GOP Senate Candidate Implies Endorsement from Donald Trump Jr.

With less than two weeks to go before the June 5th primary Troy Downing is getting desperate. He’s already cried “deep state” when he was caught violating hunting laws. He’s poured over a million dollars of his own money into his long-shot Senate campaign. And now he’s tweeting out pseudo endorsements from the President’s son:

It would seem like Troy Downing wants the average voter to assume Donald Trump Jr is “voting for Troy Downing.” But other than standing next to Troy once it would seem like Donald Trump Jr. has no idea who Downing might be. Trump Jr., a prolific tweeter, has never once mentioned Troy on  social media. It seems like Downing is trying to dupe Montana voters into thinking he has the backing of the first family. With just under two weeks left before the primary it seems like Troy is willing to risk the wrath of the President’s family for the implied endorsement if it means he can sneak a few more votes in.

Here at the Cowgirl Blog we’ve decided to help Troy out. Below is  cropped version of another photo of Troy and the Trump boys. We look forward to tomorrow’s tweet implying an endorsement from the other Trump son, Eric:




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  1. Troy boy tries to double down brhugging a tRump by using Tweedledum Jr. In the meantime, Jr. is dating FUX Skews hottie Kim Guilfoyle while he’s not even divorced from his first wife. Heckuva a job, Downie!

  2. Liberal Science | May 23, 2018 9:11 PM at 9:11 PM |

    Here you go! The smoking gun you guys have been looking for to clear the family name!
    “Senate Intelligence Committee Confirms From Testimony That Donald Trump Jr. Has No Knowledge
    WASHINGTON—Confident that their findings represented a clear step forward in the ongoing Russia investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed Thursday that Donald Trump Jr. has no knowledge. “After questioning him many times, we can confirm that Donald Trump Jr. knows absolutely nothing about anything; he’s a vapid, empty vessel,” said committee chairman Richard Burr, adding that thorough interrogation of the President’s eldest son left the panel with no reason to believe he had any information to disclose about himself, the world around him, or even the most basic of concepts such as shapes, colors, or simple numbers. “So far, our investigation has yielded no evidence that Donald Trump Jr. has the ability to retain or even process information, let alone form that information into thoughts. By all accounts, the man is barely sentient.” The committee went on to confirm that a recent questioning of brother Eric Trump resulted in a surprising amount of information regarding dinosaurs and fire trucks.”
    The Onion

  3. Hope can Downing be reached by email

  4. How can Downing be reached by email?

  5. Regardless of a few minor errors, Troy ought to enjoy a “Walk in the Park” clobbering Tester. Tester is a jerk. An idiot music teacher playing at being Farmer Bob when in truth and fact, he is sooooooooooooooooooo illiterate he does not know which end of a horse to feed. Can you imaginbe the shame of having your fat face asked by the President of the United States to resign because you are toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid in this 21st century age of technology?
    I am a 37 year U. S. Navy veteran and have watched the Tester Show for years and with very little interest because all Jon Tester ever does is make my ass tired.
    “Great Voctory to you, Troy”.

    • @Shipley – Read your own comment here, then explain to us again who’s the idiot.

      If you were in the Navy for 37 years, the average IQ for serving members went up several points when you finally retired. Did they give you the gratis promotion to Chief when you retired?

      What a yutz!!

    • 37 years huh? From your attitude I can see why you avoided re-integrating back into civilian life for as long as possible.

  6. I would run as far away from being associated with anything Trump! Unless of course you want to be perceived as a cheater, bully, pussy grabber, crook, grifter and liar!

    • you forgot dinky-digit-draft-dodger. As a veteran it’s the draft-dodging and constantly telling dead servicemen to the most recent recruits that they should be so grateful to have HIM save the Honor of their Service. Navy was an absolute failure and disgrace before Don-the-Con took over, right Mr. Shipley?

  7. Pardon my haste in typing………..”imagine”………line 4 above………..and, “Victory”…..last line above.
    For those of you who think Donald Trump, Jr., is INEFFECTIVE as a man and as an AMERICAN, by all means stand ready to read in the Billings Gazette and Miles City Star when Donald Trump, Jr. makes waves joining me and the White House and U.S. Attorney General suing Governor Bullock and Director Williams and several atheist Fish and Game wardens and deputies of the Rosebud County Sheriff’s Department for all the NAZI Adolph Hitler jackbooted criminal actions they committed taking down “Princess” from the ranch home of Daryl and Brenda Duncan, Forsyth, Montana, two (2) years ago.
    I am suing the Gov and F&G for $40,000,000 in the Sixteenth Judicial District Court of Montana before the Honorable District Judge NICOLAS MURNION. Remember, it was Murnion who brought to justice the crazed and goofy Freemen back in the 1990s.
    You want some jackbooted Nazi game wardens come to your home and MURDER a pet Mule Deer doe who had been in and out of your home, sleeping with your dogs and children, eating cookies from your kitchen table, and causing hundreds and hundreds of WONDERFUL Montana people stop by your place to visit her……..for six ( 6) years…… want Montana Fish and Game thugs to murder her?
    I do not believe so, and, neither will a properly selected jury of FREEDOM THINKING AMERICANS in Rosebud County who already HATE the sheriff’s guts.

  8. Dear Rose,
    You are very sadly in error. I am with Trump all the way, because……I was born to genius Montana parents. My dad was the fellow who succeeded Merriam’s Turkey being transplanted into Montana when he was a Fish and Game Commissioner. Now there are tens of thousands of them all over Montana and everyone loves them.
    President Trump is being requested to engage with me exposing and suing Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway and Buffett’s *pet* criminal mob, BNSF. Do not BS yourself that I do not know PRECISELY and EXACTLY of what I write or speak. I was FORCED by BNSF criminal actions to gain more than 4,000 hours, very HARD hours, of study of railroad law, easements and rights of way. BNSF destroyed me in MileS City in 2011 for $433,600……from………federal land……FEDERAL land……no railroad in history ever held the Congressional right to lease or sell.
    BNSF since 1970 in 28 states did not become this nation’s SLFR……second largest freight railroad…….because it hauled more cows, more cars or more coal than all of it competition. BNSF became America’s SLFR by……..STEALING..billions and billions and billions of dollars from the Congress, the U.S. Treasury, and the American People as a whole……..illegally LEASING and illegally SELLING federal land.
    Is this every word the absolute truth? Is the Pope a catholic?

    Email me here at home anytime. I am seventy-one (71) and will be enjoying this victory……not just *my* victory….over BNSF….but “this” victory for all Americans all the remaining days of my great life here in Montana………thanks owing to President Donald Trump………….who will never be afraid of kicking Warren Buffett’s fat criminal ass.

  9. Hey, Rob. One of the really interesting things we know statistically is that offspring tend to regress toward the mean. Genius parents would be asking what “…succeeded Merriam’s Turkey being transplanted…” actually means.

  10. Downing disgraces himself and his fellow veterans by lusting after the smile of a guy whose family prizes dodging military service. In the Trump household only losers join the military–real men go for money. The Trump philosophy resembles Sonny Corleone’s in The Godfather: Only suckers join the army to fight for strangers.

  11. This race is between Rosendale and Russ Fagg, if Rosendale wins the primary Tester is guaranteed a win in November. This isn’t rocket science it’s common sense politics 101. Photo ops are ego pieces for candidates, just like the one with Rosendale and Steve Bannon.

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