Fielder Continues Crusade Against Public Land

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

Once again, Montana State Senator Jennifer Fielder has proven that she is more interested in pats on the back from out-of-state extremists than the needs of Montanans. In her role as head of the American Lands Council, a non-profit dedicated to “unlocking” (read: selling off) federal lands primarily located in the western half of the U.S., she prioritizes the whims of oil companies and D.C. special interests over the preservation of public lands.

Now, the Trump administration seems to be rewarding her loyalty to big oil by signaling support for her scheme to allow states to buy back federal lands piece by piece and sell it off to private businesses. At the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, she said that her plan was well received and that “his [Trump’s] Administration has been great”. She also says, “They are working really hard to reduce federal regulations and transfer management authority to municipalities and local governments in different small-scale instances.”

Unfortunately, her plan, if it actually became a reality, would be disastrous for public access across the West. There would be no check and balance system to ensure that states are equipped to properly manage the land, or that the land will even stay public once the states get ahold of it.

This transparent plot to privatize public lands seems to be gaining traction in the White House, but that may be because Fielder is chummy with Ryan Zinke and the Trump boys rather than because of any actual good it could do.

According to Fielder:

“I have met President Trump one time. I have talked to his sons for a little bit longer. I know [Interior] Secretary Zinke fairly well. And I have talked to a number of people in his administration since he has been elected. And it’s been refreshing to walk in down there and go into the top offices and have a friendly reception. There’s a lot of good people in there now at the top. And we got to get a lot more confirmed so we can have the bosses running the show too.”

At this point it should probably be no surprise that a fellow public lands enemy would get a warm reception from Zinke and the Trump administration. We’ve already seen their disregard for national monuments like Bears Ears, and we know that they don’t plan to just stop there.


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  1. She’s another excellent reason to vote for Jon Tester, a real Montanan and a real farmer.

  2. jon tester is a real Montanan? Hmmmmmmmmmm, I read he was just a poor, very poor, music teacher who BSed his way to The Swamp.
    Real farmer? Yeah, right. He does not even know which end of a horse to feed.

    • @Shi(p)ley – C’mon…we all know you struggle with any word of more than one syllable. You get your “information” from Fox Fraudcasting.

  3. If Alfred E. Nueman ran against tester now…………now that POTUS has asked his dumb ass to resign………the MAD magazine candidate would ANNIHILATE him.


  4. Terry Lynn Minow | June 13, 2018 9:57 PM at 9:57 PM |

    Glad we have Jon Tester standing up for Montana & the public lands we cherish!

  5. Patrick Sullivan | June 13, 2018 10:07 PM at 10:07 PM |

    Why doesn’t the Uneducated Rob Shipley go fuck himself?

  6. Terry Lynn Minow,
    I am curious to know your thinking about all of the federal land being leased in Montana by the BNSF criminal mob railroad. None of the American railroads have lawful permission from the U.S. Congress to LEASE nor SELL federal land in an ROE (railroad only easement); yet in Montana BNSF leases thousands and thousands and thousands of acres and DEFRAUDS the American people of million$ upon million$ every single year.
    ROEs provide railroads can “..cross federal land for transportation purposes only…”. Would appreciate reading your reply………thank you. Ship

  7. Wimpy Mouth Patrick Sullivan,
    I do not know you and I do not care about you, not ever in any given day.
    Your big talk is just that, talk. You can’t even start me, so, bring it on.
    Uneducated? I can prove any point I ever write or speak. If I could not, I would not have kicked the ass of the IRS as I truly did; and, I would not have annihilated Bank of America so wonderfully those criminal mob bastards would not have written off their $85,000 mortgage against my Miles City home.
    I serve no ego like you, Sullivan. My suing Governor Bullock and the Fish and Game Department over “Princess” in Forsyth for $40,000,000; and, my suing BNSF as I am always continuing to do……… NOT for me, Sullivan……… is for every man, woman and child in the USA who never deserves to have a six (6) year Mule Deer doe MURDERED by the Montana thug government, and, the billion$ upon billion$ upon billion$ of dollars that have been STOLEN from the U.S. Treasury by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway corporate GREED. “Ship”

    • @Rob Shipley; You sound like a totally reasonable man, so I googled you. Apparently you spend a lot of time fighting minor traffic offenses, or major landmark cases (as far as you know). So I looked you up in public records and went to googlmaps and typed in your address (603 S 4th St, Miles City). The street view is really all I need to know, and speaks volumes to your credibility. Your shingles are falling off and you can’t close your garage door, and there seems to be some debris laying about. You sure are the neighbor everyone wants. Wow! Proud ‘merican, eh?

  8. Yes, Tester is a real Montanan. You, “Ship”, are an ass. Who denigrates people for being Montana teachers? What a pretentious jerk.

