Gianforte’s Ideal Solution

How do Congressman Greg Gianforte and the Montana Republicans plan to pay for their tax cuts to millionaires and mega-corporations? We all know what Gianforte’s ideal solution is, he was caught stating it back in 2002.

Gianforte’s ideal solution is a sales tax and that is also the ideal solution of the Montana Republican Party.

Behind closed doors Montana Republicans are working on securing votes to implement a statewide sales tax in Montana. GOP Representative Kerry White put HB 620 on the floor last session to force a statewide sales tax on everything Montanans purchase. It failed to get a majority of votes, this time around, but Rep. White’s sales tax study bill HJ 43 did get 53 Republican votes and passed. Republicans are actively studying how they can pass a sales tax in Montana without the people even knowing about it.

With budget shortfalls looming due to Republicans’ spending spree and less revenue coming in because of their tax breaks for millionaires, Republicans are scrambling to find a way to keep their tax cuts alive while continuing to screw over working Montanans. Why? Because most of these old Republicans are retired and wealthy, their friends are wealthy, so why should they care about your livelihood when all they care about is increasing their 401k?

But taxing hard-working Montanans to pay for more tax cuts to millionaires isn’t enough for Republicans. Senate President Scott Sales has called to replace property taxes with a sales tax. This would require a 12% sales tax even when including tourism dollars. The highest property taxes are paid by out-of-state millionaires who are already getting tax cuts at our expense, but now they will have their multi-million dollar mansions on Flathead Lake exempt from all property taxes. Montana would become a paradise for the super-rich from Texas, California, Maryland, and New Jersey. Oh, wait a minute…that’s Republican’s ideal solution.

Gianforte and Montana Republicans want to make Montana a playground for wealthy out-of-staters who already pay sales taxes back in their home states and only live in Montana during the summer months. These super-rich buy up our land, put up fences, lock Montanans out, drive up our housing costs, and then are gone for most of the year. These are the people who Montana Republicans want coming to our state, just look at how many times they’ve invited New York Celebrity Donald Trump Jr. to come fish and hunt our lands.

By cutting taxes for rich out-of-staters, and implementing a sales tax to eliminate property taxes on multi-million dollar mansions and hobby ranches, Republicans secure a windfall of campaign donations. California Troy, Maryland Matt, and Jersey Gianforte all came here to hide their taxes, buy up our land, and change Montana to fit their wealthy coastal values.

Jersey Gianforte and his Republican followers are set to sell out Montana’s middle class by implementing a sales tax to eliminate property taxes for their wealthy donors. We the people of Montana must reclaim our state and stop the Republicans sales tax by voting them all out of office. Keep Montana Great, vote out these carpetbaggers and turncoats.


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  1. Actually because of the new Trump economy the state has received an additional 100 million over Bullock’s estimated budget.

    • Your proof of that is what?

      • ditto…..where’s the WAGE increases? Oops, corporations and the oligarchs put it all for STOCK BUYBACKS, not raising wages!

        • A Sales Tax would be the fairest tax ever because everybody has to pay it. The rich Republican sonofabitches would finally have to pay up.

          • Sigh……… Sales tax IS paid by everyone, that is accurate. However it tends to hurt the lower incomes worse.

            I am not against a sales tax as long as it is coupled with a reduction in property taxes. My fear is a sales tax on top of already high property taxes.

    • Big Sweaty – That’s not just a lie…….it’s a stupid lie.

  2. Big Swede, you love to troll don’t you? Here’s the thing. Only POTUS is allowed to spew lies and get away with it. And you sir, can not keep up with the lies of POTUS. Next thing we know, you’ll be showing us your Q t-shirt.

  3. So this is how you do business? Hillary would be proud. When is Tester going to apologize to Radm Jackson for all the false allegations?

    Gianforte campaign spokesman Aaron Flint said, “While Greg discussed a range of potential options with legislators at that hearing, what is important is what Greg actually called on legislators to do.” According to Flint, Gianforte advocated that lawmakers lower income and capital gains tax rates, but not did consider introduction of a sales tax to be politically viable.

    During an October 24, 2016, town hall-style teleconference, Gianforte said that Democrats had falsely suggested that he supported a statewide sales tax. “I don’t support a sales tax,” Gianforte said. “You know, never have.

    HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana’s Democratic Party is asking a state judge to stand by his decision to disqualify Montana Green Party candidates from the general election ballot while the ruling is being appealed to the state Supreme Court.

