GOP takes aim at service dogs

The list of idiotic bills in the Montana legislature that was published here recently had a glaring omission: SB 364, introduced by GOP House member Donley Loge from St. Regis.   At a hearing on this bill last week, representative Loge said he is fearful…

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Koch Brothers in Arms with Republicans/New Jersey Gianforte

We know why the Montana GOP and the Koch Brothers invested heavily in Greg Gianforte’s campaign for “CEO of Montana” and Elsie Arntzen’s whimsical fairy tale adventure to become Superintendent of Public Instruction…for publicly funded charter schools. Last week we saw a barrage of publicly…


You Can Help Fight for Equal Pay

  KBZK Story: Women in Montana make less than their male counterparts. But there are efforts to close that gap. Governor Steve Bullock held a roundtable Thursday to talk about how to make sure women and men are paid equally. At the table were MSU…


Rep. Kerry White (RTEA-Bozeman) said he had hoped to join Cliven Bundy in his armed stand-off against the BLM in Nevada.

New Jersey Gianforte & Kerry White Find Creative Ways to Sell Public Lands

Kerry White, (R-Bozeman) is Chair of MT’s House Natural Resources Committee. He has introduced HJ 9, up for committee vote tomorrow, Monday 2/20/17. This removes state protection of Wilderness Study Areas.  (This includes the Hyalite-Porcupine-Buffalo Horn area connecting Hyalite to Yellowstone, a large swath of…


New Jersey Gianforte Protests Too Much

New Jersey Gianforte. Is this a fair nickname for Gianforte the outsourcing champion? Maybe it is, maybe it is, who’s to say? Maybe life isn’t fair, some people can afford to spend 6 millions dollars as a hobby and have nothing to show for it….


Indecent Exposure

What is it with Republican legislators and the current Commissioner of Political Practices? OK, OK, they don’t like him. He’s brought the full weight of the law against some of their own (as well as some Democrats), and his zeal for transparency and fairness in…


Greg Gianforte

Republicans Turning Against New Jersey Gianforte

MTGOP may lose Zinke’s Congress seat to Democrat: Read it here by Dr. Edwin Berry My book “Montana’s Last Indian Water Compact” (now in paperback and Kindle) addresses the reason the Montana Republican Party is controlled by a right-wing fringe that represents only 20 percent…


Rob Quist Fights for Students & Social Security

Montana native Rob Quist, musician and songwriter with the band Montana and founder of the former Mission Mountain Wood Band, announced in Red Lodge that he plans to seek the Montana Democratic Party’s nomination to run as a Democrat in the special election for Rep….


A Montana story: ‘I do not rent to your kind’

Update: Join Montanans in Support of LGBTQ Equality at the LGBTQ Lobby Day on Monday, February 20th in Helena at the Capitol   By Kathleen O’Donnell As printed in the Billings Gazette When I was 17, I joined the Army National Guard. I completed basic training before…


Students Speak Against Gianforte’s Exploitation

4 students went to testify in support of SB 211, including Haley Cox, Robert Moore, Molly Baird, and Ali Everts. Here are their comments to the committee: Hello my name is Haley Cox and I’m here representing myself. I’m a student at Montana State University….


Trump’s Florida Speech Leaked Early!

Trump’s campaign for 2020 is set to start on Saturday as he will be firing up his Red Hats in Orlando, Florida. Trump doesn’t deliver speeches. He has some remarks prepared and sometimes he just riffs on topics. What is seen below is a few…


Skees-zy Money

Guest Post by Josh Manning Manning is a combat veteran and serves on the leadership team of Common Defense, a group of progressive veterans who want to affect political change. You can follow him on Twitter @joshuamanning23 If the Montana Republican Party and its legislators…