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GUEST POST: Orlando. This Time. Please.

  by James C. Nelson Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) I told my friend, a poet, that I didn’t know how to write this piece—I didn’t know how to be eloquent, heartsick, damn mad, and hopeful all at the same time.  I still don’t.  So,…


GUEST POST: Nuts to Silence

By Jonathan Hutson Joni Mitchell sang, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” When it comes to free speech, I know what I’ve got, but I am concerned that I may soon be silenced. And if…


GUEST POST: A Response to James Conner’s Three Canards

By Jonathan Hutson

James R. Conner and I may agree on much more than he may think, if his writings at the Flathead Memo are any indication. Like Mr. Conner, I believe that mass shooting threat suspect David Lenio is entitled to, among other things, free speech and a fair trial. Had there actually been a trial on November 9, the prosecution had wanted me to be a witness. The reason for the charges that may yet lead to a trial in January is that Mr. Lenio had crossed the line between free speech and criminal threat.