Legislative Races

Billings GOP Candidate: “I am not a racist”

The Last Best News is reporting that more racist statements from GOP candidate Robert Saunders have come to light. Saunders acknowledged his statements, which also appear in the Billings Gazette this week, though it isn’t clear whether he’s  talking about the statements he made about Ferguson or if…


Jessica Karjala and Tom Woods

GUEST POST: TEA Party 10 Up to No Good

By Representative Jessica Karjala, Billings HD 48, and  Representative Tom Woods, Bozeman HD 62 Ten TEA Party legislators recently proposed a special session. Supposedly, these folks want to use this very expensive process to “address campaign finance issues.” We believe that there are ulterior motives to their…


Taylor Rose

GOP Lawmaker Asked About White Nationalist Candidate: “We think of him as a good conservative”

By Cowgirl Montana’s weekend political news analysis program Face the State this weekend featured a democratic and republican guests discussing Montana’s legislative races. TEA Party Rep. Matthew Monforton (R-Bozeman)   included white nationalist candidate Taylor Rose in a list of what he said were competitive legislative races for the GOP….


Randy Pinocci Chamber mailer

Friday Quick Takes

by Cowgirl

Meet Montana’s Women for Trump

The Bozeman Chronicle features an interview with a small group of women who are supporting trump.  What are these women like?

Says one: “Obama has caused all the problems between the whites and the blacks.”