Matt Rosendale’s Accent is So Bad Even His Staff Can’t Understand Him

Everyone’s favorite speech therapy patient Matt Rosendale is out with a new television ad. In hit, he tries desperately to sound and look like a Montanan.

He’s got his trademark borrowed work jacket. He’s got someone else’s barn. He’s even got some cows!

Rosendale displays his new and moderately improved accent as well as a basic failure of 8th grade government.

He talks about how Senator Tester falls in line with Nancy Pelosi, ignoring the fact that Pelosi serves in the lower chamber of Congress and has nothing to do with the Senate. As a former legislator and someone who presumably has a high school diploma, Rosendale should know better. That is of course, unless Rosendale was taking orders from Speaker Knudsen while he served in the Montana state senate.

Rosendale’s lack of basic understanding of American government aside, it seems his accent is so bad that whoever writes his tweets couldn’t even understand him.

Rosendale’s campaign twitter account had a little trouble understanding Rosendale’s fake ranchin’ terms:


First of all, the word they are both looking for is kowtow. Second, poor Rosendale twitter staff just couldn’t make out what their boss was saying. With an accent like that I don’t blame them. The cow-tail tweet was subsequently deleted, but unfortunately Rosendale can’t seem to delete his Maryland past.


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  1. I hate his ads! He sounds and looks stupid.

    • The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | May 22, 2018 11:08 AM at 11:08 AM |

      I’m not voting for Iho because she sounds and looks stupid.

      • @FakeFenske – You seem to be an expert on sounding and looking stupid – I guess practice does make …… well, hardly perfect, but very revealing of your special talents.

  2. I’m flummoxed that people don’t find this ad insulting to Montanans. If he thinks that this is the way we speak, he should go back to Maryland.

  3. Having grown up around dirt and corrals, Matt’s work coat is too big for his thin neck, TOO CLEAN, and every although Jon Tester often not seen with a cap, Jon has worn them out in the field where it matters, even Zinke puts on a hat – BACKWARDS – but maybe Matt doesn’t want his homecut ‘doo’ covered…and spot on about the ‘accent’ and why the Korporate PACS don’t use his ‘authentic maryland’ accent….Lastly, it’s also not what Rosendale’s saying, but what he’s DONE or NEGLECTED to do to protect WORKING FAMILIES from predatory insurance companies.

  4. Montana Hat must have never taken any English classes, correct? Such atrocious English in his writing here. “He’s got………” and again “He’s got……”. Perhaps Shumer or Pelosi taught him, you think? Neither of those idiot fools can write or speak well either. Perhaps it was Fake Tester. The music teacher turned farmer who does not even know what end of a horse to feed.

    • Jon Tester grew up on that farm, you dope. Try not to be as stupid as your hero, carpet-bagging Matt the Rat Rosendale!
      “Perhaps it was Fake Tester. The music teacher turned farmer who does not even know what end of a horse to feed.”

    • @Shipley – I’m sure there’s a Remedial English Class available in your area – you should sign up. They taught about contractions in 4th grade, and you need to brush up.

      And, BTW, Tester and most who read this blog sure do know which end of a horse produces Rosendale’s moronic blather. Maybe you should spend a couple of hours in a barn lot getting acquainted with the alt-right agenda. Wear boots.

  5. Does everyone know what were the toughest three (3) years in Jon Tester’s life?

    Third grade.

  6. Poor Rob, you will be so sad in November

  7. I have to agree with most here so vote for Russ Fagg. Then we can have the choice between a music teacher and a judge. Not dumb and dumber. lol Also, as a vet here, when is Jon going to apologize to RDAM Jackson for running with the political motivated false and unvetted allegations? Not what one would expect of sitting senator.

    • One has to wonder why Jackson immediately withdrew from the nomination when the allegations came out. Not something one who is innocent of the charges usually does.

