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Posted: April 1, 2014 at 7:42 am

April Fools

Unfortunately, these April Fool’s Day political quick hits are all too real.

TEA Party “Operation DINO” Plot Uncovered in Multiple States

A Maryland reporter revealed this week on Huffington Post that a far-right activist plot to deceive voters is not limited to Montana but is also at work in Mississippi and Maryland. Read Jonathan Hutson’s article here. 

Candidate Brags About Showing Up at Carbon County Event Advertised with Racist Flyer

When the Carbon County Republicans mailed out the invitation to attend the local Republicans’ annual “Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner” they included treatise which claims that it is the Republican Party which fights racism and that the TEA Party movement is not indeed packed with racists–but also that President Obama is being allowed to “get away with giving the American people the finger” because: “He is black.”

So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger?” this letter to local Republicans reads, “The answer. He is black.” And this:

…deceived Americans embraced the progressives’ young, handsome, articulate, and so-called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusations of being a racist nation.

You can download the garbage mailer here.   The  author of some of the worst material in the flyer is the group’s featured speaker, but that didn’t stop one GOP-er from bragging about being the only candidate to attend.   See for yourself:

Elsie Arntzen


Posted: March 5, 2014 at 6:25 am

Fact Check: Steve Daines Lies by Omission on Health Care Costs

Steve Daines is so eager to push is far right ideology that he’s taken to lying to do it.

He recently tweeted that the Affordable Care Act is “leaving 11 million Americans with higher premiums,” but left out the fact that here in Montana, insurance prices are lower than they would have been without the Affordable Care Act. 

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Posted: January 27, 2014 at 7:54 am

Immigration Reform Update

Montana Organizing Project and Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance are keeping the pressure on Congress for comprehensive reform.

There are some encouraging signs from Congress that reform will pass this year. Speaker Boehner has recently hired an immigration expert to advise him on how to get immigration reform through.  Another reason to be cautiously optimistic that a comprehensive bill including a pathway to citizenship can pass is that 68 % of American support it, according to a FoxNews poll. Continue reading

Posted: January 21, 2014 at 8:28 pm

New Report Targets “TEA Stained” Daines

Steve Daines and Ted Cruz 2
That’s Steve Daines in the background with the…giddy look on his face.

TEA party congressman Steve Daines is the target of a new, yearlong campaign to expose the influence the TEA Party has over Members of Congress.

As on opening salvo, Americans United for Change will release an extensive report tomorrow that looks at the voting records of members of congress from swing districts entitled ‘TEA Stained’, which you, dear readers, can check out now here:

‘TEA Stained’ analyzes the 2013 voting records of 47 politically vulnerable House Republicans, including Montana’s sole representative in Congress, Daines, to find out just how gangrenous their TEA Party loyalty has become.

When they looked at all the votes nationally,  Americans United for Change found that swing district Republicans vote with the TEA Party on average 81 percent of the time.  Yet Daines went above and beyond the call of TEA Party duty, voting for their counterproductive garbage 88 percent of the time.

We’re talking about votes on issues of top priority to groups like Americans for Prosperity and Freedomworks–votes to slash food assistance, to shut down the government, to block hurricane relief for Sandy victims,  and to privatize Medicare.

Steve Daines, imbecileNow that this is out there, its going to be a lot easier to explain to your sister-in-law that Steve Daines votes with the TEA Party 88% of the time.  This startling fact is likely to become part of the national dialogue, especially with the help of paid ads/polling/grassroots activity from Montanans holding Daines accountable for putting a handful of ideological extremists, imbeciles, and exploitive out-of-state billionaires ahead of our economy and the middle class.

Daines and crew gutted help for the unemployed, obstructed efforts to raise the minimum wage, and standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform.  But given the mountain of national and in-district polling showing the percentage of people identifying themselves as TEA Party consistently falls in the high teens to low twenties at best, and that voters disapproval of the TEA Party consistently ranges from the high forties to near sixties, his votes are going to have some consequences. His approval rating will take a hot when people find out what this crackpot has been up to.

