Did Gianforte, Daines, Rosendale, Fox, and Stapleton Laugh When President Trump Mocked Native Americans?

Last week President Trump came to town for a campaign rally. He spent about an hour and a half rattling off the greatest hits of his campaign speeches. He gave a token mention to fellow real estate developer Matt Rosendale and fellow press hater Greg…

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Jim Nelson

Guest Column: Lying to Ourselves

By: Jim Nelson One of life’s lessons I learned early on was that lying doesn’t cut it.  My parents would not tolerate it in any form. Being caught in a lie resulted in a mouth washing with Ivory soap, and, even worse, having to face…



A cartoon from JC Moore For those of you who forgot, here is what Scott Sales said about potential sexual harassment at the legislature to the Helena IR: Sales said it’s incumbent upon those who are sexually harassed to report it. “Shame on them,” he said. “It’s…


Lock Him Up? Is Embarrassing Our State a Crime?

It’s been an embarrassing week for Ryan Zinke. Between the outrageous cost of renovating his office door (nearly $140,000), his racist comments to Congresswoman/the grandchild of interment camp detainees, to his little hissy fit in front of Congress when someone dare question his use of…


Why Won’t Steve Daines Hold a Billings Town Hall?

What exactly does Steve Daines spend his time doing? It’s certainly not fighting for the people of Montana. Though Steve Daines is a very busy man, riding around on a horse, Snapchatting his dinners and meeting with wealthy donors. But he doesn’t pass bills and…