A Pimp, a Nazi, a Convict, and the Pendejo in Chief

Q: “What do these things have in common?”

A: “What is four of the worst titles you could apply to another human, Alex?”

That is true, but the real answer to what connects a pimp, a Nazi, a convict, and a pendejo is:

“Who are four Republican candidates for elected office in 2018.”

That’s right, in Illinois the Republicans nominated an outright Nazi for Congress.

“I hate Illinois Nazis.”  The Blues Brothers

In Nevada, the pimp for the Moonlight Bunny Ranch has won the Republican primary for a state Senate seat.

Gross. Ick. Free the bunnies, don’t elect the pimp. Moving on.

In Montana, Republicans were proud to nominate a convicted criminal.

New Jersey’s own, the blight of Bozeman, sucker punch Gianforte, the man who defeated a 150-pound journalist with his own bare hands, the gatekeeper of the Gallatin River, the one, and only Republican to lose statewide in 2016: Greg Gianforte.

Montanans can easily do better. Here’s hoping they remember, remember the bodyslam in November. 

Oh, and in Arizona, a man so disgusting he needs no introduction, Wyatt Twerp ie America’s worst sheriff ie Joe Arpaio is running for Senate.

The Arizona Republican primary is August 28th, Vegas money is on him to win the Republican primary and join his esteemed colleagues,  a pimp, a Nazi, and a convict.

This is your Republican party.

A pimp, a Nazi, a convict, a pendejo and the pussy grabber in chief.


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  1. oo, oo, Mr. Kotter! Don’t forget execrable Corey Stewart. He a product of northern Minnesota but considers himself a son of the Secessionist South as he runs for the Virginia Senate seat and thinks the war to continue human slavery was a righteous cause.

    • Don’t forget Josh Zepnick and Keith Ellison. Two other shining pillars of humanity. But Doug doesn’t care, they don’t own multiple slaves like Corey Stewart, they just raped multiple women that probably had it coming anyways.

      • Never heard of Zepnik so I looked and he’s a WI state legislator who just lost his primary run last night. Didn’t look into his allegations.

        Ellison won his primary for WI AG last night. At this point there are allegations that Ellison has denied.

        Unsurprised to learn that you have convicted them both already.

        • Hahahahaha. Didn’t Slick Willy deny deny deny?

          Hmmm. What was Al Franken convicted of? I though he denied any wrongdoing, too. Where is he again? And who cares about Rod Blagojevich? So what if he was convicted. That is so 10 years ago.

          The lists go on and on for both sides, you dumb ass fucktard snowflake socialist.

          I think the point was there are scumbags on both sides. Unsurprised that was lost on you- you live in a box. Take it from an independent embarrassed equally by both sides, your partisan blindness is gross.

          • Appreciate hearing from a Jill Stein voter.

          • “What was Al Franken convicted of? I though he denied any wrongdoing, too. Where is he again?”

            Franken was not convicted of anything. He was pilloried in the ofttimes confused Court of Public Opinion.

            “you dumb ass fucktard snowflake socialist.”

            Sounds like another typical retarded Trump supporter to me.

  2. I am a native Montanan, transplanted to Arizona, and am pleased to tell you that we Democrats are determined that Joe Arpaio will not be elected. We are working very hard to see that he never sees the inside of our U.S. Congress. The “blue wave” is making its way across our state and I think you will see that Trump is not as welcome when he comes to rally for Arpaio. Also, U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally, a huge backer of Trump currently in the House of Representatives, is expected to have quite a fight on her hands.

  3. Dems have been winners one and all. Bill Clinton impeached; Hillary needs to be in a federal prison, Benghazi is not over yet; obamatron is a nigger and a muslim, had his license to pracice law revoked; Michelle from Hell lost hers as well; and what Republican official ever sent a jet to Iran loaded with pallets of cash? Bergdahl was another raving crime for the obamatron, traded five (5) world class terrorists who had already killed hundreds of Americans for one (1) slime ball traitor who the law provides must be in prison or executed. ****Remember always the truth. Eisenhower did have one (1) U.S. Army deserter put to death. Very sad but all provided by law. ****
    Sweetest Justice ever is the Judgment Seat of Bema where all this deomocrat slime meet Jesus face to face and when they all try and lie their way through that interview like they all did thousands and thousands of times here on the small planet, they will not pass that test and will be ordered to spend eternity in hell. Sweet, sweet, sweet.

    • Rob, You must be lamenting the removal of Alec Jones from most on line sources. It seems to be where you get your talking points, but at least you seem to still be an authority on Jesus, secure in the knowledge that you will join him in sweet heaven.

