GUEST POST: The Trouble With Avoiding Trouble

by Justin Robbins Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15  Finding myself largely aggravated by the militia takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, I have spent an unusual amount of time researching the circumstances leading…


Tuesday Quicktakes

If I was going to write another piece on Montana connections to the Oregon Nonsense Here’s What I’d Say

The Billings Gazette is now reporting this morning on one aspect of the Montana connection to the armed takeover of Government buildings in Oregon, that the Cowgirl blog wrote about over the weekend.


GUEST POST: An Embarrassment of Leaders

by Justin Robbins Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15 Most of us have that uncle.  You know the one…you’ve probably even been thinking about him as we enter the holiday season.  He’s living on Social…


AFP Staffer Charged with Rape at Frat House

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting today that A man has been charged with raping a woman at a Montana State University fraternity last year. On Monday, the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office filed a felony sexual intercourse without consent charge against Evan Koch after the rape…


Black Helicopters are Circling Your Milk, Warns AFP

America is becoming more tolerant, more receptive to responsible gun regulations, and more outraged with private special interests who want to take over or poison public lands and waterways.  But as any Montana hunter can tell you, a cornered quarry is the most dangerous. As TEA Party fanaticism declines, its…


GUEST POST: Arnone’s Views Extreme and Disproven

by Dan Lourie Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964.  On August 18, Bozeman’s crazed right winger, Peter Arnone, had a letter published in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle titled “Dems ignoring the…


MTGOP Leader Marks American Indian Heritage Day by Promoting Lands Takeover at Anti-Indian Conference

Fielder to Promote Land Takeover Scheme at Anti-Indian Conference Today is American Indian Heritage Day, but while many celebrate, an anti-Indian group euphemistically called the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance” or CERA is holding a conference in Montana this weekend attacking tribal sovereignty.  The title of the conference…


Matt Rosendale, who depicted himself in a campaign ad shooting a drone out of the sky.

Mystery Email List Used by Matt Rosendale

I don’t know what to make of this, but I am definitely going to tell you about it. A friend of mine received an email last week from Matt Rosendale, talking about how important it is that all Republicans unite behind Greg Gianforte. I’ve pasted…