Jim Nelson

Guest Post: Tweets and Twitters

By Jim Nelson,  Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Science explains that the evolution of the human brain, skull and airway enabled our species—uniquely among all other living things—to speak. Indeed, it was this ability to communicate in complex forms and patterns of speech, grammar and…


New Sheriff in Town

Well Montana blogosphere, I don’t know if you noticed but there’s a new sheriff in town. *Please imagine the above-pictured saloon doors being kicked in and me walking slowly into an old-timey saloon.* Our friend the Montana Cowboy has elected for the greener pastures of…


Why did the Bozeman prosecutor roll over for Gianforte?

A crucial question was tweeted by the MTPR news director yesterday:: Had Ben Jacobs been the body slammer and the candidate the body slam-ee, would Jacobs have avoided jail time altogether? The answer is almost certainly No. And yet at Gianforte’s court hearing on Monday,…