Dirk Sandefur

Sandefur Raises Three Times More Than Supreme Court Opponent

State District Judge Dirk Sandefur of Great Falls continues to build a strong, statewide network of broad-based, grass roots support for his campaign for 2016 election to the Montana Supreme Court. In his most recent campaign finance report filed on July 5th, Judge Sandefur reported…


GUEST POST: Trophies

Fifty years ago, the field of dreams for Montana girls interested in team sports was a desert. Boys had baseball, football, and hockey. Girls? Nothing. Yeah, sure, sometimes your town had tennis or golf or track. But if you sought the rough-and-tumble camaraderie, the strategic deployment of multi-faceted talents, and, of course, the crowds associated with team sporting events … go fish.


Fact Checking the Billings Gazette on State Budget

An editorial in today’s Billings Gazette about a recent budget audit reads like a political hit job and gets several important facts wrong. Of course, a recent budget audit, which found that the depreciation of assets had mistakenly not been factored into a budget report, is an issue…

confederate fountain

Helena’s Confederate Monument In Limbo

As the rest of the nation is taking down its confederate flags, statues, and monuments, two members of the Helena City Commission say its time to do something about Helena’s monument honoring the confederacy’s legacy of racism. But not every commissioner is on board.

You might be unaware Helena has a fountain dedicated to the confederacy— that group of states that committed treason in an effort to perpetuate human bondage. 

UPDATE: This post now includes links to the Flathead Memo and Intelligent Discontent who also have posts up on this.


GUEST POST: Fortunate

by Anna Whiting Sorrell, MPA

Whiting Sorrell is Director of Operations, Policy and Planning Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal Health Department, former Director Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and former Billings Area Director, Indian Health Service

This week I will celebrate my 58th birthday.  Most women in Montana would not consider this a milestone in their lifetime, but for me, I will celebrate it with vigor as I know how fortunate I am just to be alive. According to a Montana Department of Health and Human Services report, as an Indian woman in Montana, I can only expect to live to be 64 years old.  Indian women die a generation younger than non-Indian women, who can expect to live 20 years longer. This statistic has been my personal reality as my mother died at 57 and her mother died in her forties.


GUEST POST: Olson Ignored Threats of Coal

How can we not be incredulous? Alan Olson, despite being a shill for the coal companies, should surely know better. He writes an op-ed proposing increases in coal mining and shipping without mentioning the impact on the health of Montana’s citizens and the other consequences of increased numbers of coal trains on the cities through which they will pass. Not a word!

There is enormous mounting evidence demonstrating the overwhelming impact of coal mining, shipping and combustion on public health. It will contaminate cities and towns, farmland, forestland, streams and rivers with coal dust and chunks of coal. A recent study calls coal dust a “pernicious ballast foulant,” containing toxic heavy metals, including mercury, arsenic and lead. Olson’s plan for increased coal train traffic via Bozeman’s residential neighborhoods will…

Jeff Essmann, new MT GOP Chair

Who Could Ask for Anything More

The man behind some of the GOP’s bloodiest battles, Jeff Essmann the state legislator from Billings, is the new Montana GOP leader. Democrats couldn’t ask for anything more. Essmann has been at the inner circle of the war between hardline extremists and everyone else from the beginning….