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58 Comments on "Comment Policy"

  1. wow, i mean, it just gets better and better doesn’t it. hopefully, the vast majority of republicans, if that’s what they can even call themselves at this point , will even have to start seeing what kind of insane lunatics they’ve been supporting and promoting. don’t ya think? but then, idk, probably not when alls considered… unbelievable

    • There is more to the story when talking about the mental health bills at the Montana Legislature and the Governor’s Mental Health Initiative than you have offered – here’s the rest of the story. Anyone familiar with the mental health delivery system whether a person with a diagnosis, family member, friend, healthcare or mental health provider, advocate, legislator, and bureaucrat knows there is a history to our present mental health crisis and proposed solutions. As an advocate, former provider, and consultant I watch closely and offer seasoned advice and researched information.
      The origin of the current mental health bills (HBs 24, 33, 34, 35, and 47) came out of the Children, Families, Health & Human Services Interim Committee lead by democratic Senator Wanzenried which met for two years prior to this session. The Governor’s team from the Department of Health & Human Services was asked to participate and take a stand throughout the process. The Committee members mission was to assess our current institutions and come up with solutions to overcrowding, injustices of discharge into homelessness, and more permanent system solutions. Institutions were visited, stakeholders (including the DPHHS team) offered testimony, research was performed and documented for use by the committee, external state and industry experts provided transformation ideas, and lastly the committee itself (bipartisan) had intense discussions leading up to the development of legislation for the 2015 Session. The direction was clear that if the system were to be transformed there needed to be movement to a “community-based” system – one in which our neighbor or ourselves could get services, have the support of loved ones, not lose our jobs or homes, and embrace recovery. Cost was also a factor – one day in the Montana State Hospital has a cost of $579 (annual cost is over $211K) and the cost in the community is approximately $2,531 (averaged across community based mental health centers). You pick – this is our general fund dollars. Institutional care or care in the person’s home community? Where would you want to receive care and spend tax payer money? Yes there is more to the story and it’s time all the facts get laid out and the politics get put away. This is about a state that is 44th in access to mental health care for adults and 49th in mental health care for our children. We have been in the top 5% of suicides per capita for over 40 years. Now is the time to stop the quiveling and put the boots on the ground.

  2. I see that you have lumped Steve Daines into the “Tea Party” on your blog. Steve is an establishment Republican. I am not a fan or a supporter. I just did a search on and compared MT Senator Jon Tester’s (D) ideology score with MT congressman and Senate candidate Steve Daines (R). There is not much difference. A little more research on your part might be in order…

  3. Posting an article to the “New Yorker” on a story about Steve Daines defunding the disaster of Obamacare hardly makes him Tea Party. Look at his entire voting record. Compare it with Testers and see how close they really are. I did provide links to my sources you just have to do the work and plug the names in. What I am trying to do here is to challenge all of you to actually do research, read bills, instead of reading and reposting liberal drivel. Like I said I do not support Daines and will not vote for him. I am just pointing out that maybe instead of reading spoon fed info from reports and politicians who have a direct interest in painting Steve Daines as Tea Party you might research his entire voting record. Daines voting record points to an establishment Republican.

  4. I’m the mike Jeffords that you mention in your blog. The lolo address is where I get my mail. I actully live in victor Montana. I’m sorry about the confusing address. Thank you.

  5. There sure seems to be a lot of photos out there of Ted Cruz with Steve grinning over his shoulder. I think Steve follows him around like Mary’s Little Lamb.

  6. Just wondered if anyone had checked the accuracy of the latest Steve Daines television ad showing the woman named “Gayla” who could no longer afford her insulin shots because of Obamacare?

  7. I enjoy your blog, read it whenever it comes up, am as staunch a Democrat as you will ever find, but you’re wrong about John Walsh. First of all, he did try to blame his plagiarism on PTSD, then dialed it back. secondly, military service is in no way a qualification for political office. they are two totally different disciplines. Counterintuitive, actually. I’m a U.S. Navy veteran, so don’t argue with me, dammit. Steve Bullock should be chastised for an egregious error in judgment; twice, To wrap up, Dirk Adams, who I don’t know, is the logical choice both because he has the qualifications and the money to jump start his campaign. Steve Daines is beatable.

