2018 Elections

Troy Downing Secures Dan Quayle’s Endorsement. What Other Non-Montanan, Rich, Yellowstone Club Members Have Yet to Pledge Their Allegiance?

Rich Californian Troy Downing is excited to announce he has received the endorsement of rich Midwesterner Dan Quayle.  Quayle, such a doofus that there was an entire publication dedicated to his gaffes known as Quayle Quarterly, was Vice President for 4 years under George H. W. Bush….

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Troy Downing’s Valentine Poem

Troy Downing Poaches the Judge’s Heart:   Will you be my Valentine? I can afford the poaching fine But please no jail time!   I love my vacation home in Montana, I get to play cowboy and wear a bandana!   BUT the FWP Deep…


Matt Rosendale, who depicted himself in a campaign ad shooting a drone out of the sky.

Warmongers for Rosendale!

If you want a candidate endorsed by the fringe elements of the Republican Party Matt Rosendale is your guy. Rosendale touted his endorsement of the now disgraced and deposed white nationalist Sloppy Steve Bannon.  Rosendale did this back when President Trump and Sloppy Steve were…