Guest Post: Trump Is Saving a Spot for Trudeau

Jim NelsonJim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court Justice, (Ret.)

Trump Is Saving a Spot for Trudeau

No doubt Canadians are wondering what is going on in the United States with the President. So are most Americans. Alienating our closest friend, Canada—not to mention our other global allies–at the G-7 summit was predictable, par for the course, given the Trump Administration’s blundering, populist, nationalistic approach to nearly everything.  But that is not how Americans define diplomacy or good citizenship, nor is it an approach with which we agree.

Trump’s trade-war/sanctions are bush-league, to begin with. But for him to expect that the Canadian people would get kicked under the bus without a fight, demonstrates the sort of disdain and arrogance that is quintessentially Donald Trump.  That Prime Mister Trudeau stood up to this global bully was not only to be expected—but it should be applauded.

My wife and I have lived within in a few hour’s drive of the border for our entire lives. My grandfather was from Newfoundland. We have a family member who is married to a Canadian and who lives in the Maritimes. My wife’s nieces and nephews and their families are Canadians. We visit Canada often; we vacation there; and we respect Canadians as our neighbors, our friends, and our allies. Canada is our sister Country; we share the Waterton Peace Park with Alberta. Thus, we consider the Trump Administration’s treatment of Canada, and his sophomoric attacks on Prime Minister Trudeau to be disgraceful.

Keep in mind, Trump lost the popular election in 2016 by some 3 million votes. He was elected only because of an historical artifact in our Constitution—and also, of course, with the help of dark mega-money and Vladimir Putin.

But, 2020 is only two years away, and I trust that women, African Americans, Latinos, minorities and millions of rational U.S. voters will tell Trump, “You’re Fired.” We the people will consign this, embarrassing, loser administration and its leader to the dust bin of history.  

Indeed, if there’s a “special place in hell” for Mr. Trudeau,–as the President’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro stated–I have no doubt that Mr. Trump will be saving him a seat by the fire.

Jim Nelson

841 S. California St.

Helena, MT 59601



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    • 50 Secretaries of State have declared that claim (from Nov. 28, 2016) to be Fake News.

      • First of all no state secretary will admit they’re incompetent. Secondly the claim was made 20 days after the election before any evidence was found.

        • You can put Corey Stapleton at the head of that line.

          Virtually no overwhelming evidence has been found. Certainly nothing remotely close to the 3 million votes in CA claim.

          “During a presentation to the state’s Ballot Law Commission on Tuesday, election officials said that 6,033 of the 86,952 people who voted on Election Day did not present a photo ID and signed an affidavit that they were eligible to vote in New Hampshire, according to WMUR. Of those 6,033, the state secretary of state’s office verified that all except for 458 were legitimate voters, WMUR reported. The state attorney general investigated those 458 cases and verified they were eligible voters in all but 66 cases.”

          Awaiting your attack on the source (HuffPo) instead of the facts.

    • and IBD is trustworthy?

  1. On tRump’s histrionic exaggerations about dairy tariffs:

    “Does Canada really charge 270% on milk?

    On some dairy imports, yes. Canada essentially allows two avenues for dairy imports — those within quota, and surplus stuff. It’s the latter where tariffs spike, because Canada’s whole system is built to avoid a surplus — hence its name, “supply management.”

    Take milk, for instance. Within quota, the tariff is 7.5 percent. Over-quota milk faces a 241 percent tariff. Other over-quota rates include blended dairy powder at 270 percent. Duties rise to as high as 314 percent for other products, according to data from the World Trade Organization. Canadian officials argue that all countries subsidize dairy, including the U.S. — Canada essentially does so indirectly by closing its borders and capping production. If you’ve got a slice of the quota, though, the tariffs don’t apply. And Canada has given up slices of its market in trade talks. (Including in the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that Trump quit.)

    So is Trump right on tariffs?

