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Jeff Essmann Doesn’t Trust Montana Voters on I-182 or Voting

By Ross Peter Nelson and Cowboy After Jeff Essmann’s Senate Bill 423 sabotaged the state’s medical marijuana (MMJ) law in 2011, Montanans responded by overwhelmingly passing I-182 last November. In addition to repudiating his near-shutdown of the industry, I’m sure voters hoped he would learn…


Guess Who’s Running for Governor?

  Sources within the New Jersey political world and D.C. consultants say there’s a chance Mr. Gianforte will throw his hat into the race for Governor of New Jersey. The New Jersey Primary for Governor is June 6, 2017, just enough time to spend 6…


Jim Nelson

Beware the Bull, Not the Kangaroo

By Jim Nelson,  Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Senator David Howard recently published an op-ed concerning the Montana Supreme Court’s proposed amendment to the Montana lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct.  His piece misses the mark. The rule change under consideration would clarify that it is…


Gianforte and Crony Knudsen say No to Mail Ballots

  The Saga of SB 305 rolls on another day #TheSagaofSB305  New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte joined the Republican legislative leadership, poorly led by Austin Knudsen, in refusing to support efforts to make it easier for Montanans to vote. Just one day after Montanan Rob…


Shut-in Gianforte Should Love Mail-in Ballots Bill

  We’ve all been asking for weeks #WheresGreg or #MissingGianforte. The Montana press has finally started asking where Greg Gianforte is or what he is doing to get elected as Montana’s lone Congressman besides trying to buy the seat with millions of dollars in radio,…


GOP Rep. Doane Joins Daines as Infamous Montana Misogynists

By Ian Powell-Palm For those of you who think that Senator Daines is the only politician from Montana who’s guilty of egregious displays of misogyny, you are sorely mistaken. There is another Montanan politician with a penchant for silencing his progressive female colleagues every chance…