Steve Daines is an embarrassment.

On Vetting

A lot of talk this week about “vetting” a process which some seem to have imbued with the ability not just to know everything about a person’s past, but also as a way to magically predict and control an individual’s future behavior. But in spite of the recent…

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Is Zinke Spreading Rumor that he’s a speaker candidate?

Ryan Zinke told MTN News that some members have suggested he run for the top post in the House.  The big question that no one is asking Zinke, is who exactly is asking him to run?  Likely the answer is nobody. No national media outlets have reported…

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Polls Show GOP Political Games Unpopular with Voters

Just this. New national polling conducted this week by the Pew Research Center shows 60% of Americans “say that any budget deal must maintain funding for Planned Parenthood” while only 32% say that any agreement must eliminate funding for the organization. The same poll found: If lawmakers…


GUEST POST: An Open Letter to Montana’s Congressional Delegation on the Iran Nuclear Deal

by Nathan Kosted, Concerned Citizen, Lifelong Montanan and campaign staff of Tester for Senate 2006

Great American leaders know that war is a last resort and that diplomacy saves American lives, keeps American families together and saves us trillions of dollars. That being said, Iran has been preparing to build a nuclear weapon and if they accomplish this it could mean that war is on the horizon. Ridding Iran’s ability to obtain a nuclear weapon is essential to preventing war and is the centerpiece of the Iran deal.


NEW REPORT Exposes Links Between Land Takeover Movement, Anti-Government Extremism Groups

The Center for Western Priorities released a new report this week exposing the many connections between anti-government extremist groups and beliefs and state lawmakers who support a takeover of Montana’s public lands.  It’s apparent given last week’s arrival of armed, camouflaged “constitutional advocates” in Lincoln and the armed standoff at Cliven…


Koch Bloggers Caught Lying About Tester

Montana Republicans Also Demonstrate Ignorance of Ethics Laws (Oh, and Flub Another Attempt to Manufacture an Attack on Dems…)

Well, this is embarrassing.  The paid Koch Brothers bloggers at “Media Trackers” have been busted lying about Sen. Tester. The bloggers claimed that Tester had attended some high dollar fundraiser based entirely on a Tweet, which got it wrong.

Senator Tester didn’t attend this fundraiser that Republicans and Media Trackers are making a stink about. Senator Tester was in D.C. voting that day.  How do I know?  Because the

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GUEST POST: An Open Letter to Steve Daines

Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964. 

Dear Sen. Daines –

Regarding the following statement from a letter of yours to a constituent:

“While some believe increased levels of CO2 from human activities in our atmosphere are a major factor in planetary warming trends, others observe that there may be other factors.”


GUEST POST: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

By Dan Lourie

Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime peace and justice activist, an organizer of and participant in civil rights and anti-war era actions, a regular writer to newspapers since 1964.
In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt as she began an address to a convention of the Daughters of the American Revolution, “My fellow immigrants.”

I’ve had a fair amount of political experience in Texas over the last fifty years – Houston, where I cut my teeth in the sixties and seventies in civil rights, civil liberties, and anti-war advocacy and actions, and later in the Corpus Christi area of South Texas. Both areas are diverse – Houston had a substantial African-American population, and Nueces County has a significant percentage of Mexican-Americans.


Putting the Crack in Crackpot Ideas

A TEA Party state senator this week lashed out against Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke for eagerly voting against a measure pushed by special interest groups and right-wing legislators. The scheme to takeover, seize, or auction off our public lands (TPL) is so unpopular with voters that even Zinke, who during the election went…

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Zinke Votes to Derail Amtrak

Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke has voted for a measure to gut passenger rail in the United States and kill the Empire Builder, which stretches across Montana’s rural hi-line.  It is worth noting that Zinke was the only Republican Representative along the Empire Builder’s route to vote for…

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Political Quick Hits

Knudsen Taken to Task for Claiming Medicaid Expansion Eligible Montanans Don’t Work The Missoula Independent’s Dan Brooks explains Austin Knudsen’s “Sickening Stance” on Medicaid expansion.  It’s a must read.   More Disrespect for Working People Two recent news stories paint a telling contrast between Ryan Zinke and…

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GUEST POST: Preserve the Power of the Vote

by Jackie Gysler While 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of Montana women’s right to vote, few Montanans can compete with $10,000 to $425,000 campaign donations. Only 28% of Ryan Zinke’s donations and 33% of Steve Daine’s donations come from Montanans compared to over 70% of…