    Yes and no. Yes, Canada has high milk tariffs beyond the allowed quotas, with an average duty of 218.5 percent on dairy. But on most other products, the country is roughly in line, with a trade-weighted average of 3.1 percent overall, WTO data show. “Trump’s use of 270% to besmirch Canada’s overall trade policies is disingenuous to be polite about it,” Derek Holt, an economist at Scotiabank, said in a research note. “Better judgment would question whether an entire trading relationship needs to be jeopardized in order to appeal to dairy farmers in Wisconsin.”

    Do U.S. dairy farmers sell to Canada?

    Yes, bigly.

    U.S. producers, who also benefit from subsidies and tariffs, exported about C$296 million ($227 million) in dairy goods to Canada last year, Statistics Canada data show. Canadian producers sold C$148.1 million in milk products in the opposite direction, a 2-to-1 U.S. trade surplus. It’s a trade gap the Canadian ambassador to Washington, David MacNaughton, frequently cites.”

  2. Hey Jim – I don’t know who said it, but it went something like this: “It is better to be considered a fool, than to speak and remove any doubt.”

  3. Justice Nelson,
    You absolutely MUST be ashamed of yourself to have written such trashy, incoherent and nonsensical rubbish. I know well REAL judges……….Chief Federal Judge James F. Battin (deceased), Chief Federal Judge Richard F. Cebull (retired), Chief Federal Judge Susan P. Watters. You cannot hold a candle up to any of these three (3) REAL JUDGES, no way in hell. Plus, each of them are DEVOUTLY constitutional REPUBLICANS and you are……….what…..some Robert DeNiro loving liberal fool?
    C’mon, Jim, wake up and smell the coffee. Life is NOT a dress rehearsal. Your running your mouth off at President Trump and ADORING the Hillbitch is utterly and magnificently INSANE.
    Get a life, Fellow American, either get into the lead and LEAD or get the hell out of the way and waste the rest of your life in the liberal trough of pure excrement and criminal mob hysteria.

    You get your law degree at a county fair raffle? It is obvious you cannot SEE the wonder of Trump in the USA………….your head is up your six o’clock.

  4. Jim Nelson,
    My dear and wonderful father was a deputy sheriff in Terry in 1933-34, and became a Northwest Airlines captain in WWII and a Fish and Game Commissioner from ’52 to ’60. R.D. Shipley is the guy who spearheaded the SUCCESSFUL transplant of Merriam’s Turkey into Montana and now there are tens of thousands of them everywhere and EVERYONE loves them.

    Just who the hell are you and what have you ever done for Montana and the USA other than rant your despicable ignorance and liberal bullshit? Well? Put up or shut up.

    • Do you really think your father would be proud of your Trump loving rants? He apparently also inadvertently introduced another kind of turkey to MT.

  5. Insignificant Egotist Nelson,
    PM Trudeau is poor white trash SCUM. He just awarded some muslim slimeball nine million dollars of “the people’s cash” because he is such a total kissass.
    And you adore him? Why don’t you move to Canada then, since you are such a Hillbitch loving moron?

    • The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • @Shipley – Be extra careful when you eat. If you slip and bite your cheek, you’ll probably poison yourself and die.

      On second thought – don’t worry about it, just continue being your usual sloppy self.

  6. Seems to me a fair number of readers drank their
    dinner tonite and decided to play the nasty, name calling game..Please, let’s keep conversations civil.

  7. Excellent article. Thank you.

  8. Mr. Nelson, I welcome your letter. Unfortunately, we have a president that is a text book narcissistic sociopath. And more unfortunately, his supporters behave much like their president, like nasty, name-calling bullies. It’s no wonder they relate to this man. This Presidency is absolutely devoid of dignity and respectability.

  9. Average size of a dairy farm in Canada is 85 cows
    US has vast factory farms consisting of thousands of cows (greed?)
    Who wants hormone milk when Canadian milk is far superior?