    • Rob, I just want to let you know that my mother, who ia in a hospital in Colorado and was friends with your late mother Mary, is praying for you.

  4. Barbara T.,
    You have not seen the ball since the kickoff. When Donald Trump assists Joe in Arizona they will OVERFLOW the house, wherever they hold their rally. You been living on Mars, most uninformed woman? The ***** entire ****** obamatron legacy, which is all puke, is all headed now into the DUMPSTER of world politics. I am soooooooooooooooooo happy Hillbitch will never shut her mouth. She just goes on and on and on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny proving and reproving how f*****g ignorant and criminal she and William Jefferson always were.

  5. Feinstein’s little Chink staff spy is another very cool democrime.
    And blabber mouth Cortez will go far.
    Root of all democrime, they all sucked the government tit so long their brains imploded.

  6. Voight,
    I do appreciate you use your given name (I think) instead of a fake name as do so very many of these demoslime.
    I could never give a s**t less about Alec Jones, now or forever. His trubs are his own.
    It is so very funny the comment about Gianforte being a “convicted person”.
    My genius dad was also convicted once. One (1) time.
    He was returning to the Beacon after lunch and stopped at the stop light on Main near the Presbyterian church. A biker was sitting his fat ass on his bike and revving his engine as the light changed to green. The biker kept revving his motorcyle gaining his climax and Dad became impatient and eased forward and knocked the bike and biker over onto the street. About thirty (30) minutes later a Miles City cop came to my dad’s office to cite him for whatever the violation. In court my dad admitted his wrongdoing and told the judge as he paid a $35.00 fine, “Your Honor, thank you for your professionalism and please know I will knock over every motorcyclist I ever run across who wants to impede traffic just to make loud noises with his/her toy.”
    So what? Who gives a goddamn?
    If that reporter had given me the same sort of shit as the nitwit gave Greg, I would have knocked him on his ass also.
    So what? Are all reporters pussies?

  7. Who is Rob Shipley. Asking for a friend who might want a date.

  8. Janet Goodell,
    Please do not again prove your total abject stupidity. Yes the idiots who are the city government of Miles City did waste over $250,000 and ten (10) years FALSELY prosecuting me for Maintaining a Public Nuisance, August 6,2006, through August, 2016. They gained five (5) fruadulent convictions. I every time requested a JURY TRIAL and the DCA (deputy city attorney) denied me this American constitutional right by using a scummy lawyer trick known as the misinterpretation of Montana Law. In MCA, Montana Code Annotated, there is a statute that defines how a jury trial may be waived IF THE DEFENDANT “agrees”.
    Obviously, Dummy, in writing. I was never asked whether or not I ever wanted to waive the MANY, MANY, MANY jury trials I always requested…………….so, I was just screwed by another low life scum attorney.
    But, fear not as I never have.
    There is also a POWERFUL section in American jurisprudence commonly known as, “The Law of Voids”. GOOGLE this, Lady, and then you will understand and enjoy GOD’s honest truth.
    Anytime there erupts or occurs or happens any eensy teensy slight judicial procedural screwup from the atheist assholes who are the government and are always prosecuting all Americans for violations of any of the 100,000 + goofy laws with which we are all burdened, the order or judgment is VOID ON ITS FACE.
    Void orders(and 93% of all court orders and convictions are always VOID) can be and have been challenged “directly or collaterally” as far out as sixty (60) years.
    Since all of the excrement the Miles City idiots splashed all over me was VOID, will I sue them all now and gain a very decently huge forthright award of justice?
    Is the Pope a catholic? Is there anything the city government of Miles City and MMIA can do other than piss themselves and pay me several hundreds of thousands of dollars?
    No. They are all dead meat before any Montana District Court that will never condone all their “no signed complaints”……goofy and totally illegally contrived judicial misconduct. They are all f****d and I win BIG.
    Thank you.
    Anyone can easily call the mayor of Miles City, John Hollowell, and ask him how he is liking getting sued for five million seven hundred seventy-eight thousand dollars($5,778,000) for his never knowing his duty as an elected official, and, because he the the super corrupt Miles City police have done NOTHING since May 6th, more than ninety (90) days ago, when I was forced to endure a $26,000 robbery of FELONY THEFT from my home evinced by four (4) people to which I am not related.
    I told all of the goons the ENTIRE story. The police were called and arrived on scene within five (5) minutes after I caught two (2) women in my home RED HANDED.
    Threshfold of felony theft is $1,500.
    I have asked the mayor more than six ( 6 ) times, “Who is the highest ranking law enforcement official in Miles City?” He has never replied, because…………he is so dumb he does not know.
    If you want any more of this 2000% TRUTH, just email me at home……..ship@midrivers.com
    Reporting a felony crime to any public official and they do not take it to the nearest judge or military tribunal is a felony all to itself, Misprision of Felony in the CFR, Code of Federal Regulations. Are the city council goons going to be sweetly pleased when they each draw a Category “A” felony? I doubt it. Call any of the atheist assholes in Miles City and ask them.

