Matt Rosendale’s Authenticity Problem

Matt Rosendale is an angry man. His policies are angry. His bad haircut is angry. And as of late, his twitter account is angry.

Perhaps in an attempt to seem more authentic, Matt Rosendale has taken to tweeting in ALL CAPS. Screaming to Montana voters as an effort to tie himself to the President, Rosendale has taken to tweeting in Trump’s trademark STYYLE!

Just this week, Rosendale has tweeted in all caps:




Capitalization of tweets might seem like a strange thing to pick up on, but it really serves as a microcosm of Rosendale’s struggles to connect with Montana voters.

For a mild mannered east coast guy these tweets ring a bit inauthentic. But a lack of authenticity is very on brand for Rosendale. He recently got caught lying about being a rancher. And it turns out his classic Carhartt and barn ad wasn’t even taped on his “ranch.”

Rosendale deciding that tweeting in all caps might help him in the coming primary is just the latest in a string of last ditch attempts to succeed in politics. He just started calling himself a rancher, he just started calling his haircut a flattop (it’s more of a crew cut according to my sources in Cosmetology school), and he just started tweeting in all caps. Next thing you know he’s going to stick his hand in a meat grinder! If he thought it would get him some votes, I bet he’d do it.

Despite years of trying to prove otherwise the facts are clear for Ole Matt Rosendale: He’s not a Montanan, he’s not a rancher, and that sure ain’t a flattop.  The only bull this guy has comes out of his mouth–probably in all caps.


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  1. Matt tweets, Tester swears and we voters have to listen to this nonsense for the next 5 months. It’s going to be a long political season, sure glad my TV has a mute button ……

  2. Smarter than Trump | June 5, 2018 7:48 AM at 7:48 AM |

    Ads on TV?? I haven’t seen one of them from anybody. I guess that is a benefit in living in very rural Montana: No TV. Although I do have streaming internet, so I can still catch the “good” stuff, like Netflix, Acorn, Free Speech TV, and a thousand others (all commercial free). Of course, I will be the last to know that missiles are heading to Montana from North Korea, or that there is an Amber Alert for Melania Trump.

    I think that traditional campaigning via TV is a huge waste of money, reaching very few and changing nobody’s mind. There’s better things to do in our short summer than watch TV anyway.

    • My campaign for HD 9 is being conducted with signs on my car-wish I could post a pic-and my truck, combined with a lot of shaking babies and kissing hands. TV and stupid postcards won’t be assaulting your senses with my name. Unless it’s from my Christian Nationalist opponent. Says he’s “involved with agriculture” and anti-Planned Parenthood and anti-tax and that seems to be his platform. I can’t explain in a 30 second spot why we need state-wide community owned and operated internet service, how my “Ooohs and AwwS” permits to let citizens of the other 49 states help keep our Public Lands Public Owned would work. And why returning the Coal Tax to 30% and using the proceeds to promote solar and wind along with small-scale hydro-electric plants is a good plan for our kids would take more than 30 seconds. Why Right-to-Work-till-you-die legislation is bad for workers and for small businesses takes more than 30 seconds. If I could explain why you needed to vote for me in 30 seconds you would be supporting me for all the wrong reasons. I won’t publish my phone# for obvious reasons but I’m really easy to spot so if you want to speak with me just honk and wave me over. I get lots of waves but mostly not from anyone wishing to articulate coherent policy recommendations

  3. Yes – he is so phony that he pulled about 30,000 more votes in the primary than Jon Tester.

    This election is still Testers to lose, but if he can’t get better turnout than that he is in real trouble.

    I’d love to be at the Country Club this week and listen to what the Dems have to say as they realize they just nominated Kathleen Williams. The Dems will give lip service to supporting her, but that’s all.

    Remember these names? Tracy Velasquez, Monica Lindeen, Nancy Keenan, Denise Juneau ?

    • Montana Democrats are so fortunate to have “Eric the Dud” as their volunteer strategist. All they need to do is see what he predicts, then do the opposite. Now, there’s a “can’t lose” proposition.

      • Get a loan from your parents, and we can make a nice election bet here

        • @Eric the Dud – I guess you can afford to gamble because your parents aren’t charging you rent to live in their basement? You should probably add another layer of tinfoil on the little windows, though. Looks like the voices are still getting through.

  4. You are about 2 years behind the times Boyo. And I voted for Williams.

  5. Can you please refrain from posting that large picture of Matt the Carpet Bagging Rat? Sometimes I’ve eaten a little breakfast before I open this site, that large picture of The Rat makes my food want to come back up. Thanks.

    • Gotcha. And no pictures of Iho, right? I’m pretty sure she’s not from around either. I might not own a working ranch or be 17th generation Montucky, but my elected officials darn well better be!

      • Liberal Science | June 6, 2018 6:41 PM at 6:41 PM |

        Win or lose, this cross-eyed, 17th generation Montuckian ranch-rube, will vote for the candidate grounded in Montana, and Montana policy, new or not, over some lost Israelite willing to suckle upon the orange penis of the golden calf.

        • Everybody Else | June 6, 2018 7:01 PM at 7:01 PM |

          In other words, you’ll vote for anyone with a D behind their name. Fucking brilliant!

          • Liberal Science | June 6, 2018 7:54 PM at 7:54 PM |

            As opposed to some so called conservatives who will vote for anything with a T in front of their candidate?

