GOP Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen (TEA-Culbertson)

The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

….TEA Party Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen, of Culbertson, MT. Knudsen rushed out with an op-ed he hoped would prop up flat earther Greg Gianforte, who has been soundly castigated for claiming that state officials and not the federal government oversee refugee resettlement. This is false. You see, Gianforte’s understanding…

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Jessica Karjala and Tom Woods

GUEST POST: TEA Party 10 Up to No Good

By Representative Jessica Karjala, Billings HD 48, and  Representative Tom Woods, Bozeman HD 62 Ten TEA Party legislators recently proposed a special session. Supposedly, these folks want to use this very expensive process to “address campaign finance issues.” We believe that there are ulterior motives to their…

Trump rally

Presidential Campaign makes it to Montana, finally

The presidential campaigns have arrived in Montana and Tuesday is the big day. Lately there have been visits by all three campaigns. Donald Trump spoke in Billings last week to a sparse crowd of angry, white nationalist hotheads, on the heels of an endorsement by Ryan…

Mark Snider, Democratic candidate for House District 87 in Ravalli County.

GUEST POST: Comments More Revealing Than Speakers

by Mark Snider Democratic Candidate for House District 87 On April 20th the University of Montana hosted a symposium entitled, “Missoula Access to Justice Forum”. The listening panel included, Hon. Mike McGrath, Chief Justice, Montana Supreme Court, Hon. Leslie Halligan, district Court Judge, 4th Judicial district (Missoula…

Didi and Jan Peccia

GUEST POST: Melanoma Awareness Month–Know the Dangers of Indoor Tanning

by Didi Peccia

Didi Peccia is a small business owner in Helena.

Jan Peccia was not only my sister-in-law, she was my best friend. We raised our babies together and we went into business together. She and I co-owned Montana Book and Toy Company and Augustine Properties in Helena. But in 2013

Scott Walker, infamous and embarrassing TEA Party Governor

Greg spends $18,000, in Indiana

by Cowgirl Greg Gianforte was taken to task this week by the Billings Gazette for being highly deceptive about wage data in Montana and cooking up a bogus website about it.  Elsie Arntzen, the candidate for state School Superintendent whose campaign has thus far failed to…

Miles City, Montana

GUEST POST: Eric Moore’s Ideas About Students and Teachers Destructive, Hateful, and Beyond Absurd

by Morgan Pett

Morgan Pett teaches science at Miles City High School, which is in Sen. Moore’s district

I am writing to make it clear to any transgender students that may come into my classes, that I am not afraid of having you in my classroom. My sense of my own sexuality is not under threat from you. The safety of both the male and female students in my classes in not under threat from you. You and your parents should know that the idea that was recently submitted as a “Guest Opinion” by State Senator Eric Moore to the Billings Gazette, that the students and teachers of the public schools of Montana and the United States are not capable of finding a place for you is destructive, hateful, and beyond the levels of absurdity that we should have to put up with in 2016.