Taylor Rose

GOP Lawmaker Asked About White Nationalist Candidate: “We think of him as a good conservative”

By Cowgirl Montana’s weekend political news analysis program Face the State this weekend featured a democratic and republican guests discussing Montana’s legislative races. TEA Party Rep. Matthew Monforton (R-Bozeman)   included white nationalist candidate Taylor Rose in a list of what he said were competitive legislative races for the GOP….

kristen juras

“Extensive Experience?”…Not so much

Right-wing candidate for supreme court, Kristin Juras has been trying to convey that she has “extensive experience.” But it’s amazing what you can find on the internet these days.  The Montana Supreme Court page allows you to query an attorney and it spits out every case they…

Money talks

Judge: MT Campaign Limits are Too Low

Earlier this week a right-wing federal judge held that Montana’s donation limits for candidates and parties violate the US Constitution, because they are too low and thus burden free speech. The problem with this ruling is that the old law, the one that was previously…

Randy Pinocci Chamber mailer

Friday Quick Takes

by Cowgirl

Meet Montana’s Women for Trump

The Bozeman Chronicle features an interview with a small group of women who are supporting trump.  What are these women like?

Says one: “Obama has caused all the problems between the whites and the blacks.”

science gianforte

Gianforte Escalates the War on Science

by Cowgirl This week, Greg Gianforte and Elsie Arntzen proposed that schools should eliminate the requirement that students take two years science if a student took computer science instead. Put aside for a moment that someone forgot to brief him on the fact that the a…


The Bundys Are Coming…?

by Justin Robbins

Since the 2014 Bundy Ranch armed standoff, and the Mahleur occupation early this year, I have become somewhat fascinated with the apparently growing “patriot” movement in this country. Not, you understand, out of a nagging fear my tax dollars are managing too much wilderness for my children to enjoy; more so a fascination with the ideas underlying the phenomenon. 

Montana republican party

A Look at Montana’s Delegates to the GOP Convention

by Cowgirl Take a look at the list of delegates the Montana GOP is sending to the GOP Convention in Cleveland. Delegates who will represent Montana in July include (as Chair) Jeff Essmann, National Committeeman and Woman Errol Galt and Betti Hill. And a list of the…

Money talks

Gianforte’s Millions Make Another Appearance

by Cowgirl

You can’t buy political billboards on public property in Montana, but for $10 million it appears you can get your name on a building.

Slated for the Board of Regents agenda for next Thursday and Friday (May 19-20) is an MSU proposal to name their computing school the Gianforte School of Computing. Gianforte’s donation, according to a source with knowledge of the transaction:

Greg Gianforte

More on the Gianforte Stream Access Story

by Cowgirl

I enjoy the flattering attention when newspapers cite to the blog, but at the risk of sounding too modest, it should be made clear about yesterday’s news about how this blog “surfaced” (the Lee Newspapers word) a 2009 lawsuit filed by Greg Gianforte to close down stream access on his property.  The post has since become the

Taylor Rose (left) with MTGOP Vice-Chair and American Lands Council CEO Jennifer Fielder

MT GOPer Outraged Over Harriet Tubman–and People Who Adopt Non-White Babies

by Cowgirl

A Flathead area legislative candidate has taken to Facebook to express his outrage that the anti-slavery activist and women’s rights heroine Harriet Tubman will be replacing the notorious author of American Indian genocide Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. He also shared his views on a variety of topics.  UPDATE:  Rose has since deleted the posts from his Facebook page, but you can see screenshots of his posts below.