Steve DainesAnyway, this project got started in the wake of the two-week, TEA Party orchestrated government shutdown, Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse explained. Republicans realized at that point started to realize how unpopular the TEA Party’s crazy agenda really was, and they started trying to pretend they weren’t part of it.  That’s become Daines’ specialty: remaining on the down low.

Says Woodhouse, “Voters deserve better. Whether they embrace the Tea Party ideology or despise it or fall anywhere in between, they have a right to know where their elected representatives fall on the TEA Party spectrum – not where they say they fall, but how they actually vote. That is what the TEA Party Scorecard provides. What it proves, unfortunately for non-extremists who are represented by Republicans, is that there is no longer a meaningful distinction between the Tea Party and the Republican Party in American politics today.”


Posted: January 6, 2014 at 6:39 am

Congressional Candidate Would Deny Vote to Legal Immigrants, Abolish Public Education

Drew Turiano

Turiano Says “the Great Unwashed” Need Conservatism; Worries that “White America” Will Be “Exterminated”

If Montana’s GOP congressional primary is to be a race to the right, then a winner has now emerged.  Enter Drew Turiano, a TEA Party candidate who has previously campaigned for Governor and Secretary of state in Montana on the Republican ticket.

Turiano apparently believes that the ideas he espouses need no longer be confined to white supremacy websites, he wants them engraved into federal law.

On his website, Turiano writes that what Montana and America need most is to completely outlaw all immigration any kind completely.  He would repeal the 1965 Immigration Act because it “was always destined to devastate the Conservative way of life in Montana and America by forcing a Third World majority upon our nation that would soon give the Communist sympathizing Bill Ayers left-wing permanent control of America.”

Turiano calls not only for an end to all legal immigration, he also wants to deport children who were born here legally and have birthright citizenship, and deny the right to vote to all legal immigrants who have ever received any government assistance.

He complains that within 20 years, the U.S. will no longer be mostly white but instead have a “Third World majority.” He worries that this country “become like South Africa in 50 years or less” and that “white America” will be “exterminated.” [screenshot]

He says that because of America’s “changing demographics” that everything we hold dear “is on the threshold to total obliteration–including everything from conservatism, to Christianity the constitution to “capitalism etc.”[Screenshots here 1 2 3 4 5 6].

In Turiano’s campaign he announcement reveals that he is a birther when he tells us that conservatives ”only need to look at Joe Arpaio’s report pertaining to Obama’s birth certificate” a birther screed.  He’s also quick to point out that conservatism isn’t just what’s best for the real estate investment class like himself, its best for those he calls “the great unwashed.” Screenshot.

Says Turiano:

The only way Christian, traditional and Middle America can be resurrected in our country now is for us Conservatives to destroy the nation that replaced them. [Screenshot.]

He sent out a mass mailer last election cycle saying (among other crazy things) that his problem with immigration is not only with the undocumented workers and the “many murderers, rapists, and thieves in that group.” He said in the mailer that immigrants have caused “severe damage” to our “culture, customs, neighborhoods, crime rate, English language, schools, health care system and the general economic health of America.”

Turiano considers notorious racist Pat Buchanan to be one of his “political icons”  and was lambasted on Huffington post just a few weeks ago after he told local television station KXLH that he thinks “America needs another Operation Wetback.”

Turiano seems unaware, or unconcerned that, as HuffPo points out, “Many Latinos would also likely take exception to naming a deportation program “wetback,” a derogatory term used primarily to refer to Mexicans.”

He is pro-nullification, favors forced birth for rape victims and his views on education are beyond the pale:  Turiano would abolish public education entirely.

Turiano apparently believes that public schools make children gay. He writes that children are “manipulated into the homosexual lifestyle by that same school system in our country that seems to promote homosexuality every day.”