  9. Ms Goodell,
    If your pal (tongue in cheek) also wants to qualify me, I did kick the s**t out of the IRS and the IRS now owes me $144,000 in the federal law known as FTCA (federal tort claim act).
    Bank of America busted its criminal ass three times (3x) to foreclose on my Miles City home.Without any CPAs, lawyers or any other help except Holy Father GOD, I squeezed their Nazi corporate nuts so hard BofA wrote off their *void* $85,000 mortgage on March 10, 2014, and I told everyone within twenty-five (25) miles of me for more than six (6) months………it was evinced by a miracle from the righteous right hand of Holy Father God.
    Also, please tell your “mystery female buddy”…………I have never been stupid enough to file IRS 1040s since 1976, OK?
    Thank you.

    • Rob Shitley is the cretin who thinks Moby Dick is a medical condition. He’s like the so-called president…..he just makes up bizarre nonsense and claims it’s fact. He actually believes if he repeats the same lies over and over, they magically become truth. He constantly blusters about the IRS and how they’re afraid of HIM. In the real world, they couldn’t care less if he ever even files a return because he’s never had enough money or income to even qualify to pay taxes. He’s just deranged trash who lives in the middle of a self-created dump and calls it treasure.

      • Don’t know!?! I think its kinda great! Nothing like an unfiltered example, online and from satellite, of a real Trump loyalist’s sovereign citizen/libertarian paradise in full-blown action! Beats Farty and Sweaty’s cut and paste dog whistles any day!

    • Please do not respond to Rob, as he was severely brain damaged in a 1967 automobile accident.

  10. Claudius and others.

    Rob is mentally impaired. Please do not engage him or encourage him. He will get bored and go away.

    Think of him as like wrestling with a pig.

    “never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” G B Shaw.

  11. Claudius,Lib Sci and Troy D,
    I can easily buy and sell all three (3) of you demo-baboons.
    It is what it is.
    Sad you loser poor white trash have nothing, never have been anywhere, never done anything, and can only run your magot oozing mouths like rabid dogs.
    Sucks to be you.

  12. Jon Tester, alias Steven Lamar Foster, just got nailed for DUI and driving with no lights in Georgia. READ ALL ABOUT IT. Google and enjoy.
    Foster must be a great deal smarter than tester because tester is in the Swamp and Foster is not and never can get there.
    Lights are the factor that got both idiots nailed. Foster did not have his lights on while driving drunk; and, tester has never seen the lights since the kickoff.

    Thank you.

  13. What would make any person believe that sensible human beings would take seriously the racist, pejorative rantings of someone who offers no empirical data for his fanciful opinions?

  14. I feel so owned

  15. WTF?

    Ballots hit the mailboxes in 8 weeks and this blog post is talking about pimps and Nazis.

    How about talking about Kathleen Williams? How about a blog post every day talking about all the good Senator Tester has done? Remember the body slam in November? My friends think it was cool. I’m starting to wonder if the republicans bought this blog and are using it to divide us. Did they?

  16. I am disappointed and frankly appalled that the kind of language I have seen here is allowed by your blog. I encourage discourse and opinions, but when the “N” word and other offensive words are used, I lose faith in the blog. Only lazy people resort to using four-letter words and racist terms instead of appropriate adjectives.

  17. Drunks for Denny,
    I call your last entry here bullshit. If your mom was pals with my mom she’d be 102 now.
    Get a life.
    If anyone cares, I enjoyed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much meeting Kathleen Williams in Miles City Tuesday evening the 7th. I have endorsed this fine intellual woman 2000% . Have written Gianforte seven (7) time and never once received a reply.


  18. Drunks for Denny,
    Instead of always remaining a coward, why not email me at home………….ship@midrivers.com…………….ship AT midrivers DOT com…………and explain yourself to me?

