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Ed Butcher Classy

Loud and Clear

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this picture say about how the Montana Republican Party views women. To be sure, it isn’t just Montana GOPers who regularly refer to women in derogatory terms. The Washington post has reported on Republicans falling all over…


steve zabawa

Cannabis Opponent: Cancer Patients should try praying

Tells Cancer Patients to Try “Praying and Going to Work”

The Medical Marijuana Wars have heated up in Montana.  There are three competing visions.  First, an outright prohibition.  Steve Zabawa is the man behind I-176, a failed ballot measure that would have made cannabis fully illegal in Montana with no exceptions, even for people suffering end-stage cancer.  He has spent over $200,000 of his own money to


Fact-based news

MT Political News Round Up

  Where states expanded Medicaid low-income insurance options improved, so did results – and the economy Read the full study by an actual medical journal (not some Koch Brothers group) here. Reuters Mormons’ distaste for Donald Trump puts Utah up for grabs says the New York Times…


evan barrett

GUEST POST: Courts Owe Common Sense on Cannabis Deadline

by Evan Barrett, who lives on the Butte Hill, recently retired after 47 years at the top level of Montana government, politics, economic development and education. My columns try to call for a common sense perspective in our government and politics.  While I approach things…


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GUEST POST: “I Served with Captain Khan…”

Congressman Zinke Is Leaving Men Behind by Josh Manning Manning is military veteran, and state civil rights investigator who lives in Helena. Follow him @joshuamanning23 Several months ago, I tied a suicide bombing in Iraq to the belief system among some of the new militia movement in…



National Repubs cutting bait on Montana gov’s race

by Cowgirl A source in Washington DC familiar with the deliberations of the Republican Governors Association, which makes independent large expenditures on behalf of gubernatorial candidates, tells me that the group is walking away from Montana because of Greg Gianforte’s sagging poll numbers, which show…