair!! He hit me back!! Waaahh!!”

              • You heard the man, Else.

                Stop whinging.

              • Huh? Your anger has blinded you. Like most people that read this blog, I lean left of center, but am sick of the name calling that has taken over the comments section of this blog. Mostly trolling (see all of the Fenske brothers). If all Windy & Swede spew is lies, then you should have no problem squashing them in a civil manner.

                • @Somebody Else – If you “lean left of center”, you must be considering the center of breitbart and infowars as the reference point.

                  Far-right trolls inevitably try to capitalize on the innate civility of progressive, caring people with schoolyard bullying tactics, declaring that, because they’re louder and nastier they “win”.

                  I despise bullies, and one of the many things I learned from my father was, “Never back away from a bully; they just get worse.”

            • “Even with Swede’s interesting use of words and Windy’s alternative facts, I don’t see them swearing and vulgar name calling.”

              “asshole behavior”

              Oh right because it was someone else. Bwhahahahahahahahaha.

            • Then you missed Swede getting 86ed from Montana Post for his homophobic horseshit.

              Thanks for your thoughts Neville.

              • That and my great great great granddad owned slave ships.

              • Mark from Helena | May 5, 2018 2:11 PM at 2:11 PM |

                That’s because the administrator of The Montana Post is a well known homosexual who works at the HS so he has unlimited access to young boys.

                • @Mark – You’re just jealous because no one has ever made a pass at you, male or female. Like they say, beauty is only skin deep, but nasty goes clear to the bone.

                • Gee Mark, that was a moronic comment.

                • Mark from Helena, that is a sick remark.
                  Use your real name like a REAL MAN and quite being a coward in hiding if you are going to say crap like that. What are you soooo afraid of that you have to hide behind a pseudonym? Are you afraid people who know you will find out what kind of person you really are?

                • Are you sure about Don at ID?

                  I know he loved the Padres and Portland Timbers but I didn’t think he was a Packers fan.

        • *Eric/Everyone Else/Big Swede/Windwalker….

          Bold talk from a one eyed fat man.

          Many MANY sites have elected to shut down their comments sections. Primarily because of so many people posting under multiple alias but mainly because the posts they were making were nonsense and did not contain more than one iota of truth or were hateful propaganda.

          If you don’t like what gets posted here, refute it with factual content.

  15. But wait! I’m fairly certain I will be the only BOB on the ballet come November. And I don’t lean left-I tipped over a long time ago.

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