evan barrett

GUEST POST: Courts Owe Common Sense on Cannabis Deadline

by Evan Barrett, who lives on the Butte Hill, recently retired after 47 years at the top level of Montana government, politics, economic development and education. My columns try to call for a common sense perspective in our government and politics.  While I approach things…


Mark Snider, Democratic candidate for House District 87 in Ravalli County.

GUEST POST: Comments More Revealing Than Speakers

by Mark Snider Democratic Candidate for House District 87 On April 20th the University of Montana hosted a symposium entitled, “Missoula Access to Justice Forum”. The listening panel included, Hon. Mike McGrath, Chief Justice, Montana Supreme Court, Hon. Leslie Halligan, district Court Judge, 4th Judicial district (Missoula…


kristen juras

The Juras Campaign’s Barefaced Embrace

Some Montana voters and politicos pretty much ignore the Montana Supreme Court non-partisan judicial races until the very last minute, when they ask their favorite lawyer how to vote.  2016 Montana Supreme Court Candidate Kristin Juras may be betting on this trend. Anyone who is…


mary moe

GUEST POST: Hokey Pokey

by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at moe.mt.senate@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter  @MaryMoeMT Ah, the irony. Before the self-proclaimed “originalist,” Justice Antonin Scalia, had even been entombed, Senate Republicans were changing the Constitution’s clear directive to the President to appoint Scalia’s replacement –…


Laurie McKinnon

Media, Financial Moguls funded Illegal Campaign Group

List includes a handful of wealthy out-of-state landowners with interest in Supreme Court litigation If you smell a stench, it’s probably from the breaking news today that the names of the donors to the Montana Growth Network–a dark money group that spent $878,000 to elect…


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GUEST POST: Nuts to Silence

By Jonathan Hutson Joni Mitchell sang, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” When it comes to free speech, I know what I’ve got, but I am concerned that I may soon be silenced. And if…


mary moe

GUEST POST: It’s time to let Barry Beach go home

by Sen. Mary Sheehy Moe (D-Great Falls) Sen. Moe can be reached at moe.mt.senate@gmail.com Follow her on Twitter  @MaryMoeMT “An injustice to him. An outrage to all.” So reads the mission statement of Montanans for Justice, one of many groups that have been advocating for the exoneration of Barry…


Mike Swingley Sexist FB post

Helena Judge Outraged Over Plan for Confederate Fountain Has History of Off-Color, Racially Charged Remarks

It turns out that the angry Helena Justice of the Peace who claimed the main reason for the Civil War was not slavery but banks (and that’s not all) has a history of making off color and racially charged remarks.

A look at the public Facebook page of Justice of the Peace Mike Swingley, who “Lashed Out at City Commissioners Over the Confederate Monument Debate” reveal the following:


Dirk Sandefur

Sandefur Raises Three Times More Than Supreme Court Opponent

State District Judge Dirk Sandefur of Great Falls continues to build a strong, statewide network of broad-based, grass roots support for his campaign for 2016 election to the Montana Supreme Court. In his most recent campaign finance report filed on July 5th, Judge Sandefur reported…