    In Montana, Dark Money Helped Democrats Hold a Key Senate Seat
    With control of the Senate at stake, liberals hit the streets and bought ads for a libertarian candidate who likely siphoned crucial votes away from the Republican challenger.
    by Kim Barker Dec. 27, 2012, 12:40 p.m. EST

    Dark Money and Big Data

    In the waning days of Montana’s hotly contested Senate race, a small outfit called Montana Hunters and Anglers, launched by liberal activists, tried something drastic.

    It didn’t buy ads supporting the incumbent Democrat, Sen. Jon Tester. Instead, it put up radio and TV commercials that urged voters to choose the third-party candidate, libertarian Dan Cox, describing Cox as the “real conservative” or the “true conservative.”

    Where did the group’s money come from? Nobody knows.

    The pro-Cox ads were part of a national pattern in which groups that did not disclose their donors, including social welfare nonprofits and trade associations, played a larger role than ever before in trying to sway U.S. elections. Throughout the 2012 election.

    • Hey, Great! Can you now tell us all about Pizza-gate, the Storm, and how president dog vomit will save us all.

    • @windtalker – I’m sure you’ll be pleased and grateful to learn that NONE of the allegations against Jackson that Sen Tester expressed concern about were false.

      Doesn’t it just give you a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that YOUR Democratic Senator is actually living up to the oath he swore and serving the best interests of the people of Montana? Aren’t you relieved to know that he actually, actively works to protect the well-being of veterans? Aren’t you just delighted that the people of Montana elected an honest, hard-working farmer and former teacher to the Senate? Aren’t you proud to realize that the percentage of Montana voters stupid enough to vote for a corrupt, greedy fraud like Rosendale won’t be enough to elect him to the Senate?

      Of course you are.

      • Claudius, where have you been, you can support this gutless wonder?

        Vice president’s physician resigns amid ongoing furor over White House Medical Unit

        A White House doctor who raised concerns about Ronny L. Jackson, the president’s former physician and scuttled nominee to run the Department of Veterans Affairs, has resigned.

        Jennifer Peña, the vice president’s lead doctor, left her position on Friday, according to a White House spokeswoman.

        “The Vice President’s Office was informed today by the White House Medical Unit of the resignation,” Alyssa Farah, the vice president’s spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Physicians assigned to the Vice President report to the White House Medical Unit and thus any resignation would go entirely through the medical unit, not the vice president’s office.”

        Peña did not respond to requests for comment.

        Peña clashed repeatedly with Jackson, whose nomination to run VA was abandoned amid allegations of liberally prescribing drugs, drinking on the job and creating a hostile workforce, according to a senior White House official.

        CNN reported Tuesday that the vice president’s doctor had raised concerns inside the White House that Jackson may have violated patient privacy protections for Pence’s wife and sought to intimidate the doctor during confrontations over the episode. CNN did not name the doctor in the report, saying anonymity was requested as a condition of getting the memos.

        White House doctor Ronny L. Jackson withdrew from the nomination to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, the White House said on April 26. (Reuters)

        A person familiar with the concerns said Peña was the doctor who delineated those concerns.

        Jackson, a Navy rear admiral and former combat physician who served in Iraq, came under scrutiny after the office of Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) released a list of allegations about him from more than 20 unnamed current and former work colleagues.

        President Trump has decried the allegations as “not true” and has attacked Tester, who is up for reelection in November. Some of the allegations, including that Jackson crashed a government car after drinking, have been called into doubt by the Secret Service and the White House.

        Officials announced this week that Jackson would not return as Trump’s personal physician but would continue to work within the White House Medical Unit.

        • The Associated Press reviewed the documents Friday. They were the result of an internal White House review of allegations raised against Jackson during his brief confirmation process. The White House said the records, covering recent years, disprove the allegations.

          Tester’s office has not specified the time frame during which the alleged misconduct occurred. The senator’s spokeswoman Marnee Banks said the office would not comment until it knew more about the White House records.

          Separately, the Secret Service said it has no evidence to support an allegation that its personnel intervened to prevent Jackson from disturbing former President Barack Obama during a foreign trip in 2015.

          In a statement dated Thursday, the Secret Service said it had conducted a “thorough review” of internal documents related to Obama’s foreign trips in 2015 and interviewed people who were present. The agency said it has found “no information that would indicate the allegation is accurate” and no record of any incident involving Jackson.

          CNN had reported allegations that Jackson drunkenly banged on the hotel room door of a female employee and that Secret Service personnel intervened out of concern that he would wake Obama.

