Articles by Montanan

Troy Downing’s Valentine Poem

Troy Downing Poaches the Judge’s Heart:   Will you be my Valentine? I can afford the poaching fine But please no jail time!   I love my vacation home in Montana, I get to play cowboy and wear a bandana!   BUT the FWP Deep…


Why Won’t Steve Daines Hold a Billings Town Hall?

What exactly does Steve Daines spend his time doing? It’s certainly not fighting for the people of Montana. Though Steve Daines is a very busy man, riding around on a horse, Snapchatting his dinners and meeting with wealthy donors. But he doesn’t pass bills and…


Failed Leadership of the Montana GOP: Special Session Edition

Last week, a Special Session was called to fix the $227 million shortfall in the state budget due to the most expensive fire season on record and because state revenues are not coming in at the projections Republican lawmakers politically over-estimated last session. Republicans over-estimated…