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Bible Club Greg Gianforte

Greg Gianforte’s Bible Club

by Justin Robbins

Robbins is a frequent and popular contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15 

Whether you are a full-on buff, a hobby historian or you just glance at the occasional documentary while surfing channels, you will have noticed the story of the human race is nearly inseparable from the history of religion.  Where human civilizations arose and fell again, there lie the remnants of idols, the signs of ritual, and the fragments of the stories through which they understood their world.  You can start literally wherever and whenever you want. In any corner of the globe you can find humanity’s first and flailing efforts to explain what we now know to be natural phenomena; including the fact there are no corners on the globe.

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Some Clarity for the Weekend

What was whispered for many weeks in the Helena fishbowl has now been printed in the paper: that Angela McLean didn’t mesh with the Bullock team and did not like the job of Lt. Governor because it wasn’t substantive enough for her liking. The latest buzz is why the…

evan barrett

GUEST POST: History Bodes Well for Bullock Re-Election

by Evan Barrett

Analyzing historical electoral patterns may seem like an exercise for the back rooms of a university political science department. But active practitioners in the political arena dive into history to find patterns that are indicative, if not predictive, of what might happen in current and future election cycles.


Lacking Transparency, But Certainly See Through

Today, the staff of Gianforte’s so-called “Better Jobs LLC” has been found to be responding to press inquiries sent directly to Gianforte not about the LLC but about his campaign, as reported only by the Bozeman Chronicle. The development is significant because Gianforte has been avoiding reporting his expenditures and…


GUEST POST: More Disdain than Respect

By Dan Lourie,  Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime peace and justice activist, an organizer of and participant in civil rights and anti-war era actions, a regular writer to newspapers since 1964.  While we Montanans appreciate Stacey Cowley’s article and the light it…


ANALYSIS: Gianforte Cash Floods Montana with Fakery, Deception, and Junk Science

Greg Gianforte and his wife have set up a foundation which has been bankrolling a plethera of organizations found to have been involved in deceptive practices, pushing junk science, and peddling plain, old-fashioned bad information.

A review of the stuff Gianforte is abetting includes some things we’ve all known about – and a few surprises, as a peek at the publicly-available 990s the Gianforte Family Foundation filed in 2013 show. Let’s take a look.