          • Liberal Science | June 6, 2018 8:04 PM at 8:04 PM |

            I’ll vote for ANYTHING that ain’t Trump or his dickhead supporters, right OR left!

            • Right on Lib.

              Can you believe that Trump and some dickhead supporter let this drug dealer go free?

              • @Big Sweaty – Can you believe that this corrupt so-called president and his dickhead supporters aren’t in jail yet? We’re going to end up being grateful to the spiteful idiots in Congress who insisted on keeping Guantanamo open. What better place for Trumpsky and his slimy family and his crooked associates than the military facility designated for enemies of the country?

                LOCK HIM UP!!!

              • So you would rather pay for her incarceration? The War on Drugs was a scam to help support the Penal Industry.

                • You’re thinking of Viagra.

                  • pe·nal
                    adjective: penal

                    relating to, used for, or prescribing the punishment of offenders under the legal system.
                    “the campaign for penal reform”
                    synonyms: disciplinary, punitive, corrective, correctional
                    “a penal institution”
                    (of an act or offense) punishable by law.

            • Don’t forget that you have a 3rd choice – Steve Kelly has true progressive values, and would never sell out to corporate America like Jon Tester has.

  6. I am so delighted to see we still have civil discussions in politics, I thought maybe it was a thing of the past. Such discourse helps resolve the issues and promotes bipartisanship. I am so proud of the vast vocabulary that I see used to day. Such respect reflects well on how your mom and dad’s values were passed on. I can remember when debates were just that. Based on facts, not some biased belief systems.

  7. Please watch your language. Discourse is good, but don’t taint it with base words, please.

  8. Maryland Matt chickened out of his debate with Tester.

    “KECI-TV reported that Rosendale told the television station last week that he planned to attend the Whitefish debate.

    Dewey Bruce, the president and CEO of the broadcasters’ association, said he personally informed Rosendale’s campaign and the other three Republican candidates for U.S. Senate a month and a half ago of the date and location of the debate.

    The Rosendale campaign’s response at the time was positive, though he didn’t commit, Bruce said.

    “If they weren’t going to do it, I’m surprised they wouldn’t have told me last week,” Bruce said.”

  9. Perhaps, I would not even consider ever lowering myself to ever meet or debate after Tester was duped into bring forth the false allegations against Radm Jackson. Rosendale should present his platform and challenge Tester to do better (more obstruction) and let the chips fall where they may with Tester probably falling into obscurity. Tester can go play cards with Robert De Nero.

    • Except Tester didn’t “bring forth the false allegations against Radm Jackson”. People brought their concerns about Jackson to him and he proceeded to do his due diligence (something rightwingnuts seem incapable of doing). Jackson knew there were issues making him unqualified to run the VA and rightly bailed.

      • Tester ran to the press before even attempting to validate the charges especially since Dr. Pena had made false charges previously. Great staffers Jon, a simple google search and you could have discovered this about Dr. Pena in seconds. A rookie move, not a move you would expect from now a soon to be ex-sitting senator. As we seen the Obama/Tester Dems bureaucrats did such a good job. Like I trust their judgement.

        Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014
        CNN reported on April 30, 2014 that at least 40 United States Armed Forces veterans died while waiting for care at the Phoenix, Arizona, Veterans Health Administration facilities. By June 5, 2014, Veterans Affairs internal investigations had identified 35 veterans who had died while waiting for care in the Phoenix VHA system.

        Dr. Pena

        • No surprise that you buy into the victim blaming agenda of some rando blogger. Shades of #metoo.

          • This canard is all Windy has to defend his parties choice for a Senate candidate.

          • I guess Ms. Pena is the victim since she has resigned and no retirement and Radm Jackson is still active.

            • 6-4-18
              “Washington (CNN)The Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General has opened an investigation into allegations related to Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump’s one-time personal White House physician whose nomination as veterans affairs secretary was withdrawn amid allegations of misconduct and poor administration of the White House medical office.
              “The DoD Office of Inspector General has initiated an investigation into allegations related to Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Ronny L. Jackson,” IG spokesman Bruce Anderson said in a statement to CNN.
              Anderson would not say if the investigation is administrative or criminal in nature, although the IG can conduct both. The investigation was initiated in the last month, he said, and includes interviews with persons he declined to identify.”

              • Probably why Captain Jennifer Pena resigned. Better to resign then get a dishonorable discharge. Conduct Unbecoming.

                • If the men in charge won’t hold the men they command accountable, you have to decide whether to continue to be abused or escape.

                  You prefer to celebrate victim blaming.

                  • Secret Service has already dismissed all charges. Follow the facts. Keep politics out of it. Also, you will the IG report, which will say the same as the Secret Service has reported.

                    When is Tester going to analogize?

                    More Hillary?

                    2012 A hunters-and-anglers group sympathetic to Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester has spent $500,000 on a new TV ad in his Senate race — telling voters to support the Libertarian candidate, Dan Cox.

                    Secret Service: No evidence to support Ronny Jackson allegation

                    • I don’t analogize means what you think it means.

                      The Secret Service is not the be-all end-all on Jackson.

                      Rosendale is going to be at a DC lobbyists office pocketing all kinds of big checks so whining about what outside group is spending what money on who is meaningless until Citizens United is struck down and there is real campaign finance reform.

  10. Debate tip: Ask Tester if he voted for Hillary in the last Presidential election and watch his head explode.

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