What an Idiom: Rosendale exposed as embodiment of ‘All Hat No Cattle’

It’s a tale as old as Ft. Benton: wealthy out-of-stater shows up, buys ups some land, slaps on a hat, and calls himself a rancher. Yet somehow, Matt Rosendale thought he could pull one over on Montanans.

During his quest for the GOP nomination for Senate, Matt Rosendale has re-branded himself a rancher. But a news story from Talking Points Memo shows that Rosendale thinks branding is a PR exercise rather than cauterizing flesh.

Talking Points Memo does a deep dive into Rosendale’s shallow ranching history.  The entire story is worth a read, but the documentation of Rosendale’s lack of ranching speaks for itself.

According to Talking Points Memo:

Rosendale hasn’t registered ownership of any livestock since 2011 — and before then it was limited to a few horses. It appears that he’s never owned any cattle. He similarly received a registered livestock brand when he bought his $2.2 million ranch in 2002, but let that lapse when it expired in 2011, and it doesn’t appear that he ever used it.

Just because I dip my french fries in ranch dressing doesn’t make me a rancher.

Rosendale could easily dispute these claims. All Montanans know a rancher has cattle. Rosendale could simply provide a picture of his cattle. But rather than do that, Rosendale trots out his campaign manager for a nice folksy quote:

“Your ridiculous questions make it pretty clear that you’ve never been to Matt’s ranch in Glendive and you don’t know a cow from a cantaloupe,” Rosendale campaign manager Kendall Cotton told TPM in an email.

It would seem Mr. Cotton might have never been to Matt’s ranch himself, cause if he had he’d probably be able to show evidence that Matt has cattle.

There’s an old saying on the internet, “pics or it didn’t happen.” It would seem Rosendale could clarify all of this with some pictures of his cattle. His “cattle” don’t appear to be camera shy. He shot a tv ad in front of a barn with some cows earlier this month. Who’s cows were those? Who’s barn was that?

Those questions would be ridiculous to ask a real rancher, but for a real estate developer who’s ranching credentials might list Hidden Valley Ranch, the one my parents sent my dog to, and Paws Up on his resume, they seem pretty fair to me.


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  1. I have to agree on this one. He has no clue on any issues important to Montana, farming, ranching, water rights, pipelines, oil, natural gas, coal, mining, environmental issues. Not enough time in state to learn through experience the multitude of issues facing this great state. Water rights here are not which beach you can use. Oil is not what we consider an option for your salad. A rancher that doesn’t own a brand? Bet he doesn’t know how to put on a set of chains.

    • “rancher”

      hobby rancher

      sharecropper rancher

      so-called rancher

      self-proclaimed rancher

      Maryland Matt is still a tenderfoot from back east, where all them elitists come from.

  2. Maybe Marvelous Matt’s ranch is the agricultural annex to Trump University.

  3. John Ross Bradley | May 29, 2018 9:38 PM at 9:38 PM |

    Glad again to have mtcowgirl to light up the issues.

  4. Tester will serve him up rare on a sesame seed bun!

  5. Maybe one of those government drones Mr. Matt was shooting at a few years back snatched up all his cattle and took them away? So he’s not just a bad rancher he’s a bad shot.

  6. Spelling and grammar police here: “Whose” cows. Not “who’s” as in who is cows.
    But, point taken.
    We know what a cow is . . . and what a rancher is NOT, Matt.

  7. The Flathead is full of these multi-million dollar “ranches” and “farms” and worse yet, “churches”. Buy a working quarter-section farm and slap First Church of Denial over the door and it’s all tax-exempt. Both of the GOP candidates facing me belong to Christian Identity Churches and are part of a plan to take over government starting at Dog Catcher and moving up, so they can legislate morality-their morality-one that allows Dear Leader to lie cheat and steal, to be a peeping-Donald in teen-agers dressing room, poke porn stars while his wife is delivering his son and pay for Playboy bunny’s abortions. These people love the fetus and hate the child and doing the works of God as laid out in the Sermon on the Mount is the last thing on their agenda. The World Christian Nationalist Movement was started by Putin who is trying to destroy Western Democracy, break up our alliances and re-establish a new Soviet Empire. Putin is our first Russian President-2018 will determine if the American We the People Revolution lives or dies. All that talk about Constitutional Crisis is way overdue-THAT situation has existed since January 2009 when the GOP leadership met and conspired to obstruct every single action by the new President whether it was best for the General Welfare of We the People or not. All of the Judicial appointments made under Trump, including Gorsuck, are illegitimate appointments. Patriots have their work cut out for them.

    • Worried about losing your dog catcher job, smart guy? Hate to break the news, but both sides are out for the grab (Ever hear of Bill & Hillary Clinton? How about Barry Soetoro? I know you’ve heard of the Bush family from Texas! Yeah, they’re all laughing at buttfuckers like you). So keep your ignorant head in the sand and point fingers at those evil republicans– just like your stupid ass dad and stupid ass grandpa and your stupid ass kids– and keep worrying about consensual sex between adults and the rest of your made up nonsense. For us patriots on both sides that are “woke,” yes, we do have our work cut out for us.

      • for the record I haven’t even pressured my spouse into placing my penis where it did not belong, let alone anybody else-including anybody else’s wife, porn-stars or just loose women in general. For some reason I felt compelled to be faithful to my wife with out God telling me to do so. As for the rest of your screed, fact-free is a polite assessment. My father thinks more like you-i.e. he’s a woman-hating-he-man Trump cultist, one grandfather was a world-class bronc-buster and drunk and the other was a farmer who voted for FDR 3 times and Hoover once! I really don’t get the Right’s obsession with sex-unless it’s the inadequate equipment over-compensation at work. Oh, and my only child-born in wedlock-is a successful graduate of UofMontana Missoula and the mother of three incredibly good-looking smart children-oh and still married to their father who also does not feel compelled to share his penis with other women. No welfare, no food stamps but a LOT of student debt.

      • Oh, for the record I am retired and live on my Veteran’s Pension, something the commie President Eisenhower signed into law as I recall. And while I’m mentioning Patriots on Flag Day we should not forget @MajorGeneralSmedleyButler and hope Bob Mueller will earn his place alongside him as America’s Greatest Patriots. I don’t catch dogs, I wish for them to all run free!

    • Bob Pecha in Butte, America | May 31, 2018 8:02 PM at 8:02 PM |

      @dod: No doubt those Lutherans need to be stopped, what with all those Lutefisk dinners and such. It seems the rest might be caused by that foil hat you’re sporting. WOW!

  8. I can’t figure out who the Club for Growth supports except that it isn’t Fagg.

  9. the old - windwalker, not the fake one. | May 31, 2018 10:47 AM at 10:47 AM |

    The Club for Growth is a Washington DC Super-PAC that does what it thinks is best for its agenda, not Montanans.



  10. Hey Windy!!! we actually agree on something.

  11. the old - windwalker, not the fake one. | May 31, 2018 6:46 PM at 6:46 PM |

    Yes, unfortunately, Maryland Matt Rosendale and Club for Growth have brought their DC swamp politics to Montana. We need to let Matt know this is not welcome here. I did my part.

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