    Perhaps the real problem is that Plant Based Milk Sales Grow 61% In US Over 5 Years – Dairy Sales Plummet By 15%

    Beyond me how people support Trump. He care about himself and only being re elected.

  10. Hmm…let’s see who I should pay attention to? rob shipley, A foul-mouthed MAGAnut, or Jim Nelson, a graduate of George Washington Law, a Montana private attorney for 20 years, a member of numerous state commissions and task forces, and a retired state Supreme Court Justice. I know it would be easier if the choice were to savor lil dt’s fragrant 6:00 or a plate of warm poutine. Naw, come to think of it the poutine still wins hands down.

  11. For all you muslim obama loving fools,
    Trump will gain reelection in 2020 without any contest from the Dems whose party is done.
    Anyone can stick a fork into the DNC, it is done.
    Brief list of loser dems: (1) sexist extraordinaire Clinton. Not only did he disgrace our American White House with his genitalia exposed, he got CAUGHT. Dumb fool.(b) Hillbitch. Uranium One, Bengazi, vitriolic mouth full of excrement (c) Pelosi. She’s a fine demo drag queen (d) Wasserman Schultz, another demo drag queen (e) All of the FBI slime (f) and obamatron bowed to a Saudi Prince, like the Soros puppet he always was (g) and Israel is gaining control ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST just as perfectly as Bible prophesy (h) and liberal dems adore Comey who jailed Martha Stewart…………….dems will LOSE more and more and more and more congressional seats in 2018 than any other midterm in US history.
    Chubby cheeks tester will be unemployed in November so he can sit on his tractor and play farmer Jon all day long trying to figure out which end of a horse to feed.
    Thank you.

  12. For Mr. Bill McRae, My wonderful parents were lifetime close friends of Don and Kathleen McRae of Colstrip from the 1940s through each years of their passing. It would be wonderful if you were related to the Colstrip McRae family and Wally McRae. But, you probably are not.Anyway, Sir, since you have taken exception to me here, let me TEACH your liberal leaning mind the TRUTH and FACTS about retired judge James C. Nelson.
    A. I know a great deal about Nelson and his total ignorance of law.
    1. GOOGLE ” BNSF v Shipley #11-0655″
    This is the BASIS of why and how BNSF criminal mob railroad completely destroyed me in my hometown of Miles City in 2011. GOOGLE as well Justia “BNSF v Shipley”
    1. My dad dba Beacon Carter Service, leased from BNSF two (2) lots adjoining their tracks in Miles City and built for Elaine Shipley and me a wonderfully STURDY and STRONG building.
    2. Elaine and I divorced in 1984 and settled the divorce decree in March, 1986.
    3. My wonderful mom, Mary Shipley, paid my $1,500 annual lease to BNSF Nazi mob until she went to Heaven in August, 1997. I am her only son and she was a millionairess paying more than $38,xxx annually in income taxes, soooooooo, why not?
    4. I was in arrears of the lease at Sojourner Pawn and Bible, a Christian Montana licensed pawnshop and Bible books store. But, I was on very good terms with Roger Schwinghammer, the Montana leases man of Staubach Property Management that did BNSF criminal mob leasing in Montana. Roger knew I was NEVER any flight risk, and, he NEVER ONCE hustled me for the back lease payments, not one (1) time in more than ten (10) years.
    5. Then……property management Staubach (Roger of Navy and NFL fame) sold to Jones Lang LaSalle for $613 million in 2008 and JLL, overcome and RULED by corporate greed..hard pressed me for the back leases.
    a. BNSF cancelled my 30 years lease; demanded I move my $108,720 worth of unique and pricey antiques and collectibles FROM MY OWN buildings (in the middle of a Montana winter); and, then, “remove all improvements from BNSF land”……two (2) buildings worth $324,880 to replace.
    b. BNSF sued me; LOCKED me away from my two (2) buildings, and, LIED to District Court Judge Gary L Day more than nine (9) times in official documents of the proceeding.
    6. Day, an ATHEIST and complete FOOL, gave my entire estate to BNSF by VOID court order.
    7. BNSF sold my stuff at public auction and never paid me a dime….(10c).
    8. BNSF demolished my buildings and never paid me a dime……(10c).