  19. Drunks for Denny (who is a gutless wonder and a c**t),
    You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo full of it your eyes are dark brown and your cheeks puff out like jon the jester.
    Yes, I did hit a semi truck headon, May 19, 1967. I was in the hospital 97 days and suffered three (3) skull fractures and two (2) concussions and had all of my ribs broken and 92 stictches in my face. My best friend, Eddy May, was crushed like an accordian, so, with this death of my best friend on my mind every day for the last fifty-one (51) years alerts me to always knock the shit out of all loser c**ts like you everywhere on the small planet who ever criticize me in any way or my mission to serve GOD with all the glory I can that He deserves.
    You sorry slimeball. You own NOTHING, have never been anywhere, have never done anything for your family,friends,country nor GOD. And, every time you write something here under the cowardice of your “Drunks for Denny” bullshit handle you always reprove how f*****g dumb you are. Ever consider hemlock to rid all of we intellectuals of your sorry ass?

    +……. stupid bitch, you cannot even start me.

  20. Drunks for Denny,
    You are a lying sonuvabitch. Your mother is not in a hospital in Colorado because she would have to be at least ninety (90) and that is just over the top. Besides, her entire life was ruined anyway the day she birthed such a mouthy liberal loser as your sorry ass.

  21. The silence is overwhelming.
    All the liberal mouths have finally closed for awhile.
    WOWOWOW. Such a relief.
    All the Hillbitch lovers are quiet in their dens.
    I received an email from a secret government insider in XXXXXXXXXXX that reads an alien muslim coke whore was texting in traffic in Washington,D C, and clobbered both obamas.
    Small planet now has two(2) less niggers.

  22. Yes, vote for Kathleen Williams and if more Dems win then Nancy Pelosi will be the speaker of the house. Your call.

    • It’s funny as hell how the right quivers in their collective boots over a little Italian grandmother.

      “Well, you know, let’s just put it this way. I said to the candidates, say whatever you want to say, just win the election. This isn’t about me. This is about the one in five children in America that lives in poverty. It’s about saving the planet. It’s about protecting the integrity of our elections. It’s about every other subject.

      So say what do you ever have to say, but, but understand this, that they have nothing to offer it. They’re (Republicans) bankrupt, so they have to come after me.
      They sat across the table from me, they know I can eat their lunch on the negotiations and I always have.
      …We’re going to have a phenomenal success when we win on the policy front. And that’s really matters, but the motivation of it, I think they’re afraid. I think Republicans are afraid of women.

      I think they’re afraid of me. I think they’re afraid of women. And I honestly thought President Trump had a tweet a week that was so weird, that I think it showed his fear…


    • Windblower, I vote for who is best for Montana, not who is best for the GOP, the DNC or Trump.

      And with a straight face can you tell me that Paul Ryan has done a good job?

    • @windtalker – Check the record – Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker, never lost a vote in the House. Name a Republican Speaker who can match that, man or woman. Oh, wait. Republicans would NEVER elect a woman as Speaker, would they? Boehner was a hopeless dweeb who made Newt Gringrich look smart by comparison. Ryan has focused entirely on shoving thru crap to please the big money donors, and can’t even do that well. No wonder you’re so petrified at the thought of Pelosi with the gavel back in her hand.

  23. Yes, and California is a shining example of what could be the future? Yes, she has accomplished many great things. That should get you a ton of votes. Will Maxine Waters be her primary advisory?

    • Women should be in the kitchen making you a sandwich? Is that it?

      You are in for a world of disappointment you misogynistic old bastard. Fortunately your breed is slowly dying off.

      • Funny, they say the same thing about apoplectic UNHINGED libtard snowflakes that can’t keep a straight thought because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. How embarrassing is it to be led around by the nose by the MSM? Go away you old fuck!

    • The thing I do’t like about California is all the rightwingnuts that are moving from there to MT and northern ID.

    • ya, he is protecting veterans like he did during the 8 years of Obama.

    • A poster done by an artist in Delaware for an event to remind people to register to vote that had nothing to do with the Tester campaign, that the Tester campaign never saw, that the Tester campaign did not have a part in the decision process about and has objected to the violence portrayed in the poster.

      Four strikes swede, you’re out.

    • You saying this man (Jeff Ament) is somehow exempt from the right to free speech?

      I don’t care for his music and the poster is in questionable taste but the last I checked we still live in a free country no matter how much the President would love to have it more resemble Russia.

      You sound like a “dumb ass fucktard snowflake socialist”. Not my words but those of one of your compadres.

      You and windy better get your panties untwisted, when Trump pardons Manafort you will need a lot of time and energy to defend that move.

      Sorry you are such a

  24. It was posted on Pearl Jams twitter account. Testers home town buddy help create it. Thanks Tester for bringing that to Montana. Is Antifa and illegals next? Rear Admiral Jackson false allegations. More Tester nation news. Job well done. You guys are a prize.

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