Failed Leadership of the Montana GOP: Special Session Edition

Last week, a Special Session was called to fix the $227 million shortfall in the state budget due to the most expensive fire season on record and because state revenues are not coming in at the projections Republican lawmakers politically over-estimated last session. Republicans over-estimated…

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GUEST POST: Time for Montana to shout, “Not in our town”

by Jael Kampfe

4th Generation Montanan, retired rancher, Believer in Kindness

I remember growing up.

My grandfather, Bill Mackay Sr.’s Eisenhower Republican values wove around the dinner table connecting us like matching china.  Value local people and local control.  Serve.  Reach across the aisle.   The best legislation requires compromise.  Be kind.  Your words matter.


The Politics of Bigotry

by Justin Robbins If the past several days (even weeks) of politicking and conventioning have shown one thing, it is that the concept of statesmanship is dead. There is no market left in the American mind for reasoned debate, considered pragmatism, or ideological compromise. Regardless…


GUEST POST: Orlando. This Time. Please.

  by James C. Nelson Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) I told my friend, a poet, that I didn’t know how to write this piece—I didn’t know how to be eloquent, heartsick, damn mad, and hopeful all at the same time.  I still don’t.  So,…


Miles City, Montana

GUEST POST: Eric Moore’s Ideas About Students and Teachers Destructive, Hateful, and Beyond Absurd

by Morgan Pett

Morgan Pett teaches science at Miles City High School, which is in Sen. Moore’s district

I am writing to make it clear to any transgender students that may come into my classes, that I am not afraid of having you in my classroom. My sense of my own sexuality is not under threat from you. The safety of both the male and female students in my classes in not under threat from you. You and your parents should know that the idea that was recently submitted as a “Guest Opinion” by State Senator Eric Moore to the Billings Gazette, that the students and teachers of the public schools of Montana and the United States are not capable of finding a place for you is destructive, hateful, and beyond the levels of absurdity that we should have to put up with in 2016.


Blinded By The Light

Most jobs come with a lop-sided combination of necessary responsibilities and fringe benefits.  For example, a fast food server may get a free meal during or after a shift; a retail sales worker might receive an “employee discount” on items they purchase from their company….


Justice Jim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Retired

GUEST POST:Pope Mania—Or Feel-Good Road Show?

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Pope Mania! The Papal visit was an emotional and spiritual experience for many of the religious faithful. For countless, Francis’ appearances in Washington, New York and Philadelphia were a defining personal moment to be treasured and savored. Indeed, the outpouring of adulation and media blitz put the Pontiff in the rarified company of Super Bowl champions and visiting English royalty.

I suggest, though, that there is also a revealing and troubling aspect to Pope Mania.


Eighteen Seconds of Dumbfounding Silence

It’s been a little rocky lately for the floundering TEA Party gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte in Montana. Yesterday we received this hilarious photo of Gianforte’s truck, parked at a Chamber of Commerce event, the bumper stickers entirely blacked out with black tape.  It would seem that a billionaire…


Gianforte, Daines get stuffed by invited guest

There was a major shindig this weekend in Bozeman, a Tech Summit at which big hitters from Silicon Valley showed up at the invitation of Steve Daines to tell the crowd how Montana can grow its technology sector and thus increase the number of high…