    I appealed this gross Hitler Nazi court ordeal to the Montana Supreme Court.
    I also twice (2x) moved the Supreme Court to STOP the illegal sale of my FELONY THEFT STOLEN PROPERTY……….and they did absolutely nothing.

    Why? Because Brian P. Morris and James C, Nelson are completely insane idiots.
    Neither of them “know the law” as it is deemed they must by all Americans in this “In GOD We Trust” United States of America.

    Morris and Nelson “assumed” the myth that BNSF held rights from the U.S. Congress to lease and sell federal land in ROEs……..railroad only easements. They are both despicably stupid men. No ROE ever provided by the U.S. Congress ever ever ever ever ever intended nor inferred nor provided any American railroad can ever LEASE or SELL federal land without the designated LEGAL written permission of the “land jealous U.S. Congress”.

    Sooooooooooo, now, this is all going to the Oval Office of President Donald J. Trump because he is the only president since Reagan who has the GUTS and the BRAINS and the business acumen to sue Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, and the Nazi mob BNSF Railroad for…….not Robbie Shipley’s $433,600……..but for the American people, every man, woman and child in the USA living now and in the future………….because BNSF since 1970 in 28 states has become the nation’s SLFR…..second largest freight railroad…..not by hauling more cows, not by hauling more cars, not by hauling more coal……….but simply by BEING THE NAZI CRIMINAL MOB it always has been……….illegally leasing and illegally selling federal land that belongs to all of us……for billions and billions and billions of dollars.

    McRae, do not try and insult my intelligence, I have been FORCED to amass way more than four thousand (4,000) HARD hours ONLINE of every facet of railroad law, easements and rights of way.

    Jim Nelson and Brian Morris, if their knowledge of railroad law was converted into gasoline would never have enough to prime a piss ant’s motorcycle.

    Thank you………….Rob Shipley…Miles City

  13. Kevin Curtis, Sir, you have taken a cheap shot at me here. No big deal. However, you do NOT know the truth of any of what you have read online.
    A. I was acquitted by Chief Federal Judge RICHARD F. CEBULL after the idiots who are the IRS wasted more than seven (7) years and $200,000 trying to convict me for not filing income taxes which have always been unconstitutional.
    B. Each of the several convictions in the City Court of Miles City….PN5…public nuisance five times………were done with VOID orders of the court which held against its CROOKED operations………fraud upon the court. So, each of these FALSE convictions are all illegal and subject to attack directly or at any time owing the RULE OF LAW OF VOID ORDERS.
    C. When I get the time I will sue the City of Miles City and their CROOKED insurer, MMIA, Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority for all of this Nazi insane excrement.

    In the meanwhile I enjoy a great life. I come and go just as I please and always have. I knock down about $3,000 net CASH every month playing poker in Miles City, Sidney, Fairview and Billings…………and because I kicked the ass of the IRS in June, 2008…………I never ever ever have to file goofy and sleazy and UNconstitutional income taxes.

    Do you have any more problems with this truth? If so, easily email me at home in Miles City……………

    Thank you, Sir, however, for your time to EXPRESS your First Amendment Right of free speech in this very good medium.

    “Ship”…………Miles City

  14. Everyone, Dem or Republican, who appreciates Montana Cowgirl Blog,
    Please do not defer me to Warm Springs. I have not been too long in the mushrooms like have Brian P. Morris and Jim Nelson of the crooked and ignorant Montana Supreme Court.
    One of the MOST ASTUTE and MOST ALONE litigating attorneys against all American railroads, Cecilia Fex of AKF, Washington, D.C., who won “Hash v US #03-1395” against the Union Pacific Nazi mob………..called me. June, 2012.
    “Rob, I can call you, Rob, right?”
    “Yes,Ma’am, please do”.
    “Rob,your case is federal and it is BIGGER than ANYTHING you have ever imagined and you must contact the Attorney General immediately”.

