Did Gianforte, Daines, Rosendale, Fox, and Stapleton Laugh When President Trump Mocked Native Americans?

Last week President Trump came to town for a campaign rally. He spent about an hour and a half rattling off the greatest hits of his campaign speeches. He gave a token mention to fellow real estate developer Matt Rosendale and fellow press hater Greg Gianforte, but the President mostly stuck to talking about himself and his political rivals. At the top of that list was Elizabeth Warren.

Trump rehashed his insult of calling the Senator from Massachusetts Pocahontas.  For those of you who don’t sit at home mainlining Fox News all day every day, Warren claimed Native American heritage at one point in her life and has since been called out as maybe not being truthful about that. Definitely a no-no in Montana and across the country to try and claim unfounded native heritage, but Trump’s insult, of calling her Pocahontas, also crosses a line.

Montana American Indian Caucus took notice and wrote an eloquent opinion piece expressing their concerns. In part:

Trump’s language is not just offensive — it has real and tangible consequences on Indian people, including our youth. The American Psychological Association has identified that “ethnic minority children’s academic and social development, self-esteem, and personal feelings of efficacy” can be negatively affected by racism. This is of great concern to us, as American Indians have the highest rate of suicide in Montana.

This begs the question, did the white elected officials from Montana laugh, cheer, or back slap at this offensive remark?

When the President insulted one-in-10 Montanans, did Matt Rosendale flash that trademark slanted grin?

Did Greg Gianforte and Steve Daines wipe away tears of laughter with one of their spare hundred dollar bills?

We didn’t expect any of these family value GOPers to storm the stage and fight the President for insulting Montanans. Come on, they aren’t British reporters for god’s sake. But we at least hope they had the courtesy and spine to not encourage the President’s bigotry.

Would be a good question for someone to ask them.


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  1. Representative Greg Giantforte and Senator Steve Daines recently held a news conference in which they announced that they briefed President Trump on issues important to Montana, such as natural resource development and public lands. They were quoted as saying, “It’s great to have a president that cares about Montana, and takes the time to come out and meet the people.”

    First of all, how do Greg and Steve know what issues are important to Montana, since they never have any meetings anywhere in the state with their constituents? To praise the president for meeting with Montana citizens is the ultimate hypocrisy, given the fact that neither Giantforte nor Daines will hold any public meetings with Montana citizens, other than fund-raisers that come with a hefty admission price.

    Both hide behind their rigged so-called “tele town halls” where the calls are screened, the answers are canned, and you get no chance for a follow-up question.

  2. The Rally was laughing at Elizabeth Warren, not Native American Indians.
    To refresh your memory, she took a position at Harvard that was supppsed to go to a minority, by making false claims of Indian

    And the name isn’t Pocahontas, it’s Faux-cahontas, as it came from Rush Limbaugh.

    Do you really want to defend her? He harshest critics have been real Indians, would you like to see the list of them that challenged her claims?

    • Usual fakery and false claims. There is no evidence that she took a minority faculty spot. She gained no benefit and there is NO evidence that she has. You’re just making it up to justify trump’s eternal awful behavior. and of course, you’d like most would be the first to howl cries about decorum if the roles were reversed. Probably whine for days when Hillary accurately pointed out the deplorables supporting trump.

      And the name is Pocahontas because trump EXACTLY called her that, you dolt. My god, are you righties EVER honest?

      Her harshest critics have not been Native Americans – they’ve been righties all the more willing to back up and parrot the worst President ever, saying and doing the worst things ever. It will hang around your necks like an albatross for good. You’ll make the apologists that tried to hold back the dam on the Nixon malfeasance look like boy scouts.

  3. Washington Post fact checked Trump’s speech. 76 percent of what he said was false. A new record even by Trump’s lofty standards. And the slack jawed, red hat wearing morons cheered every lie.

  4. Eric, speaking of falsehoods, your assertion that Warren claimed to be American Indian to take a job at Harvard that was supposed to go to a minority is one. If you bother to look at fact check.org you will find that Warren was recruited for the position because of her credentials and her heritage played no part in her hiring. I know, I know, facts do have a liberal bias.

    • Did you actually read the article? It proves everybody’s case that Warren is a serial liar.

      • It doesn’t…you made it up. And even more telling…you didn’t read it anyway. You aren’t interested in the truth or facts…just trolling for one to excuse and deflect for Trump. Really…when are wingers EVER honest?