  9. Lisa,
    OK, you admit tester was a teacher. OK. No big deal. My wonderful mother was a teacher also. She taught in Hardin, Dodson, Colstrip, McTavish Business Institute in Edmonton during WWII, and both Miles City high schools; plus becoming Montana State President of AAUW (American Association of University Women) from 1956 to 1960. She had a masters degree and loved teaching English Literature. Mary Shipley knew more about Chaucer, Beowulf, Shakespeare, Hemingway, Byron, Keats, Shelley, Longfellow, Emerson, Kipling and all the rest than any other teacher who ever taught in both Miles City high schools. Dad even told the school board they were damned fools to pay Mary her salary……….she LOVED teaching so thoroughly Dad told them she would have taught all those years for FREE.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I have never read anywhere that tester ever did anything exemplary other than get his useless ass requested to resign from the U.S. Senate because he piled RUBBISH on a U.S. Navy Captain physician to the White House. His chubby cheeks smile sitting on a tractor does not impress me in the very least. The only thing he ever,ever,ever,ever did that was somewhat worthy was get onto the government tit and now all of that will SOON be over…………a mere five (5) months to election day.
    And I am also a 37 years U.S. Navy and U.S. Naval Reserve veteran and KNOW tester never did squat for veterans, not one time ever.
    Thank you……………..”Ship”

  10. Drunks for Denny | June 14, 2018 9:43 AM at 9:43 AM |

    You all should lay off of Rob. A tragic car accident in the 1960s when he was a teenager left his brains scrambled. One should not pick on the handicapped.

    • I wondered how such intelligent and community-minded people like his parents could produce such a…reality-removed, poorly behaved seems too tame, child? His ignorance is stunning and I’ve given up even reading his posts as a complete waste of time. A severe head injury would explain a lot. poor Rob.

      • Drunks for Denny | June 14, 2018 2:15 PM at 2:15 PM |

        Yes, May 19, 1967 was a tragic day. His mother Mary was a wonderful person. We Miles Citians have urged Rob to seek help for years, to no avail.

  11. Drunks for Denny and Bob Petersen,
    Your combined ignorance is deplorable. Neither of you could pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. That is why you are obamatrons.
    Everyone in Miles City who is not a democrat idiot who knew my parents well and know me also, all know since May 19, 1967, fifty-one years twenty-seven (27) days ago, I have constantly given praise to Father GOD for His saving me as He did. Head on collisions with semi trucks are extreme human events. My best friend, Eddy May, home on leave from the Army for Mother’s Day, was killed instantly, crushed like an accordion. I was 97 days in the hospital with 92 stitches in my face and all my ribs were broken and two (2) concussions and three (3) skull fractures. All I did was cause the wreck. Father GOD did all the rest. Precisely two (2) years and six ( 6 ) months to the day, November 19, 1969, I read my draft notice in the Bison Bar. GOD had healed me so wonderfully I was healthy enough for active duty during the Vietnam War; even though I had five (5) U.S. Navy doctors ( 2 captains and 3 commanders) offer to recommend into my medical records I be honorably discharged as all my body injuries qualified me to be released 4F.
    Holy Father GOD also saved me on March 12, 1985, when two (2) biker thugs from Globe, Arizona, marched me out the back door of the Range Riders Bar and kidnapped me at gunpoint. I had nothing to do with any of this, but, I am pleased all three (3) of the useless miscreants have all died and I live a truly wonderful life serving Jesus.
    Father GOD also saw to everything so me and my two (2) wonderful Billings attorneys, Rob Stephens. Jr., and Paula Saye-Dooper made complete fools of the IRS and their wasted seven (7) years and way over $200,000 trying to bust me into federal prison for five (5) years for a crime the Record in the Federal Court reveals I did not commit.
    GOD also enabled little old dreary me to kick the excrement out of criminal faggots who are Bank of America and BofA wrote off their $85,000 mortgage on my Miles City home.
    How in the name of Jesus Christ can any two (2)imbeciles of your ilk ever start me?
    Never possible here on the small planet. I can go through both of you like corn through a goose, so, bring it on, bring it on. Run your mouths about me all you want; no one who holds any decent intellect at all could ever care less about two (2) complete atheist losers like you.


  12. Your head, it is hurt. No?

  13. Pedro NLN (no last name),
    Must be another obamatron coward, yes? Like Rush Limbaugh, I can take on all of you loser liberals with half of my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. “Ship”

    • @Shi(p)ley – At least you recognize that you have “half your brain tied behind your back.” That still puts you up on Limbaugh, but leaves you sorely lacking to deal with anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

  14. El Guano,
    For your information, Mr. Stud Reject, the City here has committed FRAUD UPON THE COURT in **********every********false conviction. So, in the Law of VOID Orders, all of these fraudulently gained court orders are VOID and subject to attack directly or collaterally at any time.
    I win, they lose them all.
    I know all of this is way,way,way,way over your small brain because I can pass a bar exam and you cannot; but, just for drill, Dumb Ass, I tell you the 100% truth here,ok?

