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hackers from russia

Update on Cowgirl Blog Malware Attack

Hey readers – I wanted to update you on the status of some malware attacks that many of you were kind enough to help identify yesterday. Thank you! MT Temperance was able to shut down the onslaught last night. Apparently, there’s someone out there who feels…

Matthew Monforton

GOP Quits Monforton Suit to Close Primary

Last year, Matthew Monforton, the Tea Party agitator and legislator in Bozeman, filed a lawsuit seeking to require all primary voters in Montana to register by party. His clients were the members of the lunatic Republican committee of Ravalli County. The idea was to prevent…

Gianforte bull

Gianforte Dumps Fortune on Television Ad Buy

Greg Gianforte (or as Twitter has dubbed him “GiantFortune”) has dumped hundreds of thousands on a television ad buy, even though he only has about $300k in the bank. Bullock has consistently out-raised Gianforte and has over $1.1 million cash on hand. This means Gianforte has…