          • These were false accusations about a great man; about a man who has a son who’s a top student at Annapolis; about a man that’s given his life to this country, and to the military — a brave man. Note that Obama and former President George W. Bush had all praised the doctor’s conduct in the past.

            • @windy – There you go again, swallowing the trump-chump lies and trying to claim they’re true. NOTHING was ever put forward that exonerated Jackson from the allegations against him. To the contrary, most of them were verified as factual within a few days.

              The real embarrassment, and the real reason for Trumpsky’s nasty temper tantrums, were that Jackson sucked up to him, got the nomination WITH NO QUALIFICATIONS AND NO VETTING!!, and turned out to be as phony as a $3 bill.

            • Tester and Admrl. Jackson = the New Pizzagate. God gad man\madam! You are a coward. I have seen you post “Where one goes we all go”.
              You should REALLY check out Occam’s Razor. What’s more probable? That you dumb fux elected a realtor carnie-huckster from Queens, who tells you dumbshits exactly what you want to hear, who is a serial adulterer, that hacks on P.O.W’s, with NO FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, that really, really, likes reach arounds from Putin, can’t deliver on a single thing ( the Wall comes to mind), and locks toddlers in cages to prove how much of a MAN he is to his crossed-eyed inbred base, OR, that Tester, a generational farmer in Montana is really a Deep State actor?

  4. Liberal Science, even you should be able to get a job, now. We are getting tired of buying your food stamps.

    The U.S.’ Colorblind Jobs Boom Under Trump Continues

    ‘Inclusive’ Boom: It may be a surprise, but President Trump is nowhere near as unpopular among minority voters as the biased mainstream media suggest. Why is that? In a word, jobs.

    Trump, it turns out, has been the most consequential president in history when it comes to minority employment. In June, for instance, the unemployment rate for Hispanics and Latinos 16 years and older fell to 4.6%, its lowest level ever, from 4.9% in May. The previous all-time low was 4.8%.

    African-American unemployment bounced up from its all-time low of 5.9% in May to 6.5% in June. But that 6.5% still represents the second-lowest unemployment reading ever for Black Americans.

    As for Asian-Americans, unemployment similarly bounced off its all-time low of 2.1% in May, rising to 3.2%. And that’s still 0.6 percentage point lower than when Trump entered office.

    Consider all the good news about minority employment when you hear reports of June’s “disappointing” jobs data.

    The truth is, the ripping jobs growth that began when Trump entered office and picked up steam after his tax cuts has been good for everyone in America — even liberal media pundits.

    And it’s also been good for Trump. Because quietly, he is winning over those who have benefited most from his policies: Minorities. On average, minority unemployment has dropped 18% since Trump entered office in January of 2017. More than 2 million people have dropped off food stamps and returned to work.

    Despite a relentless media barrage aimed at Trump and his immigration policies, a new Harvard/Harris Poll found a 10% rise in approval for Trump among Hispanics.

    • Typical Trumpist rhetoric. Insult, distract and deflect.

      How about you answer this…. You have repeatedly whined about Dark Money, would you support real and meaningful campaign finance reform?

      # 1. All money given to candidates must be tied to a person or group and that information should be made public.

      # 2. If Churches or other non-profits wish to engage in political activities they lose their non-profit status and must pay taxes.


    • Proud to say that I have never collected food stamps. I have bucked bails, pounded nails, and flipped cheese burgers to get where I am at. Probably blow your mind as far as where I am politically. Lets just say that the wisdom of a GOOD bag makes a hell of a lot of sense. (L.S. raises hand) Guess what? I am a whore for three gun.

    • Just WHY is it that I am convinced you post from Clarkstown, MT?

  5. Would Gianforte endorse this behavior, more ‘crizzchun valyooze’… ….Trump kissing Rudy – his TV lawyer – while Rudy in drag…google motorboat guiliani trump if link here fails…

  6. Taxes. You each “fear” tax rhetoric and issues. Yet, each of you are true cowards. I have not filed any UNconstitutional IRS form 1040s since 1976 and I never will. Why? Because the entire income tax fraud is a HOAX. Beating the IRS in “their” game is easy.
    1. Learn how to read and understand English
    2. Read the truth in the law that in 1954 when the IRS had its nuts in the fire with the U.S. Congress it relented and WROTE the new IRS laws to include …….the IRS has the duty to assess every single American citizen and business.
    3. Since the IRS will NEVER drive upon to your driveway and assess you and your wife and children……………NEVER…………..what is there to fear?
    Live your life as I do. I come and go just as I damned well please, always have, always will. I have defrauded the IRS of their FRAUD of wanting me to lie down and spread my legs like a whore and give them alot of my “In GOD We Trust” cash to the tune of over $500,000 in 42 years (1976). And what can the IRS do to me? Nothing. Not Jack S**t.
    Holy Father GOD Almighty loves me because I give all of my human being and love and allegiance to Him, and never to the IRS, the thugs who are the governor of Montana and the Fish and Game Department who MURDERED “Princess” and who I am suing for $40,000,000.

