Poll Shows Kathleen Williams Leading Greg Gianforte

A polling firm came out with numbers showing Bozeman’s Kathleen Williams leading the Congressman from the Bozeman penal division, Greg Gianforte.

Gravis Marketing, a polling firm that sports a C+ from the polling report card website 538, put out numbers showing Williams with a healthy lead over Gianforte.

This is the first public polling of the race but it shows that Montanans are not happy with their Congressman. Maybe it is time to revisit the old adage “no such thing as bad publicity.”

Maybe it was the assault on a reporter, on our public lands, or on our healthcare, but it seems Montana might be ready to send Gianforte home.

Williams will have to work her butt off, but she’s got to be happy about these numbers. And she’s shown through her primary victory she’s not afraid to do the work.

This poll will also serve as a wake-up call for Gianforte. He’s sitting on over a million dollars of other people’s money as well as his own large fortune. Don’t be surprised to see Gianforte break open the pinata and spend a lot of money in the coming months to try and drive down Williams’ momentum.


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  1. Oversampled 30 year olds.

    • Where did you get the “over sampled 30 year olds”? Is there a reference for that? Thanks

      • Go to the link in the first sentence in the post.

        Scroll down to the bottom where they give you the age groups.

    • @Big Sweaty – As usual, you try to nitpick a minor aspect of an issue to present a conclusion actually counter to the whole. It’s all that Fox Fraudcasting you watch so vicious idiots like Hannity can do your thinking for you.

      If you weren’t so desperate to find some way to create phony authority for your own opinion, you might have noticed in the opening statement:
      “The results are weighted by voting demographics.”

      That means that the rather trivial imbalance in age groups was compensated for in the overall weighting.

      You might also have noticed that the Hat did very objectively include that “538” has ranked the Gravis Poll as a C+.

      • Weighted or not the upper age brackets actually get out and vote as a higher percentage than the younger brackets.

        I don’t think they “weighted” participation.

        Plus where were the Green candidates? Did they weigh the lawsuit?

        • @Big Sweaty – Taking into account the relative participation rates of different age groups IS weighting. If you’re going to make arguments based on statistical treatment of data, you should probably take at least an introductory course in the subject. As it is, you sound like one of the nimrods on Fox.

          • Did they weigh the fact that fat lazy liberals answer polls calls and working Montanans don’t?

            • Unlike fat-assed and lazy Swedes who sit on internet forums all day and post nonsense while sucking the public disability teat?

            • @Big Sweaty – They even weigh the fact that brain-dead trump supporters don’t understand the questions and just parrot the garbage they heard on infowars.

  2. Doubt it, Big Swede . . . Gianforte’s Trumpista halo is starting to drip bullshit, just like Trump’s. All either of them can do is name-call . . . no governing or legislative ability, unless lying counts (only on Breitbart or Fox).

  3. Entire Readership of Montana Cowgirl,
    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased Williams defeated demo-slug Heenan.
    Heenan is an all mouth attorney who has never seen the ball since the kickoff. If Mrs. Williams can gain election this fall and become the first woman to follow the FAMOUS lead of Jeanette Rankin, that would be so FAR OUT, so FAR OUT !!!!!!
    I am a personal friend of Greg Gianforte I am sure; but, when a good woman from Montana can represent the great people of Montana and never be anything like the Hillbitch, that would be an amazing change in government long, long overdue.
    People in every country of the world for as many generations as ever live will always remember it was one (1) woman from Montana, Jeanette Rankin, who voted AGAINST the declaration of war with Imperial Japan. WWII was the greatest war ever. It cost Father GOD more than sixty million (60,000,000) of His children.It will never ever be repeated.
    Praise Jeanette Rankin forever, and, if Kathleen Williams can cut a swath as good in many ways, praise her forever as well.

    Rob Shipley

    • Thanks for speaking up Rob. Most of the reason my name is on the ballot for HD9 is I want to show ifan old fart like me can do it some young woman with more energy and and even half-way smart can do a better job of it! That and the whole survival-of-our-democratic-republic-at-stake thing. I’ll be stumpin’ for Katy myself!

  4. Whistling through the graveyard.

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