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Did Gianforte, Daines, Rosendale, Fox, and Stapleton Laugh When President Trump Mocked Native Americans?

Last week President Trump came to town for a campaign rally. He spent about an hour and a half rattling off the greatest hits of his campaign speeches. He gave a token mention to fellow real estate developer Matt Rosendale and fellow press hater Greg…


Matt Rosendale’s Authenticity Problem

Matt Rosendale is an angry man. His policies are angry. His bad haircut is angry. And as of late, his twitter account is angry. Perhaps in an attempt to seem more authentic, Matt Rosendale has taken to tweeting in ALL CAPS. Screaming to Montana voters…


Jim Nelson

Guest Column: Lying to Ourselves

By: Jim Nelson One of life’s lessons I learned early on was that lying doesn’t cut it.  My parents would not tolerate it in any form. Being caught in a lie resulted in a mouth washing with Ivory soap, and, even worse, having to face…


Rosendale’s New Craptop

Matt Rosendale put out a new television ad yesterday. It is a rip-off of an old Jon Tester ad. It is surprising Rosendale even knows about the ad to rip-off seeing as he was probably living in Maryland at the time… In his never ending…