Steve Daines

After Bringing CHIP Recipient to State of the Union, Daines Votes Against CHIP Funding

As if Senator Daines’ momentary and politically convenient championing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, wasn’t obvious enough after he suddenly supported it after over 110 days, Daines voted against funding for the program last week. After Daines had his fun with pretending…

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Why is Steve Daines Stifling Public Opposition to His WSA Bill?

Senator Steve Daines has recently introduced controversial legislation to release Wilderness Study Areas across Montana.  Daines must have asked himself, “what is something no one in Montana is clamoring for?  Is it a town hall? No.  It’s a release of Wilderness Study Areas!” After apparently…


Why Won’t Steve Daines Hold a Billings Town Hall?

What exactly does Steve Daines spend his time doing? It’s certainly not fighting for the people of Montana. Though Steve Daines is a very busy man, riding around on a horse, Snapchatting his dinners and meeting with wealthy donors. But he doesn’t pass bills and…