  7. To The Bobs,
    Sure be sweet if you knew anything about 501c3 declarations, but you do not. I do not have the time nor the inclination to get you up to speed, so you can remain illiterate until the cows come home.
    Organzized religion in America sucks. It is all summed in the term “religiosity”.
    If the churches would ever STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO (2) LEGS and ever have some guts and stop relying on the bullshit of an obamatron 501c3 declaration to avoid taxes…… all probability GOD Himself would EXPLODE their memberships beyond comprehension and they could then tell the IRS, “Go straight to hell, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.”
    But they are all run by a bunch of sissies and cowards who believe they are really smart “staying below the radar”.
    Precisely like the abortion idiots. The entire trouble of the abortion question or sick and twisted abortion affair in the USA is that none of the pro-abortion maggots and slime were ever aborted. Period.Done deal.
    And if the American People as a whole would have resisted all of Roe v Wade and all the abortion bullshit, and saved the 55 million or so American babies which GOD created in the wombs of all those American women………..very decently so………..GOD would have unleashed from Heaven so much bounty in all areas of our country we would all be billionaires.
    “We do not have because we do not ask”.

  8. Hey Rob.

    The Electroshock treatments seem to be less effective.

    Tell Igor to up the wattage.

  9. Woohoo, thanks Greg

    Montana leads the country in entrepreneurship, according to a new study by the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research.

    Montana’s Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.8%

    • How does GG have anything to do with our State economy?

      Shouldn’t you be thanking Steve Bullock? Where is your misguided praise for Daines or Tester?

      • How about getting Washington out of the way so our economy can prosper, high-paying jobs can be created, and our Montana way of life can be protected. Continue work to rein in the out-of-touch Washington, D.C. regulations that are holding back small businesses and killing jobs. Fighting to protect our coal and timber jobs. Working toward commonsense solutions that encourage job creation and help Montanans get back to work. Who supports and votes to support this? Tester voted against the tax bill. How would have Williams voted? What has Tester done for coal and timber?

        Oh, and Jon (Montana Maxine) Tester is great for our veterans, but only since Trump got in office, prior during Testers other 10 years in office veterans were dying in Phoenix waiting for care. Tester is for sanctuary city’s, amnesty, false allegations against a Navy rear admiral so just another obstructionist. William’s want to eliminate high capacity ammo clips and fix heath care, don’t we all. I want gluten free solar powered hybrid vegan yogurt substitute for bobs and Doug’s chronic idiopathic constipation. Woohoo

        • How often Gianforte votes in line with Trump’s position 92.9%; Montana Maxine 36.8%

        • You keep touting how great out economy is and in the same breathe decry how awful it is.

          Coal? It is dead.

          I voted for Tester to do what is right for Montana and the Country, not what is right for this President or any President.

          You have the same firm grip on reality as Rob.

  10. Thank steve bullock for what? His political dreams and aspirations ARE OVER. When the RNC gets word of him being a defendant in a forty million dollar ($40,000,000) lawsuit where MURDER under color of law was the thrust of his crime, he will be done. Anyone can stick a fork in him, he will be done.
    obamatron (puppet of Soros) was the WORST president ever, and, bullock will go down in Montana history as the worst ever governor.
    Is this the truth? Is the Pope a catholic?

  11. Up the voltage Rob, you are hearing voices….. Again.

    • “When the RNC gets word of him being a defendant in a forty million dollar ($40,000,000) lawsuit where MURDER under color of law was the thrust of his crime, he will be done. Anyone can stick a fork in him, he will be done.”

      The RNC???? You know he is a Democrat?

  12. I think Shipley must have stayed outside too long when one of the passenger jets went over spewing all those mind control agents in its ‘chemtrail’.

    Either that, or the aliens beamed him up and probed him a few times too often.

