Moffie Funk Koch email

AFP Stumbles in Attempt to Defend Itself from Ridicule

The Koch front-group Americans for Prosperity has been the subject of  some well-deserved mockery. This week, an attempt by the group to defend itself from the latest ridicule over their “legislative scorecard” has gone laughably awry again. Here’s what happened. State Representative Moffie Funk, a popular Helena Democrat…

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Gianforte bull

Cold Feet

A source with close ties to the Republican Party told me recently that Greg Gianforte may be leaning against running for Governor. That would make sense for several reasons.  The economic numbers that have been coming in are stellar. Montana’s economy is as strong as its…

Gallatin County

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BULLOCK’S LIKELY OPPONENT GIANFORTE: extremist masquerading as technocrat.
NANCY KEENAN CHAIR OF MT DEMS: a seasoned pro takes over
GALLATIN COUNTY DEMS ANNUAL GALA: a tribute to Dorothy Eck, Sept 11th @ The Emerson


Koch Bloggers Caught Lying About Tester

Montana Republicans Also Demonstrate Ignorance of Ethics Laws (Oh, and Flub Another Attempt to Manufacture an Attack on Dems…)

Well, this is embarrassing.  The paid Koch Brothers bloggers at “Media Trackers” have been busted lying about Sen. Tester. The bloggers claimed that Tester had attended some high dollar fundraiser based entirely on a Tweet, which got it wrong.

Senator Tester didn’t attend this fundraiser that Republicans and Media Trackers are making a stink about. Senator Tester was in D.C. voting that day.  How do I know?  Because the


Adams Backs Bruce in Unlikely Campaign for MDP Chair

A woman named Louise Bruce has announced that she is running for Chair of the Montana Democratic Party.  The announcement was actually made by one of her backers, the former candidate Dirk Adams, who ran for Senate and lost to Amanda Curtis in the shortened Democratic…

Roger Koopman

GUEST POST: Net Neutrality, Why it Matters, and just how wrong can Koopman actually be?

by Rob Kailey

Kailey is a long-time blogger and working guy who lives in Bozeman where he writes about everything from politics to football on A Chicken is Not Pillage, which Roger Koopman calls “hate-blogging.”

Roger Koopman is the District 3 representative to the Montana Public Service Commission.  As a Montana legislator, he was known as a provocateur, an eccentric, but remained at least nominally constrained by his own party leaders.  As a member of the PSC, he is somewhat more able to engage in behavior that hurts Montana.  At my own website I have a pet name for Mr.Roger Koopman, one I am certainly not afraid to share here.  Just as a monkey flings it own poo to establish intimidation and dominance, Koopman flings lies.  Hence he is, to me,

climate change

GUEST POST: An Open Letter to Steve Daines

Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964. 

Dear Sen. Daines –

Regarding the following statement from a letter of yours to a constituent:

“While some believe increased levels of CO2 from human activities in our atmosphere are a major factor in planetary warming trends, others observe that there may be other factors.”

Hillary Clinton

GUEST POST—Hillary Clinton; a Step Back for Progressives?

by Anonymous

Why are we as Montana Democrats and Montana progressives allowing this sham of a Presidential primary?

Montana is unlucky enough to have a primary date so far near the end that our votes will be meaningless by the time our primary rolls around in 2016. Montana is a red state in Presidential elections and will vote for the Republican Presidential candidate. Montana really should just sit this presidential election out. We luckily have some great candidates running statewide, we’ll work hard to re-elect Governor Bullock and shuffle around the other statewide offices and win some seats back in the legislature.

Mike Swingley Sexist FB post

Helena Judge Outraged Over Plan for Confederate Fountain Has History of Off-Color, Racially Charged Remarks

It turns out that the angry Helena Justice of the Peace who claimed the main reason for the Civil War was not slavery but banks (and that’s not all) has a history of making off color and racially charged remarks.

A look at the public Facebook page of Justice of the Peace Mike Swingley, who “Lashed Out at City Commissioners Over the Confederate Monument Debate” reveal the following:

Gianforte bull

ANALYSIS: New Political Blog Takes Closer Look at Gianforte Ploy

The Bozeman Chronicle’s Troy Carter has launched a new political blog called “406 Politics” which I’ve added to the blogroll here and you’ll want to follow. Carter’s first post was about all the “non-campaign staff” Gianforte keeps hiring. It makes you wonder what the co-called Better Montana Jobs really…

Jeff Essmann, new MT GOP Chair

Republican Lawmaker Slams new GOP Chair

The Chairman of the Republican Party, Jeff Essman, has stumbled badly in his first week on the job.

According to the Bozeman Chronicle, on Wednesday Essmann sent an email to all Republicans in the state, asking them to please help identify anything that Steve Bullock may have done wrong so that he (Essmann) can have ammunition for criticizing the governor.

As the Kalispell School Board meeting got underway a beautiful double rainbow appeared outside.

GUEST POST: Montana Republican Majority Leader Compares LGBT Equality to Bestiality 

By Nathan Kosted, a community organizer with

Last night the Kalispell School Board continued its important and brave work by moving along an update to their non-discrimination policy that would include protections for LGBT students. While a large majority of those in attendance wore light blue shirts and were supportive of the policy change a few voices decided to take the opportunity to spread hate. One would hope this type of behavior would be limited to extremists, however some elected officials in our state continue to take part.