    • He will apologize at the same time that Republican Senator Johnny Isakson, the Chairman of the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee does. Tester agreed with Isakson that Jackson was unqualified. Make sure that you get all the facts, not just those that Faux News wants you to hear.
      And as Vet you should be very concerned that any nominee to the VA does not support privatization. Something that Tester is definitely fighting against.

      • Not everyone wants to enter Tester’s Topless Bar. Perhaps, he is above this unlike Tester running with allegations brought by a lowly Army Captain Jennifer Pena, who just resigned. More dumb and dumber. If Tester is so strong for Vets how come he never accomplished anything under Obama. What is wrong with this picture. Who’s back is Tester riding on? Vets know what is going on here.

        • @windy – Being stupid is nothing to be ashamed of, lots of people fall in that category. Being a consistent, compulsive liar at least puts you in step with the so-called president. But, being a stupid liar puts you right in there with Rosendale and Downing.

          You are actually correct (even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while) that “vets know what is going on here.” They do indeed, and that is why Jon Tester receives ratings of “100%” “Excellent” and “A++” from every veterans’ organization that ranks members of Congress.

          I hate to tell you this, but letting breitbart, Limbaugh, and Fox Fraudcasting do your thinking for you does NOT make you smarter.

          • Then wear your Tester shirt into a VFW or American Legion Club.

            • @windy – I don’t wear advertising, even for people or products I approve of. But I’ve had a considerable number of discussions with veterans regarding the current political situation, and I have yet to run across one, going all the way back to the Korean conflict in the 50’s, who doesn’t regard Tester as one of the most consistent and determined people in Congress in his support of active service members and veterans.

              And your dishonesty aside, I would bet you haven’t either. Like Trumpsky, your role model, you just keep trying to create your own reality. He’s already well over 3,000 confirmed and proven lies. What’s your tally?

        • Jackson has a multi-year series of professional complaints lodged against him.

          Pena is a physician in her own right. Your real problem is that she is Hispanic and female.

          There ya go again, moving the goalposts. You can find Tester’s record from 2008-2016 and answer your own questions. But you’d rather snivel and be too lazy to do your own research.

          • Jackson, despite categorically denying the allegations and a spotless record as a highly decorated flag officer who had just earned a second star, not only withdrew his nomination but also resigned his position with the White House Medical Unit. The president has since revealed that the Secret Service not only cannot substantiate any of the allegations, but has in fact refuted them.

            TruNews has discovered claims that this isn’t the first time Pena has been involved in unsubstantiated claims against a superior officer. A blog, which appears to have been written by her former boss in 2010, whose name has been altered to protect his identity, states that she willfully made up sexual harassment charges against the officer, who had sent a letter in 2008 to Congress detailing poor medical care given to veterans at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center at Fort Bliss in Texas.

            The blog contains a number of photos that clearly depict Pena, although her personal LinkedIn page makes no reference to her serving at the hospital. Other officials identified in the article have been independently confirmed to have served at the hospital, and in the roles identified by the author, at the time of the alleged incident.

            • @windy – So your defense of Jackson is based on assurances from the Liar-In-Chief? And this is supported by foam-at-the-mouth ranting from Rick Wiles at “TruNews”, the neo-Nazi, anti-semitic white supremacist who makes Alex Jones look rational?

              That doesn’t just reflect your abysmal lack of intelligence, it shows a total disconnect from reality.

              • More for you and readers Claudius

                Pena, along with several others, went to the Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee to complain about Jackson, according to Administration sources. The 23 other people Tester referred to were contacted by phone when investigating the claims against Jackson. In fact, according to one administration official, those called were “asked very leading questions, others never returned phone calls to the Senate or were unavailable to talk, so it’s really not sure how many people were actually contacted and what they said.”



                • @windy – So you move from DinkyDickDonny and neo-Nazi Rick Wiles as “credible” sources in favor of Sara Carter, regular supplier of all the latest lies and conspiracy theories to Hannity. Carter, whose “journalistic” background includes the Moony-owned Washington Times, the laughingstock Washington Examiner, and Beck’s Blaze.