  8. You are not a cowgirl. And you do not represent what a Montanan is .you should change your name because you are insulting to real cowgirls and to the great state of Montana. Get out of the university towns and come to the middle of the state and we will educate you on cowboy/girl life as it truly is lived. There is a lot of room left in California for you. You should go find a traffic jam to roundup

  9. Randy, you are not sharpe. Dull, maybe, witless, yes, but not sharpe. There is a lot of room left in Texas for you. You should go find some tea to brew.

  10. Reminder: this page thread is for comment policy.

    Which oddly enough is relevant to a lot of Larry Kralj’s recent jibes about “inbreds” and farm animals. Strangely, however, I prefer and favor leaving them all in place as examples of what the policy is about, I think they’re useful in that way :-/

  11. Across America I see story after story that touts how republicans want to stop people from voting. I hear the gosh awful horror stories about how evil conservatives are trying to supress the minority vote or how mean old republicans want you to show an I.D. Card to be able to vote. I find this rhetoric kind of odd given the fact that the opposing party of liberal ideologies are the ones who instituted Jim Crow, blew up black churches, conducted lynchings of minorities, imposed poll taxes and keep touting how great it is to be on wellfare while wanting to give amnesty to 11 million criminals. So tell me what is so great about being a democrat? I really can’t figure that one out.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 3, 2014 6:44 PM at 6:44 PM | Reply

      YEAH, baby! It is NOT surprising that you can’t figure out SHIT! With shit for brains, it’s damn HARD to determine shit from shinola! Here. Allow me to help. That’s why I’m here. You see, little jimmy, (is that your handle or your member size????), ONLY the inbreds on the right would allow their daughters to go trick or treating like THIS! You see, lil’ jimmy, you don’t are friggin’ MORONS! Marchin’ backwards to the good ol’ days is NOT policy, dufus! Any woman that votes Pube deee SERVES a daughter this fuckin’ stoopid!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 3, 2014 6:53 PM at 6:53 PM | Reply

        Here, little jimmy dude, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Not really. But your HERO does! Seems that Flush Blipaugh has a teensy, tiny, teeny weeny peeny too! You’re in good company, cupcake! Anything else I can do for you, dufus? Just let me know! b whahahahahhahahahahahaa! I call it fun with inbreds!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 3, 2014 8:13 PM at 8:13 PM | Reply

          Oh…….my……..GOD! Harry (eric) Wang nails it! Exclusive to the Flunk Report! Seems that the Flunk Report got a breaking story from one Harry Wang! And let’s face it. Has a dude named Harry Wang ever been wrong????? I mean, this IS the Hairry Wang! If you REALLY want to know what’s goin’ on, get yourself a Harry Wang! Aaron Flunk of the Flunk Report did! AND HE LIKED IT! And he’s a better man FOR it! Aaron, did you LIKE your Harry Wang, dude??? Jus’ wonderin’, dumbazz! Did lil’ jaycee partake too??????? Don’t ask, and I won’t tell!


          I call it fun with inbreds! I shouldn’t, but they’re just TOO easy!

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 3, 2014 8:32 PM at 8:32 PM | Reply

            Yup! People are pushing BACK against Gayr Marsbutt and the Montana Spoot Shorters Ass! You see, if you want your shorts spooted, Gayr Marsbutt is your man! He will spoot your shorts for you with the BEST of them!

            But IF you want to tell Gayr and his NRA inbred rightwing inbred pals to take a hike, just look to Washington state, a place NOT too dissimilar than Montana! You see, those of us who grew UP out west here know that Gayr Marsbutt is a dink. The dufus bassturd could NOT even come on this site (can you say COWARD, boys and girls?). and list those 23 bills Amanda Curtis supposedly voted against! Why? Why is Gayr Marsbutt afraid to do that? What is Marsbutt hiding?? Easy answer. For it would expose him for the no good f*cking FRAUD that he is! Can you REALLY tell me that he is unaware of the Cowgirl site??? Twenty-three bills. I call them BULLS! As in bullshit! They were NOT gun bills, just bull pulled outta Gayr’s ASS! And THAT, my friends, is the TRVHT!

            Yup. Ol’ macho man Gayr has some ‘splainin’ to do!


