Articles by Cowtales

People Power v. Power of Money

By Cowtales In 2006, a movement fueled by young people, Native Americans and the netroots swept through state and national Democratic politics and gave Jon Tester the surprise win over the candidate long assumed to be the “one.” Most party poobahs (with a few notable exceptions…


Quist Needs National Democrats Support, Now! (Guest Post)

  National Democrats with big money usually become involved in a congressional race through an organization known as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC.  The Republicans have their own version of this, known as the RCCC, and that group began spending large sums of…


Unions Set To Merge?

By Montana Cowtales This page appeared on Facebook this week: , signaling the public face of merger discussions between the Montana Public Employees Association and the MEA-MFT. The MEA-MFT is largely a teachers’ union with a mix of pink- and white-collar public employees while…