  5. My Native American friends call Liz Warren “Walking Eagle”.

  6. “The Boston Herald reported that Warren had previously been touted in the 1990s by officials at Harvard Law School, where she was a tenured professor, as an example of the faculty’s diversity. That led to the revelation that Warren — citing only anecdotal evidence — claimed to be part Cherokee and Delaware Indian, and had listed herself as a minority in a directory of law professors from 1986 until 1995.”

    Initially, Warren said that she was unaware that Harvard had been claiming her as a minority faculty member. Though she later acknowledged in a statement to the Globe that she had told colleagues at Harvard and Penn that she considered herself Native American, but that she revealed that “at some point after I was hired by them.”

    “That explanation came after the Globe said it had obtained records showing that Harvard “began reporting a Native American female professor in federal statistics for the 1992-93 school year, the first year Warren worked at Harvard, as a visiting professor.”

    Again, this all became an issue after the Boston Herald reported that Harvard Law School, where Warren worked from 1995 until she was elected to the Senate in 2012, “touted Warren’s Native American background … in an effort to bolster their diversity hiring record in the ’90s as the school came under heavy fire for a faculty that was then predominantly white and male.”

    “In a 1996 article, the Harvard Crimson wrote: “Of 71 current Law School professors and assistant professors, 11 are women, five are black, one is Native American and one is Hispanic, said Mike Chmura, spokesperson for the Law School.”
    The one Native American, according to Chmura, was Warren, the Crimson reported.”

    These are all quotes from that article.

  7. Here’s the last nail I’ll put into the coffin – unless of course you still want to defend your lying here;


  8. Eric, my God. You left out the RELEVANT quotes. “No proof has surfaced that Warren was previously hired as a professor at any University based on her alleged hertage”.

    “Even so,the Globe, in a separate lengthy article about Warren’s rise in academia, said that it interviewed a wide range of professors and administrators who worked with or recruited Warren who all said her ethnic background played no role in her hiring.”

    The person who actually hired Warren at Harvard said, “Warren’s heritage never came up during the hiring process.” The person doing the hiring was Charles Fried, Ronald Reagan’s solicitor general who stated, “Elizabeth Warren was recruited (she did not apply – one does not apply for these positions) to be a tenured professor at Harvard because she was preminent in the fields of bankruptcy and commercial law”.

    You really are pathetic, Eric.

  9. The stupidity of trump supporters is worrisome because critical thinking seems to be non-existent for these people who STILL revere this narcissistic bully that behaves like a spoiled, mean-spirited child, and everything is all about him.

    Donald continues to be caught in countless lies. The people who support this president relate to his nasty, undignified manner because they live their lives in much the same way and recognize a kindred spirit.

    These comments come from a former Republican. This president should be an embarrassment to every intelligent American citizen. Intelligent being the significant criteria.

  10. It seems to me that folks are off the mark when debating the issue of whether Elizabeth Warren is or is not of Native American heritage. The issue is the president’s use of a slur that is offensive to Native Americans. It is Trump’s bigotry and mysogenistic behavior that we need to focus on.

    • Focus on the 25 Native Americans that might see this blog post and decide to go vote? What numbnuts decided that Elizabeth Warren has something to do with Montana politics? Senator Tester just had the President tell us to vote Tester out and unless something changes it’s going to happen. There’s a village somewhere in Massachusetts looking for it’s idiot so send Elizabeth Warren back there. So when are you going to start giving people a reason to re-elect Senator Tester?

      • You think this kind of nonsense will only influence Native Americans Eh?

        And you also think because a proven serial Liar in Chief tells “us” to do something that it will be done?

        Mkay, carry on then.

      • “What numbnuts decided that Elizabeth Warren has something to do with Montana politics?”….
        Gee, Kinda like the RAGING Mexican/Muslim immigrant problem we have on our hands in Monatana.

        “Focus on the 25 Native Americans that might see this blog post”…
        Uhm, yeah, MT Trump supporters are not prejudiced. They think every fresh white boy from CA or MA should be able to shoot a native from a covered wagon.
        The only idiot missing his village is you.

        Hats off to The Bobs, Claudius, et all. I don’t know how it is you folks can come here and respond with logic/reason to these F’in idiots so consistently. I think, for the most part, that Eric, Sweaty,Fartknocker, and the other Trumpy dwarves are, A, Kremlin agents, or B, crossed eyed patsy’s thereof, here to convince us that ALL conservatives are this batshit crazy.

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