He says “medical statistics show that most of them will have their bodies ravaged by venereal diseases that will end their lives prematurely” and that this children’s “souls will enter hell for an eternity – for trillions and trillions of years.” [Screenshots 1 2 3 4]

He’s got so many incredible positions that his post has only just scratched the surface, so go read the rest of his views- there are enough wacky beliefs to fill many national news stories and blog posts. Not to be missed are his views on evolution [screenshot], and the argument he seems to believe proves that the earth is only 6000 years old. [screenshot]

When it comes to experience, Turiano doesn’t have much.  He touts his work as a volunteer for Conrad Burns in 2006.  He also openly admits he served as Communications Director for former Montana House Majority Leader Mike Lange–yes, the same Mike Lange that made national news after an angry, expletive filled tirade aimed at Governor Brian Schweitzer was captured by a television reporter. That’s not really something most people would include willingly on a resume.

Turiano lists his profession as real estate investor in Helena.

So this is the kind of frightening person inspired to run for Congress on the GOP ticket today, even though more people like this is the last thing America needs in Congress, or anywhere.

Posted: December 23, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Choices for Everyone

The John Bohlinger and Dirk Adams campaigns are naturally pushing hard on Steve Bullock not to appoint John Walsh, the lieutenant Governor, to the US Senate to fill the vacancy left by Max Baucus. Continue reading

Posted: December 19, 2013 at 8:46 am

Baucus to China

The big news today is that Max Baucus is Obama’s choice for ambassador to China.

On the one hand it’s surprising, because Max has shown signs of slowing down in recent years Continue reading

Posted: December 17, 2013 at 7:32 am

Kalispell Legislator Files Political Action Committee with D.C. Address

Montana state Sen. Jon Sonju (R-Kalispell) has filed paperwork for a federal political action committee.

The PAC is called “Montana Solutions,” but the address and bank account for the committee are in Washington D.C.

In fact the PAC has the same address as a lobbying firm called “Crossroads Strategies.” Clients of Crossroads strategies include the company formerly known as Phillip Morris, several pharmaceutical companies, some telecommunications companies, private schools, and the NRA, among others.

Posted: December 9, 2013 at 6:30 am

Daines Playing Childish Games, Hoping Nobody Notices

When the federal government was shuttered two months ago, a few states pooled together some dough to help their national parks stay open.  They paid money to the US Department of the Interior, for daily operations of these parks.

Now Congress is debating whether to pay those states back. There is a bill moving forward that would reimburse them.

And Steve Daines is supporting it, as reported this week in the Great Falls Tribune.

Understand the irony of this: he voted to shut down the government so as to (supposedly) save taxpayers some money, but he is now admitting that it was okay to simply take a loan out while the government was shut down, and pay it back once the government reopened.

It’s the classic case of somebody trying to be a Tea Partier, and then sheepishly attempting to crawl away from the Tea Party when nobody is looking.

Montana, by the way, correctly refused to spend money out of state coffers to keep Glacier and Yellowstone open.   We had now way of knowing whether we’d ever see the money again, and Governor Bullock told Steve Daines and his gang of shutdown artists, very directly, that he was not going to ding state taxpayers for a mess that was of Daines’s own making.

This is the second time Daines has tried to have his cake and eat it.  Recall that after voting to close down the government as a way to prevent Obamacare from going into law, Daines then voted, several weeks later when the state of Montana had lost jobs and economic growth, to reopen it.  And he bragged about how he had “done the right thing.”

Steve Daines is a first rate jackass, and both John Bohlinger and John Walsh should not hesitate to inform the taxpayers about his reckless behavior and his shameful attempts to cover his tracks.


Posted: December 3, 2013 at 7:19 am

Willfully Ignorant

Steve Daines, imbecileAlthough accepting federal funds to extend health coverage to the working poor would help small businesses, TEA Party Congressman Steve Daines has refused to hear the truth–even when told to him by business owners at a recent listening session.
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