                  You just keep getting smarter and smarter …… oh, wait. Sorry, wrong direction on that scale. They’re going to have to put you on life support – breathing is just getting too complicated for you.

                • Yes windy, we know, you only believe what you want to be “tru”. Whatever supports your conspiracy theories must be believed.

            • He “earned” that second star AND his nomination to run the VA for lying his ass off in his report of tRump’s annual physical.

              tRump likes to reward his yes-men when they please him, not on any merit.

  8. Oh, tax evader Rob is weighing in? Perfect…Please educate us Rob, as to why we should listen to a fake taxpayer (SHIPLEY v. INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Cause No. CV 10-00067-BLG-RFC) lecture to us regarding defects of character. Perhaps in your enclave of right-wing cronies in Miles City, that’s how folks roll…but for the rest of Montana, gobbling up propaganda from the Trump regime is neither healthy or productive. Real Montanans continue to be served by Tester…veterans, educators, business folks, retirees, students, union workers, landowners…every sector of our society. Rosendale and his ilk continue to seek to serve the very least of our state, typically guys like Daines, Gianforte – wealthy out-of-staters who seek to bend Montana to their whim as a playground without regard of the middle and lower-class folks that actually do the hard work of paying taxes to keep Montana running. Hard to defend 1%’ers that lookout for no one but themselves but keep drinking the Koolaid Robbie-boy, maybe you could angle for a job working for one of the aforementioned bottom feeders.

  9. After watching his commercials a few times I highly suspect the audio may have been digitally manipulated in order to hide Rosendale’s thick Dixie accent. Something’s not right, his voice sounds just too weird now to be real…

  10. And here is our Vets best friend Tester. Job well done. What happened on your watch? This even comes from CNN (Clinton News Network). Tester Assumed office January 3, 2007. Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Tester assumed office January 3, 2017.

    Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014

    ▶The Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014 is a reported pattern of negligence in the treatment of United States military veterans.

    CNN reported on April 30, 2014 that at least 40 United States Armed Forces veterans died while waiting for care at the Phoenix, Arizona, Veterans Health Administration facilities. By June 5, 2014, Veterans Affairs internal investigations had identified 35 veterans who had died while waiting for care in the Phoenix VHA system.[1] An investigation of delays in treatment throughout the Veterans Health Administration system is being conducted by the Veterans Affairs Office of the Inspector General,[2][3][4] and the House has passed legislation to fund a $1 million criminal investigation by the Justice Department.[5] On May 16, 2014, the Veterans Health Administration’s top health official, Dr. Robert Petzel, retired early at the request of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.[6][7] On May 30, 2014, Secretary Shinseki resigned from office amid the fallout from the controversy.[8][9] As of early June 2014, several other VA medical centers around the nation have been identified with the same problems as the Phoenix facility, and the investigations by the VA Inspector General, the Congress and others are widening.[2][9][10][11][12][13][14] An internal VA audit released June 9, 2014 found that more than 120,000 veterans were left waiting or never got care and that schedulers were pressured to use unofficial lists or engage in inappropriate practices to make waiting times appear more favorable.[15] On June 11, 2014, the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened a criminal investigation of the VA.[16] President Barack Obama ordered a White House investigation. On June 27, 2014, Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Rob Nabors, reported “significant and chronic system failures” and a “corrosive culture” inside the Veterans Health Administration.[17] In August 2014, Obama signed Congressional legislation regarding funding and reform of the Veterans Health Administration.

