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Fervor for TEA Cooling in the Flathead

Democrats and Republicans are joining up in an effort to defeat a slate of TEA Party candidates for the Flathead County Community College Board of Directors.

Note how many D’s and R’s are on this list supporting both R’s and D’s for trustees on a Flathead Beacon Ad (FVCC ad PDF), such as:

Bruce Tutvedt, a Montana republican state senator, and Joan Vetter Ehrenberg, former chair of the Flathead Democratic Party; insurance industry stalwarts and women’s health advocates; and, former Republican and Democratic candidates for state legislative seats and statewide offices.

The fact that TEA party candidates are not welcome suddenly in the Flathead likely has much to do with are citizens desire to prevent their community from becoming a mecca for right-wing extremists, as well as the performance of TEA Party candidates in the Montana legislature.  Not only did Flathead area TEA partiers help make Montana’s legislature a national laughingstock–they also opposed projects crucial to creating jobs and boosting the local economy in their districts.

For example, HB 6 provides $100k for Haskill Basin Water Conservation and Preservation located in Whitefish, but Whitefish Kalispell TEA party Republican Rep. Derek Skees voted against it. HB 9 provides $8k for the Whitefish Theater Company, Skees voted against this too. It’s no wonder area residents are beyond over the TEA Party craze.

Nutjob Bills in the Montana Legislature

For your reading pleasure, here are some of the major pieces of legislation that have been put forward by the Tea Party Republicans who are now in control of the legislature.  This is not a joke. These are real bills, and they are currently taking priority in the Montana legislature.  Enjoy.

Welcome to the land of nutters, the Montana Legislature.

1.  Legalize hunting with hand-thrown spear (Senate Bill 112)

2.  Create fully-armed militia in every town (House Bill 278)

3.  Allow legislators to carry weapons in the Capitol (Senate Bill 279)

4.  Create an 11 person panel with authority to nullify all federal laws (House Bill 382)

5   Allow guns in schools (House Bill 558)

6.  Eliminate educational requirements for persons seeking job of State Superintendent of Schools (HB 154)

7.  Lift nuclear ban for purpose of building a nuclear reactor in the Flathead Valley (House Bill 326)

8.  Withdraw the United States of America from the United Nations (Senate Joint Resolution 2)

9.  Eliminate all state incentives for developing wind power (House Bill 244)

10. Omit Barack Obama’s name from the 2012, ballot because his father was born outside of America (House Bill 205)(this guy was on CNN this week)

11. Compulsory marriage counseling for people seeking a divorce (House Bill 438)

12. Give sheriffs authority over the federal government in terror investigations (Senate Bill 114)

13. Legalize hunting with silencers (House Bill 174)

14. Lift the prohibition on carrying concealed weapons in bars, churches and banks (House Bill 384)

15. Eliminate law that requires landlords to install carbon monoxide detectors (House Bill 354)

16. Require the federal government to prove in court that the National Parks were lawfully acquired. (House Bill 506)

17. Officially designate the “Code of the West” as the “Code of Montana” (Senate Bill 216)

UPDATE: 18.  Declare that global warming is good. (House Bill 549)

h/t RastaMon for this photo.