  15. That Ship…… It seems to have a hole in it.

    You seem to have a lot to say, please tell me more, do not leave anything out and please be very specific.

  16. I’m just going to come out and say what everyone is too politically correct to say, Rob Shipley is a retard.

    • Drunks for Denny | June 16, 2018 9:31 AM at 9:31 AM |

      No, he isn’t retarded. He is brain damaged.

      I know it can be difficult to ignore his racist rantings, but please try.

      My mother was good friends with Rob’s late mother, and it pains me to see him destroy the once proud Shipley name on a public forum.

  17. D4D. Thank you for the background.

    Just ignore him and don’t reply and he will become bored and go elsewhere.

  18. Don’t let them shut you up Rob Shipley!
    This is the most enjoyable post I’ve seen on this blog in years.

    • The last thing any sane person wants to do is muzzle Rob. He reflects so well on the so called Conservation Right Trumpists.

    • The last thing any sane person wants to do is muzzle Rob. He reflects so well on the so called Conservative Right Trumpists.

  19. Do not know whose mother was a close friend of my mom, and, of course, I could never care less. Do believe it is all BS.
    Anyway, all of you mouthy pipsqueaks using fiction handles in this blog could never even start me, so, do I care? Ever? No. Never at all.
    1. None of you suckers have ever done real battle with the IRS like I have……..and WON. You just send them your dough because you are all ignorant gutless wonders.
    2. None of you ever battled a big bank like Bank of America, and kicked their criminal greedy corporate ass like I have.
    3. None of you are suing Warren Buffett’s pet criminal Nazi mob BNSF railroad because it has become so tremendously wealthy illegally leasing and illegally selling federal land that belongs to every man, woman and child in America…………but I am.
    4. None of you are suing demo-idiot Bullock and the Nazi FWP for murdering a six ( 6 ) year old pet Mule Deer doe, “Princess”, who had hundreds and hundreds of people love her and take photos of her with their children…………..but I am.

    So? Anymore bullshit you mouthy loser fools care to spew here?

    Rob Shipley

  20. The original Art Fenske (yep there seem to be two of us posting here) | June 19, 2018 9:01 AM at 9:01 AM |

    You are my Hero.

    A Bologna sandwich on Wonderbread with a healthy slathering of Miracle Whip and just as healthy.

    You keep tilting at those Windmills and tell Sancha hi for me.

  21. Yep, Rob is officially retarded. For being so successful one would think that he would be able to clean up his front yard once a decade.

    The citizens of Miles City know the truth about Rob, every single one I talk to wants him to just go the fuck away. I recently heard someone at Gallagher’s say that Rob is “the definition of a loser”.

  22. Eric,
    You may be writing tongue in check, I do not know.
    But, know this well, I have only one (1) life to live and I live it to the max, the absolute max, every single day.
    I do not waste $$$$$$$$$$$$ paying the IRS and haven’t since 1976; I do not take crap from government anywhere for any reason; and, I do not pity all the fools and gutless wonders who live in the myth, “I gotta file my income taxes……”. That is all a crock.
    All of the IRS, Federal Reserve, and income tax HOAX is just that, a big bag of shit, the more anyone stirs it the more it stinks.
    If you care, and your comment here is honestly supportive of me, email me at home in Miles City………… and I will teach you for FREE……….like I do all Americans who ever ask me…………how to SAVE the money you earn……..that GOD provides you to have and enjoy…………..and not waste pissing it away dumping it off to the brain dead moron atheist assholes who are the IRS.


  23. Pedro, Art Fenske and Annie Bucekly,
    You are three (3) of the gutless wonders of which I write.
    You each run your mouth and cannot back up anything.
    None of you have ever done anything, been anywhere, and all three of you losers have never seen the ball since the kickoff.
    Do the entire world a big favor, please, please, one thousand times please………..none of you poor white trash scum ever reproduce….please.

    Rob Shipley

    • @Shi(p)ley – At least it doesn’t seem likely we have to worry about YOU reproducing. As the ever-observant Mae West noted, “Good sex is like good bridge; if you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”

      We appreciate all your huffing and puffing about how scared of you the IRS is, but the simple fact is that you only have to pay taxes if you have income; so you just occupy a place WAY, WAY down on their priority list. They’ll get around to you, sooner or later, for not filing returns, and your neighbors will get to watch your junk-strewn place get cleaned up for the auction.