    • Liberal Science | May 23, 2018 7:45 PM at 7:45 PM |

      (Rolls eyes) Anyone, and I mean literally anyone, can create and edit entries on wiki. You do realize that the same wiki entry you quote in a weak-ass attempt to substantiate some imagined “goods” on Tester ends with the following analysis:
      “Paul Longman, author of “Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Care Would Work Better for Everyone,” said after visiting VA hospitals nationwide that, as the result of veterans in New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the industrial midwest either dying or retiring to Sunbelt states, there is an imbalance of capacity, with empty beds in some VHA hospitals and waiting lists in others. Compounding this problem, more liberal eligibility standards allow veterans to get treatment for chronic conditions of aging like heart disease and Parkinson’s.”
      “Setting a benchmark of 14 days to see a new primary care doc at a VA hospital or clinic in Boston or Northern California may be completely reasonable,” wrote Longman. “But trying to do the same in Phoenix and in a handful of other sunbelt retirement meccas is not workable without Congress ponying up for building more capacity there.”
      “Economics Nobel laureate Paul Krugman said that the scandal came about because conservatives did not like the fact that the VHA system, which is “an island of socialized medicine,” is working well, so they seized on wait times as “a gift from God” to discredit the VHA…. “It’s still true that Veterans Affairs provides excellent care, at low cost,” … “Those waiting lists arise partly because so many veterans want care, but Congress has provided neither clear guidelines on who is entitled to coverage, nor sufficient resources to cover all applicants. And, yes, some officials appear to have responded to incentives to reduce waiting times by falsifying data.”…”Yet, on average, veterans don’t appear to wait longer for care than other Americans,” … “And does anyone doubt that many Americans have died while waiting for approval from private insurers?”

    • @windy – Kindly point out where anyone in this forum has suggested that there are no problems with the VA.

      What you’re trying to do is to make Sen Tester responsible for the shortcomings of the 2nd largest agency in the federal government Once again, setting aside your egregious and vicious dishonesty, tell us WHO in Congress, especially on the right, has achieved even a fraction of the accomplishments of Sen Tester for the benefit of active service members and veterans.

      We’ll wait for your detailed, verified response. Take your time.

      • Liberal Science | May 23, 2018 8:20 PM at 8:20 PM |


        • Wait. One douche says take your time, then you can’t answer fast enough for the other libtard. Rich.

          • Liberal Science | May 23, 2018 8:55 PM at 8:55 PM |

            Well, however long it takes ya’all, stupid is still stupid.

          • @El Guano Pendejo – Seems your entrance to this forum just dropped the average IQ by about 20 points. Your mouth and attitude just aren’t a substitute for brains.

      • Everybody Else | May 23, 2018 8:31 PM at 8:31 PM |

        “Let’s not hold anyone accountable, as long as they work for the government (you know, since it’s so huge).” Gotta love old people logic!

        • Tester was appointed to the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee on office January 3, 2017. 17 months now and he is now the Vets savior or perhaps just riding President Trump’s, Johnny Isakson’s and the Committee’s back.
          Yes, Jon, really showed them on privatization of the VA, but it was clear it would be political suicide in Montana to vote against it. More political rhetoric. Pelosi must be very upset with Jon.

          Liberal Science, you put forth a very good augment for failure, but voters don’t like leaders that fail and jeopardize our safety, health, and economy. See you in November.

          “The VA Mission Act is a bold, bipartisan compromise that puts health care decisions in the hands of the veteran and breaks down barriers to health care,” Tester said.

          Tester also described the bill as a compromise between the VA’s supporters and its detractors, including those who are looking to privatize veterans health care – something Tester has opposed.

          The Senate gave overwhelming approval to a massive bill that expands access for veterans to private doctors at taxpayer expense, sending President Trump a victory that helps cement one of his biggest campaign promises.

          Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee
          Johnny Isakson, Georgia, Chair
          Jerry Moran, Kansas
          John Boozman, Arkansas
          Dean Heller, Nevada
          Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
          Mike Rounds, South Dakota
          Thom Tillis, North Carolina
          Dan Sullivan, Alaska
          Jon Tester, Montana, Ranking Member
          Patty Murray, Washington
          Bernie Sanders, Vermont[2]
          Sherrod Brown, Ohio
          Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
          Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
          Joe Manchin, West Virginia[3]

          • @windy – Sen Tester has been on the Veterans Affairs Committee since he was first elected, since 2007. He has consistently been one of the leaders in holding the VA accountable for shortcomings, and has been able to work with anyone, regardless of party, to achieve legislative improvements in veterans’ care.

