2016 Elections

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GUEST POST: Mr. Hamilton’s Myopia and the Electoral College

by Bill McRae, Billings

Bill is a retired college professor who came back home to Montana.  You can email him at mwm9389@gmail.com and see more at his Facebook page, “An American Progressive.”

President of the United States.  President. of. the. United. States.  Not the “President of Southern States and Rust Belt States and Gerrymandered States and Swing States Swinging our Way.” 


Monday Quick Takes: Reading the TEA (Party) Leaves for 2017

Nazi Lit in Missoula In Missoula this week, American Nazi Party literature showed up in Missoula, the Missoulian reports: Fliers citing the American Nazi Party have appeared on some Missoula doorsteps, touting “the white working class” and disparaging Jews. Readers may have noticed that the Helena IR also…


A Post Mortem Post

The  Bullseye has one of the more interesting post-mortem analyses I’ve seen – That the election results are as much a repudiation of Republican obstructionism as a rejection of Clinton: …the election of Donald Trump of being a double-barreled repudiation—a flat-out expression of the deep…


Jim Nelson

GUEST POST: So What Next?

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

I suspect that many of us are still reeling from the gut-punch of this election cycle.

But, the question that kept gnawing at me as I watched the digital maps and talking heads dance across the flat screen, was how did we, as Americans, fall so low that we have now elected to this land’s (and the world’s) highest, most powerful political office, a person who Atlantic Magazine described as the “most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency.”


Kristen Juras ad

Kristen Juras: Completely Out of Touch with the Modern World

What more do you need to know. Dirk Sandefur was for many years a police officer, prosecutor, public defender and then district judge. Juras is a lunatic conservative who believes birth control and premarital sex are major problems in society, and fas said (publicly) that…


CG Polling Average, 10/31: Bullock Up 7

Here is the new Cowgirl Polling Average, a rolling average of a half-dozen polls in the last two weeks up through Monday 10/31 whose results have been obtained by the Cowgirl Blog: Bullock 48.1 Gianforte 41.5 Dunlap 3.8 Undecided 6.6 This average includes a collection of…