Where Have Maryland Matt’s Millionaire Backers Gone?

After a bruising, brutal, and expensive primary battle it would seem Montana’s favorite southern belle has been left at the dance for another candidate.

Rosendale barely snuck through the Montana GOP primary garnering only about 30% of the vote. He was propped up by a boatload of outside money including millions of dollars from Dick Uhlein and the Club for Growth. Matt even got his rich buddies to do his dirty work for him, sending the Club for Growth goons after Billings attorney Russell Fagg.

Fagg had barely raised any money, but he was surging so Rosendale’s camp sent in the goon squad to sink Fagg’s candidacy. They ran poor Russell into the ground with negative advertising.

But now after the fanfare of the primary is over, it seems like Rosendale’s billionaire boys club has found some new hot thing to throw their cash at. The airwaves have fallen silent for Rosendale and he’s struggling to raise money. He flew out to Washington DC to raise money, flew to California to raise money, and seems to be looking in his couch cushions to try and find some cash.

It is not surprising the out-of-state cash-well have dried up for Rosendale. His lackluster performance in the primary coupled with his disastrous cancellation of the first general election debate has shown everyone that Matt’s just not ready for prime time.

That’s okay though, Rosendale will take his licks in this election and then probably run for governor, or Secretary of State, or Congress (again). The only thing Rosendale seems to genuinely enjoy is running for different elected offices, I don’t think there’s a Senate race in Maryland in 2020, maybe 2022? That will give Rosendale enough time to move home.


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  1. This is Testers race to lose , Rosendale is a joke, this should be a no brainier for any voter that can fill out a ballot and sign their own name on the x______.

  2. pat mischel - glendive | June 26, 2018 5:31 AM at 5:31 AM |

    I am going to work hard to re-elect Senator Tester because he’s down to earth and honest, but if you think a person who won the republican primary by not carrying Yellowstone County doesn’t have the edge to win in 2018, your a fool. Trump won Montana by 20%, Rosendale voters are going to support him because he’s just like Trump. A showman, rich, and will have all the highly devoted crazies on his side. The NRA, the religious right, big business, and all those ranchers and farmers who think a 55% federal tax reduction is the best thing ever. Never mind we are another 1 1/2 trillion in debt, Trump and Rosendale will never be poor and have to struggle because we are broke. Montana is now a red meat republican state, you make it sound like the 1950’s when a good Democrat like Tester could never be beat. Rosendale has the advantage, and has been campaigning for a decade in every county in Montana, the Rosendale doubters are the people who do not know Matt Rosendale.

    • Trump supporters take up about 30% of the electorate They are the losers, wannabe’s, shite power advocates, and religious zealots of our society. Are they what Montana is about, are they what we have become. I doubt it. If you are thinking of voting republican because that is how daddy voted, think on this. The republican party of your daddy is no more, it has become in reality the democratic nationalist party, a party Hitler would be proud of, is this what you are, is this what we are. But we are conservative, hogwash, you are regressive.

  3. @ Pat. Quite right, unless people organize and mobilize to get out the vote this will be a replay of 2016 come November.

  4. Here’s a plan, when Rosendale is out eating at any MT restaurant you guys need to start screaming at him.

    • Since the gutless GOPers in Congress continue to protect Trump and his criminal cronies in the most corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent administration in history, it’s up to people as concerned citizens to provide the consequences that the system isn’t.

      Not that Rosendale or Gianforte will ever show their faces in a general public gathering, but if they do, I will definitely be there to call them out for the lying scum they are.

      • The last OIG report says otherwise, clitoris. As the Trump/Russia investigation winds down (and reveals a nothing burger), the Obama and Hillary investigations are just ramping up.

        Would love to see you wave your silly sign so the rest of us have somebody to laugh at. Go girl!

        • Like your Mancrush keeps say, “We will see when we see”.

        • But the truth is that Mueller’s team has either indicted or gotten guilty pleas from 20 people and three companies — that we know of.

          That group is composed of four former Trump advisers, 14 Russian nationals, three Russian companies, one California man, and one London-based lawyer. Five of these people (including three former Trump aides) have already pleaded guilty.
          1) George Papadopoulos, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, pleaded guilty in October to making false statements to the FBI.

          2) Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, pleaded guilty in December to making false statements to the FBI.

          3) Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chair, was indicted in October in Washington, DC on charges of conspiracy, money laundering, and false statements — all related to his work for Ukrainian politicians before he joined the Trump campaign. He’s pleaded not guilty on all counts. Then, in February, Mueller filed a new case against him in Virginia, with tax, financial, and bank fraud charges.

          4) Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide and Manafort’s longtime junior business partner, was indicted on similar charges to Manafort. But in February he agreed to a plea deal with Mueller’s team, pleading guilty to just one false statements charge and one conspiracy charge.

        • @Dick Wadd – There you go, lying like a trump-chump again. The OIG report validated every allegation being investigated and documented by the Special Counsel.

          It is one of those ironic twists of fate that the far-right idiots prevented closing Guantanamo. Now we have a place for Trumpsky and his corrupt cronies. Maybe we can even re-initiate the water-boarding, just for them.

  5. Big Swede. What would we ever do without you picking a fight? I for one will be more than happy to heckle Rosendale. After all, we learned from the biggest TROLL of all Donald Trump!

  6. Big Sweaty is a Fucking Moron | June 26, 2018 11:25 AM at 11:25 AM |

    Swede – what a chump. That moron will literally repeat any talking point his masters give him.

  7. Am happy he sunk Russell Fagg! That man made me sick and not that Rosendale is any better. Am hoping that we can sink Rosendale also and send him back to Maryland!

  8. My predictions: Many, more mainstream, practical, ethical, Montana Democrats will not vote at all or vote republican rather then support the current unhinged Democratic Party. You never really know what someone punches in the ballot booth. Also, the Green Party votes unless the DNC gets them removed from the ballot with their lawsuit.

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