  13. The Bobs,
    Jesus Christ, you are stupid. OF COURSE I know and hate bullock because he is a demothug. Duh? I am telling you here in this very good blog I have ALREADY written the Iowa State
    RNC to alert them that demothug bullock is a defendant in a $40,000,000 lawsuit so they can PICK UP THIS TRUTH and run with it when Dumb Ass Bullock thinks he can get to Iowa for the presidential primary in 2020……………do you enjoy being so f*****g dumb all the time? You must extract your head from your ass; that way you SEE and THINK way better all the time.
    Please tell all of Cowgirl subscribers, are you still filing your unconstitutional IRS 1040s like a good little ignorant slave? Well? Duh?
    I ask this Q of all ignorant people I ever come across whenever I believe them to be moronic and pathetic.

  14. Claudius,
    The sweetest thing ever in Montana and especially in this good blog; no one, absolutely no one, gives a f**k about you nor your atheist opinions. Constantly having you head up your ass will force the moisture in your feces to rot away your ears and then you will really look funny with no ears.

    • @Shitley – Visitors to this blog look forward to your lying rants as cheap (really cheap) entertainment. Sort of on the order of pounding your head against the wall because it feels so good when you stop.

      Somewhat ironic, you talking about anyone else’s ass, since you couldn’t find your own with both hands and a search warrant.

  15. Liberal Science,
    Shame on you, Idiot, you are caught HERE trying to pass yourself along as really being something when in all actuality you ain’t squat.
    What are bails and how are they bucked?
    Did you mean to write bales, like in hay bales? Duh?
    “…to get to where I am at…..”…….duh. Dumb Ass, “at” written or spoken after the verb where which denotes LOCATION is superfluous since you do not know this. Duh?
    Did they spoon feed you how to write improperly when you were in a law school perhaps?
    Intellectual people want to know.

  16. Liberal,
    Where is you at? Living in some outhouse like The Bobs worrying yourself sick that the property taxes of your outhouse will raise to $1.87 per annum?

  17. Claudius,
    Your handle, as dumb as it is, denotes a Roman origin.
    Really,really,really dumb that you are such a whiny and totally bullshit coward and lack the brains and guts to use your real name.
    Anyway, no big deal, I have enjoyed my entire life kicking the shit out of all poor white trash like you who constantly run their mouth at me. Come on, Moron, any time you feel lucky.

    • Come visit me, shitley. I’ll even give you directions how to get here. You’ll know you got the right place when you get to the gate with the sign, “If you can read this, you’re in range.”

  18. I am touched to know you care so much.

    Love and kisses from your bestest buddy.

    Say hello to Sancho for me.

  19. Does GG agree with Trump that the Press is the ‘Enemy of the People’ since GG had his ‘issues’ with a reporter?

    • Meh! As a real Trumpy patriot I am ambivalent, at best, about the first amendment. As long as dear orange dog scrotum tells me what I NEED to hear its A OK. Anzio. Normandy. Don’t forget what others have shed blood to protect.

  20. I can’t speak for Greg, but in my opinion much of the press is pushing their liberal, socialist political views which is very unprofessional as journalists are taught to be professional to just report the facts. I am very proud as most of our local stations are very good at being professional. Keep opinions on the opinion page and bottom line is virtually all readers, listeners, don’t care what a news person opinion is. Readers are tired of the idiotic bias. Look at CNN’s, NBC, etc. ratings. Most journalists work for news organizations or teach English or ask do you want fries with that?

    • The press does report the facts. Well, the press that isn’t FUX Skews, Brightfart, Alex Jones, Daily Caller, etc. The problem is that tRump hates facts because they destroy his lies (3000 and counting since he took office). He has been surrounded by suck-ups and yes-men his entire life. He’s not used to pushback and his thin-skinned vanity can’t handle it.

      Since the truths as reported by the media are his enemy then his ego demands that by extension it is the enemy of the people because he is President.
      ““After nearly 9 years, I have decided to resign from Fox News,” Powell announced on his Facebook page. “Those of you who have spoken to me in recent months, you will understand why I am leaving FNC.”

      While Powell himself hasn’t publicly stated why he’s stepped down, a source within the network tells The Wrap that he’s just one of many people on the news team who are frustrated with the network’s emphasis on supporting Trump-loving opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham over more hard news reporting.

      “Lots of reporters are very unhappy with directions of FNC right now,” the source explains. “Fewer news shows. More opinion shows. Less resources for reporters to report.”

      Fox News military analyst Ralph Peters earlier this year similarly stepped down from Fox News, while specifically calling it out for being a “propaganda” operation for President Donald Trump.”

