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Strohmaier’s Smart Ad

Montana Congressional Candidate Dave Strohmaier (D) has a smart new ad up.  The ad is different than anything else on the airwaves and shows he believes in fairness and equality for all people.  If he were really smart, Strohmaier could probably get some national talk…

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One Hot Mess

Readers here will no doubt recall TEA Party Republican Greg Hinkle’s Senate Bill 114, which would have given county sheriffs authority trumping that of the federal government – one of the nuttiest bills of the legislative session. TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg has the latest…

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This Week’s Worst Political Ad

It’s hard to believe this has already started.  Ten months out from the primary election and one GOP primary candidate for Governor is already on the air.  The extreme earliness is part of why this Corey Stapleton ad is a problem.  When combined with the…