GUEST POST – Normalized Ignorance and Global Warming: It’s Time to Vote

by David R. Montague

Mr. Montague was raised in Billings, where he wrote a column for the Gazette for 6 years. He’s the author of two books and has written for Northern Lights Magazine which gave many now-famous writers a start, including Mark Spragg, William deBuys and Terry Tempest Williams.  He is now retired and lives in Potomac near Missoula with his wife.

In an essay about what he calls “normalized ignorance,” Professor Henry Giroux observes that “successful political campaigns are now dependent on an uninformed public.”
How accurate is his observation when it comes to the issue of climate change?


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“Wise Use” Leader, TEA Party Official Target of Ethics Investigation

One of Montana’s remaining investigative news stalwarts, the Bozeman Chronicle has broken the story today of an ethics investigation involving a handful of right-wing GOP muckety-mucks.    The Montana Attorney General is investigating an alleged ethics violation by Gallatin County Commissioner Steve White, a TEA Party Republican and hobby drone aficionado…


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GUEST POST: It is really a human rights issue

by James Minckler
James is a teacher of holistic health seminars and is the author of two books on Energy Balancing.

Ryan Zinke was a co-sponsor and voted yes on H.R. 1599. The Dark Act which is basically a Monsanto Protection Act. This bill prohibits Montanans from passing our own state food labeling


GUEST POST – “Save a hog, eat a teacher”: Challenging animal agriculture

by Kathleen Stachowski who writes about animal rights at  where this article is cross-posted & on Facebook The title refers to one of the attacks an opponent directed at Ms. Stachowski for her guest-opinion piece in the Missoulian – Cowgirl

What happens when you criticize animal agriculture? I’ll tell you. You’re called a “complete moron.” A “libtard.” An “idiot” and an “a**hole.”