  12. @Cowgirl. You can’t say I haven’t made patient efforts for a long time, and I’ve certainly worked with, occasionally, stupider than Larry Kralj for decades on the net, but the “comment policy” on is turning out to be as big a joke as the intellectual content of the forum. You would think from yor bloggings that this site attempted to take itself seriously, but it seems less and less like the case. I understand what it’s like to be busy, but you either mean what you say or you don’t. If you don’t, you get the site you manage for and deserve for it to be laughed at and ignored. Good luck.

    Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers November 11, 2014 at 5:22 PM.
    p.s.s. Ol’ Mar-butt kisser View from the Puke better drain EVERY last drop outta ol’ Gayr Marsbutt’s GUN while he still has lips with some PUCKER power, for them days are comin’ to a close, or as View from the Puke might say, CUMIN’ to an end! Yes. YeS. YES! Marsbutt is CUMIN’ in lil’ View from the Puke’s pie hole!…
    Just gelato’ed the dude’s gun! … Slurpy SLURPY! Ummm. Good to the last drop!

    Etc. etc. etc. for weeks. Pretty much describes the level of debate here. Because I had the audacity to think for myself and vote for a non-knee-jerk-Dem. Wow. Not many regrets leaving the party for independence. :::-/

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 11, 2014 8:58 PM at 8:58 PM | Reply

      FREEEEEEDUMB! Why do you hate free speech so much, lil’ fella? Is someone FORCING you to be here, read here, post here, comment here, cupcake? And yes, mars-butt kisser, just HOW many times did I ask you and all the inbreds here (skinflute, craigy, etc. ) to produce those other fourteen bills that marsbutt introduced that he mentioned in his ad that Amanda voted against! WHERE ARE THEY, view from the puke? You’re a sad lil’ fella, gelato gavacho puto! So you and marsbutt are “intertwined” so to speak, in your love!……for his gun!…..(this is my rifle, this is my gun, this one’s for shootin’, this one’s for FUN!) in a “gun” fetish sorta way I don’t really care! I won’t ask and you don’t have to tell! But for GOD’S sake, if you’re gonna defend marsbutt, at LEAST provide the FACTS to back up your limp member….ship in the NRA claims!, gelato puto! Either you or gayr marsbutt is a lyin’ sack of SHIT! Which is it, bugnuts? You or marsbutt??……OR BOTH! I simply want the missing fourteen bills! Is that so much to ask? Ask your lover………………..of guns! The Marsbutt Man!

      • Go ahead and pretend you’re capable of rational debate – it’s too late to fool anyone by now. Pretending to ignore answers you’ve already had, sometimes repeatedly, doesn’t make them stop existing.

        And above is the record of what, during the entire time I’ve known you – you substituted for real debate instead.

        One more time: if mtcowgirl wants to save any shred of credibility, your butt is long overdue for the ban.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 11, 2014 9:58 PM at 9:58 PM | Reply

          Buh BYE, bugnuts! You don’t impress much, mars-butt kisser. Might I suggest something? Ban yourself, fart sniffer! But before you go, would you mind asking your lover boy for those OTHER fourteen bills that you/he/she/it forgot to mention??? For you see, inbred dude, if you want to post here, you BETTER have your patos in a row! So far, all I seen outta you and marsbutt is flatulencia! A proposito, en que idioma quieres hablar, pinche madre?! Por que, la verdad es que yo hablo solamente cuatro! Y tu? Dos? Que mierda!

  13. Cowgirl, I definitely disagree that Obama was the deterrent to Democratic elections. The Democrats LET the Repuglicants set the tone about Obama. The Democrats should have extolled the virtues of President Obama, of which there are many—-you seem to forget! The Repuglicants began disparaging the President the very first day and continued unhampered by Democrats who just stood on the sidelines and let it happen. Who were these disloyal Democrats afraid of offending be defending the actions of our President? Did they think that the Repuglicants would vote for them if they were against Obama? They got what they deserved for disloyalty. They need to step up and BE Democrats!!

  14. while looking at Mt Family Foundation this “page” appeared …wow…wow …..anger, aggressive attacks surrounded with opinion , thats it?. Dancing around the BIBLE pridefully .REPENT each one of us!!!

