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Maybe It Isn’t Who You Know After All…

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t one of the main economic development plans of Republican gubernatorial candidate, and successful software engineer Greg Gianforte centered around telecommuting as a means of keeping Montana’s best assets in Montana?  With his expertise, and undoubtedly countless contacts…


GUEST POST: Wittich Corruption Trial Begins Today

By John S. Adams, Montana Free Press The Montana Free Press is a statewide, independent, nonprofit source for in-depth Montana news, information, and analysis. Visit montanafreepress.org for more information After more than two years of allegations, counter-claims, investigations, and back-and-forth legal maneuverings, the high-profile campaign practices lawsuit…


Rubber, I’d Like You To Meet Road

I will start with the disclaimer that this essay is, in no way, intended to denigrate the fine citizens of Sanders County, Montana.  To borrow from Donald Trump, “Some, I assume, are good people.” Others, however, are regularly being shown in what I would argue…


Of Wolves and Sheep

(Note:  Good news!  Readers here will be pleased to know that Justin Robbins is now a regular contributor to the Cowgirl Blog, thus his posts will no longer say “GUEST POST” but will simply indicate that they are “Posted by: Justin Robbins” as this one…


GUEST POST: True Believers

by Josh Manning

Manning is military veteran, and state civil rights investigator who is running as a Democrat for Montana Senate District 40 in Helena.

I spent my thirtieth birthday at Forward Operating Base Warhorse, about an hour north of Baghdad, Iraq. The previous months of my first deployment to Iraq in 2004 consisted of near daily rockets and mortars raining down while walking to work, the gym, or just to the bathroom. Eventually it became background noise then after we reduced the threat things grew quieter.


Media, Financial Moguls funded Illegal Campaign Group

List includes a handful of wealthy out-of-state landowners with interest in Supreme Court litigation If you smell a stench, it’s probably from the breaking news today that the names of the donors to the Montana Growth Network–a dark money group that spent $878,000 to elect…


AFP Staffer Charged with Rape at Frat House

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting today that A man has been charged with raping a woman at a Montana State University fraternity last year. On Monday, the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office filed a felony sexual intercourse without consent charge against Evan Koch after the rape…


Black Helicopters are Circling Your Milk, Warns AFP

America is becoming more tolerant, more receptive to responsible gun regulations, and more outraged with private special interests who want to take over or poison public lands and waterways.  But as any Montana hunter can tell you, a cornered quarry is the most dangerous. As TEA Party fanaticism declines, its…