Cowgirl Blog Top 10 Posts of 2015

It’s been quite a year for TEA Party imbecility and nonsense.  Here’s a countdown of the top 10 Cowgirl Blog Posts of 2015.  Thank you Cowgirl readers and tipsters for another great year!   10. Justice Of The Peace Says Main Reason For Civil War Was…


Some Clarity for the Weekend

What was whispered for many weeks in the Helena fishbowl has now been printed in the paper: that Angela McLean didn’t mesh with the Bullock team and did not like the job of Lt. Governor because it wasn’t substantive enough for her liking. The latest buzz is why the…


On Vetting

A lot of talk this week about “vetting” a process which some seem to have imbued with the ability not just to know everything about a person’s past, but also as a way to magically predict and control an individual’s future behavior. But in spite of the recent…


Montana Standard to Out Anonymous Commenters Retroactively After Media Mogul Criticized

The Montana Standard today announced they will no longer allow anonymous commenters and plan expose the real names of all anonymous and pseudonymous commenters retroactively. The Butte, America Lee Newspapers affiliate posted the announcement online, saying anyone who wishes to  submit comments after Christmas will have their “real names”…


Justice Jim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Retired

GUEST POST:Pope Mania—Or Feel-Good Road Show?

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Pope Mania! The Papal visit was an emotional and spiritual experience for many of the religious faithful. For countless, Francis’ appearances in Washington, New York and Philadelphia were a defining personal moment to be treasured and savored. Indeed, the outpouring of adulation and media blitz put the Pontiff in the rarified company of Super Bowl champions and visiting English royalty.

I suggest, though, that there is also a revealing and troubling aspect to Pope Mania.


Koch Bloggers Caught Lying About Tester

Montana Republicans Also Demonstrate Ignorance of Ethics Laws (Oh, and Flub Another Attempt to Manufacture an Attack on Dems…)

Well, this is embarrassing.  The paid Koch Brothers bloggers at “Media Trackers” have been busted lying about Sen. Tester. The bloggers claimed that Tester had attended some high dollar fundraiser based entirely on a Tweet, which got it wrong.

Senator Tester didn’t attend this fundraiser that Republicans and Media Trackers are making a stink about. Senator Tester was in D.C. voting that day.  How do I know?  Because the

GUEST POST: Trophies

Fifty years ago, the field of dreams for Montana girls interested in team sports was a desert. Boys had baseball, football, and hockey. Girls? Nothing. Yeah, sure, sometimes your town had tennis or golf or track. But if you sought the rough-and-tumble camaraderie, the strategic deployment of multi-faceted talents, and, of course, the crowds associated with team sporting events … go fish.


Fact Checking the Billings Gazette on State Budget

An editorial in today’s Billings Gazette about a recent budget audit reads like a political hit job and gets several important facts wrong. Of course, a recent budget audit, which found that the depreciation of assets had mistakenly not been factored into a budget report, is an issue…


Monday Quicktakes

Welcome New Montana Blogger Laura Lundquist: Montana on the Ground Montanans know Laura Lundquist as as an award-winning newspaper reporter specializing in environmental and outdoor coverage in Montana and Idaho.  Now, she’s got a new project, an independent blog covering “land, water and wildlife related issues…


New Problems Emerge with Lee Newspapers

If you read the Missoulian tonight, you might start to wonder just how big of a problem Lee Newspapers has with poor employee treatment. Apparently, asking two of the state’s top reporters, Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison, to apply for their own jobs at lower salaries, may not be an isolated incident. (If you haven’t read the media blogger Jim Romenesko’s report on this, you should.)

In a report posted tonight that one had a hard time believing could be completely unbiased, the Missoulian is reporting that it is suing its own former employees over some advertising accounts.

A source with knowledge of the case says


GUEST POST: We will miss democracy’s watchdogs Johnson and Dennison 

By Mary Ann and Don Dunwell

Mary Ann Dunwell represents Helena and East Helena in the Montana House. Don Dunwell is a Montana television journalist.

It’s a disappointing time for Montana’s Fourth Estate because the bylines of Chuck Johnson and Mike Dennison will no longer appear in Lee newspapers. With their years of experienced and insightful coverage of Montana’s Capitol, Dennison and Johnson held elected officials and government accountable, and held watch over our democracy.