2014 Elections


MT Commissioner of Political Practices Issues Campaign Violations Decision on Stanford, Dartmouth Fake Mailer Scandal, Refers Profs to County Prosecutor

The MT Commissioner of Political Practices has issued a decision that the scandal in which Stanford “researchers,” along with a researcher at Dartmouth College, sent 100,000 fake “voter guides” into Montana, with the look and feel of official state voter guides. You can see the fake voter guides at the Flathead Memo here….

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Republicans Get Calls to Stick with Their Leader on Undemocratic Rules

Interesting developments yesterday on the rules of the Montana Legislature.  Cowgirl tipsters are reporting that Montana Republican lawmakers got calls from Zinke and Daines, members of the the most unpopular U.S. Congress ever (with only a 10% approval rating) telling them what to do to ensure that the will…

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Cowgirl Blog’s Top Posts of 2014

Happy New Year readers and tipsters.  Here’s a recap of the top ten Cowgirl Blog posts from 2014. 10. TEA Party Leader Jason Priest Arrested. Cowgirl Blog was the first to report this story. Priest was an important figure because he is the rebel leader in…

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Dirk Adams Unloads on Democrats

Dirk Adams, who lost in the primary to John Walsh and then to Amanda Curtis in the special nominating convention this summer, recently mailed a five page screed to Montana Democrats, explaining why the election was lost, how it could have been won, and where…

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The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to

…the uber-right lobbying group the Montana Family Foundation. Let’s hear it for the Montana Family Foundation, who went all Twitter Rambo criticizing another organization–for doing the exact same thing they did. Both organizations committed what most people would consider a minor reporting mistake – they grouped election…

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2015 Legislative Caucuses Meet Today

How this work – and what it means Today, Montana’s new and returning legislators will convene for the first time to get some training, meet as R and D caucuses, and vote for leadership. In the 2015 session there are a number of candidates vying…

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GUEST POST: Your Vote Counts

By Mary Ann Dunwell Mary Ann Dunwell is Representative-elect to Montana House District 84. She was the progressive democratic candidate and will propose progressive democratic policies to help every Montanan enjoy equal opportunity to succeed. She welcomes your questions or comments at 461-5358 ordunwellforhd84@gmail.com The…

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Pick Your Heads Up, Democrats

I’ve seen commentary from Democrats on this blog and on Twitter in the days since the election, declaring the Montana election results to be some sort of abject and tragic failure on the part of Democratic candidates, the party, and so on. That is simply not…

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Worst Political Ads of 2014

Here’s a treat for everyone in need of a good laugh to get rid of some post-election stress. The Cowgirl Blog has scoured the web in search of the worst campaign ads of the 2014 cycle.  Here they are. 1. For reasons unknown beyond a cracked noggin,…

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Election Analysis

Now that it’s all over but the shoutin’, Democrats should feel okay about last night’s results. The one big, competitive and crucial race that mattered most, we won big. Mike Wheat destroyed Lawrence VanDyke to retain his supreme court seat. Despite all of our pre-election…