TV Ads Attacking Rob Quist off Base, Laughable

By Marcia Rundle Within a day after the Democratic Party chose its candidate for the election to replace Ryan Zinke, the attack ads against Rob Quist began appearing during the local TV news broadcasts. Laughable is the only appropriate assessment of the first anti-Quist ad….


Once they gut the Affordable Care Act today, then they’ll gut Social Security and Medicare. No healthcare, no retirement security, no food stamps, no love. Just Catfood.  

Conduct to Be Condemned, Not Con-Doaned

by Mary Sheehy Moe “You can’t make this stuff up,” a House Judiciary committee member commented to me after the committee’s disastrous hearing on SB 305 yesterday. My response: To borrow from Mark Twain, the truth is stranger than fiction. Because fiction has to make…

Rob Quist Leads in 2nd Straight Poll – Gianforte Missing

The momentum continues for Rob Quist as he now has the lead in a 2nd straight poll. Keep working, keep fighting. Montana is not for sale to Billionaires, let’s send a real Montana voice to Washington D.C.   Help Quist maintain his momentum by donating…

The Plot Inside America

Josh Manning Civil rights investigator, U.S. Army intel (OIF x3), former DIA counterterrorism analyst and EUCOM Russia analyst. Conscious Objector. Twitter: @joshuamanning23  . (Cowboy note: Mr. Manning wrote this at the start of 2017 before Trump was inaugurated. Worth a read. His predictions are all…