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Too Late for “Getting to Know You”

Shall we dance? On this cloud of pure fiction, shall we fly? Shall we dance? While toads croak, “Drain the swamp,” not bat an eye? Or perchance … Will we say we are a state you cannot buy? Will we say you can’t just waltz…

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Gianforte Needs to Pick a Side….Russia or Montana?

By Josh Manning Josh Manning is a combat veteran and serves on the leadership team of Common Defense, a group of progressive veterans who want to affect political change. You can follow him on Twitter @joshuamanning23  I understand people can end up investing in awful things…


When Will Greg Gianforte Divest his Russian Financial Holdings?

News continues to break about Republican Gianforte’s massive financial ties to U.S. sanctioned Russian companies. This scandal highlighted in the congressional debate last night. Gianforte was questioned how he could look out for Montana’s and America’s interests and national security when Gianforte profits off Russian aggression…


(Guest Post) Politicians and Horse Pucky

By Brenda Wahler from Wahler Law Blog Are Politicians familiar with horse manure? Or…are they full of – it? Greg Gianforte, the tech billionaire who lost the 2016 Montana gubernatorial race  in a year that otherwise went well for the GOP, is well on his way to becoming…


BREAKING: Gianforte Fired Someone for Having MS-Multiple Sclerosis

Republican Montana Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte settled a lawsuit from an employee that alleged he was fired after revealing he had multiple sclerosis. According to the court filings from 1991, John Cardinale of New Jersey sued Brightwork Development, Inc. and Gianforte along with it. Brightwork…