            Copying and pasting irrelevant detail about the committee doesn’t mean you have the faintest clue of what you’re blustering about. With the mentality you display here, I suspect you think Moby Dick is a medical condition.

            • Liberal Science | May 24, 2018 9:16 AM at 9:16 AM |

              Or perhaps that a logical fallacy is some dirty librul sex toy.

            • Yes, you are right and Jon was a member during the Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014 and the Dems had the majority then with Bernie Sanders the majority chairman the on the Veterans Affairs Committee. For clarification, Jon has only been the minority chairman for 17 months. Job well done gents.

              Again, Liberal Science explains why the failures on VA deaths and of course we got the same for the Benghazi deaths.

              Also, when is Tester going to apologize to RADM Jackson?

              • There is no reason to apologize to Jackson.


              • @windy – When the so-called president apologizes for trying to foist off an unqualified suckup to oversee the care of millions of vets, Tester can apologize for not being louder and nastier about it.

                • Or when McConnell apologizes for willfully failing to lead the Senate’s one Constitutional mandate to provide advise & consent in the matter of SCOTUS nominee Merritt Garland, instead of cowering behind the non-existent Biden rule.

              • Liberal Science | May 24, 2018 12:50 PM at 12:50 PM |

                What a dolt! A day later and still stupid. Show me where I have personally advocated, explained, or excused VA maleficence in this thread.
                Merely did a quick cut and paste from the wiki entry you quoted as “evidence” for the “dirt” in your ad hominem Tester attacks. Will say that we are all still breathlessly awaiting news from Gowdy on Benghazi. Two years of investigation and still stupid.

                • In Niger French Mirage jets and helicopters were both dispatch and arrived to support in less than two hours after the attack. Where was the support for Benghazi, except the stonewalling by the dems and CYA again for Clinton. I tried to type slower so you can understand Libtard Science. We are tired of the Obama administration justifying failure and political driven criminal actions. Tell me what you think history paint for all of this period. The truth will surface with also a lot of indictments. Will Trump have to write a pardon that looks like a chain letter. I am still waiting for Tester’s apology.

                  • @windy – In Niger, why was the only support from FRENCH forces? How much good did it do? If that’s such a great thing, where were the French in Libya?

                    You’re just parroting the garbage from the alt-right without a single thought of your own…..just spite and hatred. Be careful when you eat – if you accidentally bite your own lip, you would need anti-venom treatment immediately.

                    • I think Windy/Swede/Everyone Else is all the same idiot poster and possibly even a Bot. No human being could be this stupid.

          • Geoff Badenoch | May 24, 2018 1:53 PM at 1:53 PM |

            What’s the deal with bringing Nancy Pelosi into this discussion? She is in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. Or is that just one of those “red meat to the base” things? Or do you not understand how Congress works?

            • I bet Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, and Chuck Schumer gave him a real dressing down also. lol

                • Tester for supporting the VA Mission Act that has an element of “privatization” that expands access for veterans to private doctors. This is what Tester said he would never support any privatization. I wonder if the Dems took control they would defund or eliminate the VA Mission Act.

                  • I also wonder if you fart in a jar and seal it up tight will the smell linger. And for how long.

                  • @windy – You really are thick as a brick, aren’t you? No wonder you’re a trump-chump.

                    “DAV strongly supports H.R. 5674, the VA MISSION Act of 2018, bipartisan and bicameral legislation … with the support of Senate Chairman Johnny Isakson and Ranking Member Jon Tester.

                    The VA MISSION Act will significantly improve the lives of veterans, their family members and caregivers for years to come.”

                    Bottom line: Sen Tester supports legislation that will help veterans and opposes legislation that will victimize them. No wonder Trumpsky (and YOU) hate him so much.

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