    Contacting Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, all of OWNERS of Fox News, Charles Krauthammer, Micheal Savage, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, Rudy Guiliani, Jay Sekulow of ACLJ, the White House, POTUS and FLOTUS…………….not for little old small potatoes Rob Shipley in Miles City…………..for all the men and women and children in the USA……whose national U.S. Treasury has been emptied for billion$ and billion$ and billion$ by Warren Buffett’s Nazi criminal mob BNSF.

    Rob Shipley
    Miles City

  15. Tell me what you really think. Do not leave out a thing and please be very specific.

  16. Kevin D. Curtis,
    This is powerful TRUTH and FACTS for you, Sir.
    Your complaint about me was gained from the Billings Gazette of ten (10) years ago.
    2000% FACT and TRUTH
    When Chief Federal Judge RICHARD F. CEBULL acquitted me and told the U.S. Marshals, “Mr. Shipley is not guilty, please release him, he is free to go”, and one of the marshals uncuffed me, Judge Cebull also added, “Mr. Shipley, you must pay your taxes whether you agree they are legal or not.” I promised……….a CHIEF FEDERAL JUDGE…….the highest ranking law officer in Montana……”Your Honor, I promise I will file as very soon as necessary, thank you, Your Honor.”

    Curtis, Curtis, Curtis……….pay attention…………you ARE GOING TO LEARN SOMETHING even though your recalcitrant ignorant attitude lusts to deny truth and fact.

    From 2008 through about 2014….more than six (6) years…….I wrote to the IRS in Ogden, Utah, six ( 6 ) times……..six ( 6 ) times….. and TOLD THOSE communist thugs……..”I have promised a chief federal judge I will file my taxes as appropo, please reply to me exact instructions of how I file now that I have been acquitted of all charges against me and FTCA (federal tort claim act) law mandates the IRS owes me one hundred forty-four thousand dollars ($144,000)………..because I WON and the IRS lost”.

    Each time, each time, Mr. Curtis, in about twenty (20) or thirty (30) days IRS Ogden had forwarded my letters to some Claims Department in Byrn Maw, Pennsylvania…..wherever………..some totally BULLSHIT place………and this gang of goons and thugs always, always, always sent me the VERY SAME form letter.
    Bullshit form letter stated, “We have received your filing instruction request and will review your rights and mail you specific filing data in forty-five (45) days…..blah, blah, blah, blah.”

    How many follow up letters have I ever received from this IRS gang of goons in Pennsylvania…….since June 11,2008, the day I was ACQUITTED………none, zero, nada.
    Why, because the IRS knows my email address, my telephone numbers, my home address, my neck size, my red blood corpuscle count………they KNOW everything about me………..and they also KNOW I have not filed any 1040s since 2008………..and what are they going to do about this? Nada, zero, nothing, because they KNOW they owe me $144,000 for their gross Hitler Nazi SS screwup and they want me to shut up and die instead of ever ever ever write to them ever again.
    The federal reserve, IRS and income tax fraud is the biggest HOAX ever perpetrated against any civilized people on the small planet.
    I know. I kicked their ass. Trust me, Rob Stephens, Jr., and Paula Saye-Dooper in Billings, are two (2) of the finest lawyers ever to draw breath in the state of Montana.

    Thank you………”Ship”

  17. Frosting on the Cake.
    It was Chief Federal Judge CEBULL who sent numerous emails on his government puter telling and retelling a joke that possibly obamatron had been conceived at a house party when his mother possibly mated with a dog. This is delightfully very funny stuff, and, it is all over the internet. Anyone and everyone can read this over and over and over and enjoy it all to the hilt.
    CEBULL is retired and obamatron is going down as the very WORST ever U.S. President of all time.

    Golly how the truth does out………………..”Ship”

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