      They’ll probably hold a farewell party, but you won’t be invited.

      Adios, pendejo.

  24. Claudius,
    You have to be one of the very dumbest jerks on the small planet. You hide behind a fiction name because you never have had the guts to ever own up to who you truly are; and, of course, you do not even know how to play Bridge and I am a very tough, calculating Bridge player, not a master, but a damned good one anyway. Perhaps you ought to stop eating for a week or two, that way your wouldn’t always have diarrhea of the mouth as you so truly do.

    • @Shi(p)ley – I maintain anonymity so I don’t have to put with demented idiots like you. If you actually have enough hair on your rear end to want to meet me, I’ll be glad to provide directions. You’ll know you got to the right location when you get to the sign, “If you can read this, you’re in range.”

      I’m quite sure I know what sort of bridge player you are – a damned poor one because you can never get a partner willing to put up with you. Any experience you have is from “double dummy” hands – such an appropriate name, don’t you think?

  25. Drunks for Denny,
    I believe you to be a coward. If not, email me here at home and inform me who you are and who was your mother who was such a good friend of Mary Shipley.

  26. Ship for Brains. Teeheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  27. Poor Little Orphan Annie Bucekly,
    Very probably you wouldn’t have such a shitty outlook on life if you didn’t live in a tar paper shack. If my overgrown lawn upsets your fat ass so much, you can come over here and mow it to your stupid black heart’s content.
    By the way, the door on your outhouse has only one (1) hinge; the wind keeps working the screws out of the other.

  28. Taking all bets on tester losing the election. Send pertinent information to my home email address.

  29. Knows the truth about ole Rob | June 19, 2018 3:47 PM at 3:47 PM |

    How did that last election in Miles City go Rob?

  30. Knows the truth about ol’ Rob,
    What a dumb ass you are. Whenever someone wants to be descriptive and refer to another person as a “good old guy” or “bad old guy”, a single quotation mark omits the “d”; no one uses “ole”, unless of course they are ignorant. But you are truly stupid, so your sloth in accurate writing is accepted.
    A. I made a grave error. I tried to win an election thinking people in Miles City wanted change from the fools who were running everything here wrong.
    B. The incumbent city judge was a former radio disc jockey who never knew squat about the law, a complete blank page. When I questioned why the DCA – – deputy city attorney – – – did not have on Record a sworn Oath of Office that is the law dating back to 2000 when he first accepted official appointment as prosecuting city attorney who could fine people and get them put into jail, guess what the city judge did? He and the DCA quickly committed PERJURY which is a felony and crafted three (3) of these OoOs into the Record of city government, fourteen (14) years too late. Twenty-seven (27) times he
    upheld city regulations OVER federal law when the Eighth Amendment to the United State Constitution mandates federal law and the federal constitution are the RULE OF THE DAY.
    C. I was defeated badly…………praise be to Holy Father God, praise be to Holy Father GOD.
    D. Because now, instead of being tied to a three (3) day a week part time city judge bench that pays $1,833 per month SANS any benefits at all, SANS any benefits at all……..I play poker full time, as much as I ever want to and ANYWHERE……Miles City, Billings, Sidney, Fairview, Deadwood, Vegas and Wendover, Nevada, and make, easily, easily, easily more than twice as much money. “Thank You so very much , Father GOD, for providing me to lose that goofy election.”
    “Knows the truth”, sure be sweet if your mouthy dumb ass ever played poker in Miles City so I could empty you out every time you played.
    Please, come out of hiding like the shit ass you are, employ your real name, the one your parents gave you, your “legal” name; and, please, oh please, oh please, start playing poker in Miles City so I can bankrupt your extreme novice ass.

    Rob Shipley

  31. Rob is the most easily triggered retard on the planet.

    You didn’t get elected because everyone hates your guts, including all of your neighbors. Have you guessed which one I am yet, retard?

  32. Rob Shipley of Miles City was ordered to serve 120 days in jail and fined $610 in City Court Wednesday morning for a public nuisance charge for failing to clean up his yard at 603 South Fourth St.Judge Al Homme said that anytime in the first 60 days, if Shipley …

  33. Now that the Troll (Shipley) has drawn your attention from FiedlerI will get back to the subject. I wish Fiedler, Zinke, or the rest of our Montana Trump toadies would quit referring to themselves as conservatives, if anything they are regressives. Also, they are far from being republicans which they proclaim to be, they are democratic nationalists pure and simple, they cannot even tell the truth about their political affiliations.

  34. I have a question, is sitting as a State Senator and presiding as President of the American Lands Council a conflict of interest and illegal. If so why has she not been prosecuted.

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