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A Preview of Gianforte’s Conference Call Announcement

Greg Gianforte’s recent pretense of campaigning while pretending not to be campaigning has not been pleasant for him. The press are tiring of his refusal to answer basic questions about what he really believes and his track record of bankrolling extremist causes and wacky anti-scientific nonsense, including a…


GUEST POST: The Trouble With Avoiding Trouble

by Justin Robbins Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15  Finding myself largely aggravated by the militia takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, I have spent an unusual amount of time researching the circumstances leading…


Rigging the System

By now you’ve probably all seen seen the stories on Gianforte’s tax returns and Mike Dennison’s headline that Bullock earns 1/60 of Gianforte’s income and pays the same tax rate. If you stack this up to the average Montana household, Montanans would have to work hundreds of…


GUEST POST: It is really a human rights issue

by James Minckler
James is a teacher of holistic health seminars and is the author of two books on Energy Balancing.

Ryan Zinke was a co-sponsor and voted yes on H.R. 1599. The Dark Act which is basically a Monsanto Protection Act. This bill prohibits Montanans from passing our own state food labeling

Justice Jim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Retired

GUEST POST: Terrorists by Any Other Name Are Still Terrorists 

By Jim Nelson,  Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) A high school geography teacher trying to convey to her students the intrinsic complex artistry of Arabic calligraphy, asks her students copy a passage—not to translate, adopt or pronounce it mind you, just copy the passage—from an…


Billings Gazette Slams Gianforte

By now you have all seen the blistering editorial against Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate for Governor, by the editor of the Billings Gazette, who is upset with Gianforte for not answering questions about his advocacy for extremist ideologically-based organizations, fake environmental groups, and fake “medical”…

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Tuesday Quicktakes

If I was going to write another piece on Montana connections to the Oregon Nonsense Here’s What I’d Say

The Billings Gazette is now reporting this morning on one aspect of the Montana connection to the armed takeover of Government buildings in Oregon, that the Cowgirl blog wrote about over the weekend.

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Cowgirl Blog Top 10 Posts of 2015

It’s been quite a year for TEA Party imbecility and nonsense.  Here’s a countdown of the top 10 Cowgirl Blog Posts of 2015.  Thank you Cowgirl readers and tipsters for another great year!   10. Justice Of The Peace Says Main Reason For Civil War Was…


Trump Calls Closed Primaries a Suicidal Mistake

A move by Montana Republicans to close primaries is being openly opposed by Donald Trump, in Virginia where Republicans are making the same play.  This week. The New York Times is reporting that: Mr. Trump scolded state officials this week for requiring Republican primary voters to…