Hey Billings Beet: Greg Gianforte Domestic Violence Joke is Not Funny

Just recently noticed a parody website exists in Billings. It is called the Billings Beet. Not sure where it comes from, but it seems really interesting? If that is the right word for what they are.

Last week the Billings Beet decided to write a satirical article comparing a Billings radio host who had been arrested for partner family member assault to Greg Gianforte and say they would be having a wrestling match soon.

While an analysis of the troubling nature of Greg Gianforte’s violent criminal record is fair game, because Gianforte was convicted of assault against a reporter, it is an unnecessary comparison as it makes light of domestic violence. A subject that is not a laughing matter, under any circumstances.

Satire is important and generally the Billings Beet is a funny take on reality, they missed it this time though.


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  1. I’m hoping he’ll be replaced by a more progressive person. He just doesn’t
    represent me and many others .

  2. On a related note, though, I see that Giantfarte’ voted “Nay” on renewing the Violence Against Women Act. The House passed it anyway – so fuck you, Greg (and 157 others who voted against it!) – but I hope the news about his vote gets passed around far and wide.

  3. Gianforte is an idiot with a mug shot who believes the earth is 5,000 years old and has a wife that is nuttier than fruitcake. He’s an embarrassment to Montana and a colossal phony. His campaign of running around with his nose up Donald Trump Jr ass made me puke. Get rid of him.

  4. . . . but “Greg” and Don JR are SO Montana-Manly . . . . All the Way: NRA!

  5. Vincent D. Cornish. BSSP/HD | April 5, 2019 2:49 PM at 2:49 PM |

    True story, Cowgirl, Gianforte embodies what has always been societal sickness.
    I equate “Manlyness” with Honor, Respect for all and Service; Mr. Gianforte is failing on at least two counts. Brutal men will like ly continue to exist, yet their cohort is like to shrink as REAL MEN rediscover the best tenets of Arthurian Chivalry.

  6. Gianforte = The Thrasymachian republican ideal: Might makes right. Justice is the right of the stronger, injustice, if popular enough, is stronger and, way more “bigly” than true justice.

  7. Worst of all Mitch “slipping foreskin”McConnell has been busily packing Court appointments he refused to fill under Obama with (White Nationalist”Heritage society approved Judges as well as SCOTUS. This organization of Uber-Wealthy Right-Wing extremists wants Judges who will believe the Constitution is a ceiling to keep women, black, brown, yellow and red people in their place and permanently consolidate political power in the hands of a select few White Men. They do NOT see the Constitution as a living document, a foundation for building a better America with a better life for our children than we had ourselves. THAT is the America I believe in but as long as we pretend the Republicons are being honest brokers when it comes to governing we are screwed. THEY are the ones who destroyed the Filibuster so they could pack the Courts. When Democratic Party takes over all 3 Estates of Government they need to finally eliminate two things, one in the Constitution and one not; the Filibuster must finally go so we can pass meaningful election/campaign reform and pass a Constitutional Amendment that says Corporations are not People and money is not speech. Oh, let’s not forget the Electoral College must go-after all, as Draft-Dodger-in-Chief Cadet Bonespurs keeps telling us, it gives Democrats an unfair advantage. He wouldn’t lie about that would he?

  8. Only coward-bullies beat women and attack small wimpy reporters….I wonder how either Big J or Gianforte would act if they had to deal with a real man? …..I think I know the answer though, I have confronted coward-bullies like GG and BJ in my past and they ALWAYS crumple like wet tissue paper….ALWAYS. Neither GG or BJ are men of honor or courage, neither are good examples of a true Montana man….they are both big craven, pusillanimous, wussies and their cowardly actions prove it.

    • Greg dealing with an obnoxious reporter probably helped him win the last election.

      This is Montana.

      You get in a mans face here and you may find yourself picking yourself up from the floor.

      Of course, running against an unelectable candidate didn’t hurt his chances either

      • Giantfart still hasn’t completed the terms of his sentence, continuing to prove that he is arrogant, a bully, a liar and a coward.

  9. Bonnie jo Eldredge | May 3, 2019 8:30 AM at 8:30 AM |

    Tell me why Kathleen Wms is such a sought-after candidate; because her husband died?

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