  21. Fox news is #1 in the cable ratings. Don’t you guys ever get tired of losing? You need to pull it together and put together policies that Americans will support. Illegals and the unemployable won’t hack it, see Brooklyn, Seattle, San Fran, Chicago, Portland. When will you figure that out?

    • Further proof that rightwingnut FUX viewers are incapable of differentiating between fact and fiction.

      “Despite his rhetoric that immigration hurts American workers, President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club is seeking to hire 61 foreign workers for the 2018 winter season, according to the Labor Department.”

      I could have used an article from WaPo or the NYT but you would declare it fake news.
      The local JOBS office says they have plenty of qualified locals ready to work there.

      • Chlamydia for Claudius | August 7, 2018 1:17 PM at 1:17 PM |

        Further proof that left wing apoplectic unhinged lunatics can’t differentiate between legal foreign workers and gang banging illegal immigrants. Jesus fucking christ Doug, you really are stupid.

        • Good job missing the point, if tRump cares so much about American workers why is he hiring foreign workers to do crap jobs in his shithole elitist club?

          What gang banging illegal immigrants? MS-13? There are 10,000 of them in the country and most of them are US citizens. Now that Obama got rid of bin Laden the GOP needs a new boogey man to keep the poorly educated that they love so much in a tizzy.

  22. Doug is an extremest ignoring the facts and needs to be ignored or charged with disturbing the peace if he gets in anyone’s face like many of his kind are now doing. Being broke and spending a few days in jail will probably do him and his kind some good. I will look forward to the opportunity to assist in providing Doug and his buddies some housing for a few days.

    • “Fox news is #1 in the cable ratings.”

      I am sure you consider yourself and your views as mainstream and Moderate.

      Guess again.

  23. Hillary lost…right?

    • She won the popular vote by 2.8 million. And not a fraudulent vote to be found. Oh, wait, there were four.

      • Hillary lost, and lost huge FYI.

        304-227 for The Donald.

        He won 98% of the counties in America. He knew what he was doing.

        While you numbnuts were sitting around looking at video of Hillary and fondling yourselves, listening to Chris Matthews say that Trump had no path to 270 electoral votes the Presidents team was busy winning.

        The Donald didn’t need California, so he gave it to Hillary. If he would have wanted it, he would have written some checks, campaigned there, and won there.

        Handle it.

    • I prefer to view it as America being the loser.

      Although you are a close second.

  24. Sorry Bobs, you and Doug are the losers. America is moving forward. Get on board or get out of the way. Oh, I guess you are out of the way and just making noise. Make sure you vote again so you get used to losing.

    • Sorry for what? I did not vote for Clinton. In Montana it did not matter.

      You keep right on sniffing Trumps panties.

    • Brown to the back ‘an yellow to the front. Jesus, why does this horse shit sound familiar? “Why don’t you just join the team and come on in for the BIG WIN?” F.M.J.

  25. Good info Eric. Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign ($768 million in spending) outspent Trump’s successful one ($398 million) by nearly 2 to 1. Now was Clinton unfortunate or just flat stupid. Beat the Dems in their own political game by a rookie. The Dems better stay in politics. They would starve in the private industry. Don’t confuse me with the facts. Did you ever wonder why they always love to hug? Because the have on hand in your back pocket.

    • And the Repuglican huggers have their hand in your crotch. All those family values, you know.

      • Ditto fiscal responsibility. Is Clinton (Bill or Hill) running for anything right now? Do you even know who the president is right now? Do you even know what year it is? “Don’t confuse me with the facts.”… uhm, yeah, pretty much an impossibility.
        Do you even know what Q clearance is? I do. Here’s a hint, Google-Rod Q clearance and D.O.E. The chances of someone, with legitimate TS/SCI/Q, dumping “THE TRUTH” about “THE DIRT” on America online are SLIM and FUCKIN NONE. How does it feel to be a patsy?

        • Intelligence officials have discovered sensitive national security information on Hillary Clinton’s server that goes beyond the “top secret” level, the intelligence community inspector general told lawmakers in a letter last week.

          In a copy of the Jan. 14 correspondence obtained by POLITICO, Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III told both the Senate Intelligence and Senate Foreign Relations committees that intelligence agencies found messages relating to what are known as “special access programs,” or SAP. That’s an even more restricted subcategory of sensitive compartmented information, or SCI, which is top secret national security information derived from sensitive intelligence sources.

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