Helena City Candidates Give Us Something to Get Excited About

If you are in need of something good to look toward given the depressing and lackluster nature of the Montana legislature, some of the candidates running for Helena city races will certainly cheer you. Popular city commissioner Andres Haladay is filing re-election, and Helena favorites Heather…

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GUEST POST: A Response to James Conner’s Three Canards

By Jonathan Hutson

James R. Conner and I may agree on much more than he may think, if his writings at the Flathead Memo are any indication. Like Mr. Conner, I believe that mass shooting threat suspect David Lenio is entitled to, among other things, free speech and a fair trial. Had there actually been a trial on November 9, the prosecution had wanted me to be a witness. The reason for the charges that may yet lead to a trial in January is that Mr. Lenio had crossed the line between free speech and criminal threat.


Gallatin GOP Invites Convicted Felon D’Souza to Keynote Fall Fundraiser

The Gallatin County Republican Party has booked convicted felon and discredited author Dinesh D’Souza to headline a “spectacular” $60 per person Republican “Fall Roundup” in Bozeman on October 17. On their website, the Gallatin GOP said they were “excited and honored” to have D’Souza at their event and promise that…


Young People to Get a Voice in Upcoming Billings City Council Forum

Forward Montana is looking for questions from 13-18 year olds for our upcoming Billings City Council Candidate Forum with League of Women Voters of Billings and Billings Kiwanis. The group explains: This fall, we’ve collaborated with Billings Kiwanis and League of Women Voters of Billings…


GUEST POST: How about a Wildfire Cost Recovery Levy

by Bob Williams, Ravalli County End of August, on the Montana page of  the Northern Broadcasting System, I was reading  how wildfire smoke is hard on the respiratory system of horses.  Later I glanced at the NBS link to the map of people in Montana…


GUEST POST:  Forward Montana: 25 Under 25

by Dan Lourie


Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964. 


Twenty-five young women and men under the age of twenty-five, judged the cream of the crop out of seventy applicants, have been chosen as winners of Forward Montana’s “25 Under 25” competition. To read the descriptons of their devotion to making the world a better place is to not only be wowed, but also to truly gain confidence in our future.


My friend Kiah Abbey, FM’s head person in Bozeman, told me about the contest and I knew immediately to nominate a young woman who exemplifies the description of the contestants FM hoped to attract. More on her later, but here are excerpts from the intro to the contest.


Rehberg loves Big Mountain Jesus

State with Crumbling Bridges and Unfunded Veterans Home Anxious to Preserve Confederate Monument and Cement Ski Resort Jesus

As Montana’s bridges, roads, and mental health facilities overflow beyond capacity or crumble and deteriorate, there is a mounting sense of urgency over a plaster Jesus statue paid for by the anti-choice fraternal order of the Knights of Kolumbus and a confederate fountain in Helena paid for by…


GUEST POST: Making Congress Responsible for Wildfires

Guest post by Norma Duffy.   Ms. Duffy is lifelong resident of Beaverhead County, a businesswoman, farmer, public advocate, and single mother who has no tolerance for the bad politics-as-usual, interfering with our future as Montanans. Follow her on Twitter @Ilikewoods  UPDATE: as of 8/16/2105 at 4:00 pm  Gov. Steve…


GUEST POST: Old Time Atheism

by Justin Robbins  Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15  On Saturday, The Independent Record published an opinion piece by Carroll College Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology Eric Hall. In it, he essentially implied…


Kalispell Schools Non-Discrimination Policy Meets Final Hurdle Today

The Flathead County Republican Party has sent out another email urging their ultra-conservative membership to weigh in on the non-discrimination policy proposed by the Kalispell School Board. Public opinion polls show a majority of both parties supports non-discrimination policies.  In spite of this, the local GOP are…


GUEST POST: Get the Montanans for Sensible Government Newsletter

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BULLOCK’S LIKELY OPPONENT GIANFORTE: extremist masquerading as technocrat.
NANCY KEENAN CHAIR OF MT DEMS: a seasoned pro takes over
GALLATIN COUNTY DEMS ANNUAL GALA: a tribute to Dorothy Eck, Sept 11th @ The Emerson