After Bringing CHIP Recipient to State of the Union, Daines Votes Against CHIP Funding

As if Senator Daines’ momentary and politically convenient championing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, wasn’t obvious enough after he suddenly supported it after over 110 days, Daines voted against funding for the program last week. After Daines had his fun with pretending…

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GUEST POST – Normalized Ignorance and Global Warming: It’s Time to Vote

by David R. Montague

Mr. Montague was raised in Billings, where he wrote a column for the Gazette for 6 years. He’s the author of two books and has written for Northern Lights Magazine which gave many now-famous writers a start, including Mark Spragg, William deBuys and Terry Tempest Williams.  He is now retired and lives in Potomac near Missoula with his wife.

In an essay about what he calls “normalized ignorance,” Professor Henry Giroux observes that “successful political campaigns are now dependent on an uninformed public.”
How accurate is his observation when it comes to the issue of climate change?


GUEST POST: Courts Owe Common Sense on Cannabis Deadline

by Evan Barrett, who lives on the Butte Hill, recently retired after 47 years at the top level of Montana government, politics, economic development and education. My columns try to call for a common sense perspective in our government and politics.  While I approach things…


Didi and Jan Peccia

GUEST POST: Melanoma Awareness Month–Know the Dangers of Indoor Tanning

by Didi Peccia

Didi Peccia is a small business owner in Helena.

Jan Peccia was not only my sister-in-law, she was my best friend. We raised our babies together and we went into business together. She and I co-owned Montana Book and Toy Company and Augustine Properties in Helena. But in 2013


Blinded By The Light

Most jobs come with a lop-sided combination of necessary responsibilities and fringe benefits.  For example, a fast food server may get a free meal during or after a shift; a retail sales worker might receive an “employee discount” on items they purchase from their company….