  15. RE: Invitation to Speak before the Yellowstone County Democratic Club

    Dear Western Montana Democrats:

    If you are thinking about running for statewide office in 2016. It is time to establish contacts in Billings.

    The Yellowstone County Democratic Club would like to invite you to speak at one of its dinners. The Yellowstone County Democratic Club resumed dinners with the first dinner on January 20th. The Club’s future dinners are scheduled to be held on February 17th, March 17th, April 17th, and May 20th.

    The dinners of the Yellowstone County Democratic Club are at the Elks Club at 930 Lewis Ave. in Billings. The evening starts with sign in/no host reception at 5:30pm. A buffet dinner starts at 6:00pm. The evening’s program will start at 6:30pm with some very brief Club business.

    After this business is done, the rest of the evening is yours. You are completely free to structure your presentation in any manner that will best suit your goals and best tell Yellowstone County Democrats about your future plans.

    The Club pays for the dinners of the speakers. Yellowstone County Democratic Club is an avenue for the party faithful to meet on a regular monthly basis. Many have referred to the Club as the “Social Arm” of our Yellowstone County Democratic Party. The Club is separate from the Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee which is a body created by law.

    Billings Democrats also meet each Wednesday morning at 7am for breakfast discussions at McCormick’s Café at 2419 Montana Ave. You can combine a talk at the Club’s dinner with a talk at the breakfast group the next morning.

    Paul Van Tricht, President, Yellowstone County Democratic Club
    Ph: 406-371-5350

  16. I wonder, have any of you chuckleheads ever heard of the Cloward and Piven strategy? It’s kinda funny… in a way. You people (liberals) are even more delusional than the Christians you attack so often. I’m an agnostic but I support them before I would ever support you people. Nor am I a conservative. I see the political scam for what it is. Here is some food for thought for your malnourished brains… all of the Democrats and Republicans in Washington are in collusion. Of course most, if not all of you, are too brainwashed and indoctrinated to even consider such a thing. It’s sad really. You’re fomenting your own destruction. Mine as well. Cheering it on completely oblivious to our fate. No doubt this post was a waste of time. Probably be deleted. The truth must be buried.

    • We have heard from your Kind before….Always spouting this weird conspricy, but never giving up any details because their isn’t any. here’s the problem with your Hypothesis: No healthy skepticism. there is never been a debate of right or wrong with you people, The GOP use data like drunks use lampposts: more for support than illumination. it’s always No science, no research just a lot of Frank Luntz parrots.

      Cloward and Piven Strategy was written in the sixties, Glen Beck and Ilk like him revived that load of Horse Manure in from 2009- 2011.

      America was gonna implode in the 60’s because we passed the civil rights act–we helped too many Poor, but it was a veiled attack against Blacks that never happened. You guys brought this same conservative fantasy back to life when Obama became President because he was Black.

      Lunatic assertions by conservatives, a reactionary paranoid fantasy … Spare me and please stay on topic!

  17. As a mid-1920’s high school girl in little Augusta, Montana, my mother played on a full-court girls’ basketball team – breaking her nose twice in the process. The girls’ team traveled with the boys’ team and played the equivalent of the “junior varsity” game with other schools their size for the practical reason that there weren’t enough boys to play two teams. I have always wondered how we “regressed” in women’s sports as I was forced to play half-court in the 1960’s. We need to celebrate the recent accomplishments but be ever mindful that they can go away all too easily if we don’t take care.

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  19. Very good! I liked the article, I’m really not commenting but today is the exception! Congratulations on this blog

  20. 1) STOP the Nazi bullshit against Medical Marijuana cancer and epilepsy patients.
    2) Republicans are alcoholic hypocrites, bigots and racist scumbags.
    3) God bless liberty and justice for all Americans.
    4) God bless America..!

  21. 1) STOP the Nazi bullshit against Medical Marijuana cancer and epilepsy patients.
    2) Republicans are alcoholic hypocrites, bigots and racist scumbags.
    3) God bless liberty and justice for all Americans.
    4) God bless America…!


  23. Who’s calling who a pawn?

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  26. Was this site bought by a straw buyer to shut down a liberal platform for Montana on the web ahead of the mid-terms? Just asking.

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  28. Perhaps the women who got so upset with Biden will realize some things are much worse.

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