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Laurie McKinnon

Media, Financial Moguls funded Illegal Campaign Group

List includes a handful of wealthy out-of-state landowners with interest in Supreme Court litigation If you smell a stench, it’s probably from the breaking news today that the names of the donors to the Montana Growth Network–a dark money group that spent $878,000 to elect…

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Moderates Launch Primary Challenges Against Problem TEA Partiers

The ridiculous bills and obstructionist chest thumping that characterized the 2015 legislature continues to backfire on Montana’s confederacy of TEA Party legislators.  The latest:  Primary challengers are popping up around the state against some of the session’s worst offenders. Republican Mike Houghton, a Manhattan schoolteacher, has announced…


AFP Staffer Charged with Rape at Frat House

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting today that A man has been charged with raping a woman at a Montana State University fraternity last year. On Monday, the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office filed a felony sexual intercourse without consent charge against Evan Koch after the rape…

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Black Helicopters are Circling Your Milk, Warns AFP

America is becoming more tolerant, more receptive to responsible gun regulations, and more outraged with private special interests who want to take over or poison public lands and waterways.  But as any Montana hunter can tell you, a cornered quarry is the most dangerous. As TEA Party fanaticism declines, its…


NEW REPORT Exposes Links Between Land Takeover Movement, Anti-Government Extremism Groups

The Center for Western Priorities released a new report this week exposing the many connections between anti-government extremist groups and beliefs and state lawmakers who support a takeover of Montana’s public lands.  It’s apparent given last week’s arrival of armed, camouflaged “constitutional advocates” in Lincoln and the armed standoff at Cliven…

As the Kalispell School Board meeting got underway a beautiful double rainbow appeared outside.

GUEST POST: Montana Republican Majority Leader Compares LGBT Equality to Bestiality 

By Nathan Kosted, a community organizer with www.LoveLivesHereFlathead.org

Last night the Kalispell School Board continued its important and brave work by moving along an update to their non-discrimination policy that would include protections for LGBT students. While a large majority of those in attendance wore light blue shirts and were supportive of the policy change a few voices decided to take the opportunity to spread hate. One would hope this type of behavior would be limited to extremists, however some elected officials in our state continue to take part.

A Gallatin County TEA Party Protest

Leaked Transcript: TEA Party Legislators Say GOP Brand is “A Dead Rat” at the Bottom of a Can of Diet Pepsi

During a recent Gallatin County GOP event, TEA Party Republican Matthew Monforton, Art Wittich, and Tom Burnett told a small group of GOP insiders what they really think about the GOP brand, their fellow Republicans, the 2015 legislative session and the people of Montana.

A transcription of audio obtained by Cowgirl tipsters included comments by TEA Party hothead Matthew Monforton comparing the GOP brand to a dead rat at the bottom of a can of diet pepsi.  And that’s just the beginning…