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GOP Senator: Democratic Operatives, Not Ken Miller, are Behind Latest Ad

Dave Lewis, GOP state senator and big Ken Miller supporter, has declared a belief that the 30 second web ad contrasting Ken Miller and Rick Hill on family values (entitled “Abuse and Adultery”) has been planted by democratic party operatives. Lewis wrote:

Come on guys. There may be some smart Democrat operatives, not a contradiction in terms, who wanted to fire an early volley. Do it now and blame it on primary politics. We play rough here. Suspect everyone. Fun month ahead.

Lewis made the claim last week, on this blog, but stated no basis for it except to say that democratic operatives are “talented” and thus may have created the ad, the implication being that GOP operatives are not talented. Here’s the ad:

Doth Lewis, a Miller surrogate, protest too loudly?

Let’s examine his theory.
First, the woman behind the ad, Nancy Davis, has been active against Hill before, but not in favor of Miller. And she has a large conservative following on Facebook, counting among her friends many GOP legislators and Tea Party idiots.

Furthermore, if Lewis’s premise is correct that Democrats want to elevate Miller at Hill’s expense (which I don’t believe is correct; Hill is a lame candidate, insider, part of the problem, and thus a good horse for dems to run against) this would not be the way to do it since this video risks backfiring on Ken Miller. Negative stuff like this is dynamite and can explode in the hand of the person lighting it.

And finally, not only has Miller made no effort at all to denounce the video act in a way that would indicate he isn’t connected with it, he actually has been aping it.

Hilariously, in the last week he’s referred to himself at least twice as a”Christian”, “family man” and “small businessman” in the same breath, and to Rick Hill as a “lobbyist”, “insurance” executive” and “congressman,” comparative language taken directly from the ad. Miller clearly likes the action.

A tipster informed me today that Miller contrasted himself to Hill using these terms at a recent debate. And a new video on Miller’s website similarly uses the same message points, with Miller describing himself as a Christian and a family man (note: Miller today removed that video, for some reason).  And below is a “straw poll” from Miller’s own website. We will ignore for the moment the sad fact that Miller could only muster 61% in a vote that takes place on his own website; what’s interesting is, again, the way he messages himself against Hill:

Also, there’s something about the narrator’s voice (might it be Davis herself?) that strikes me as that of someone who watches lots of Foxnews and is an angry Tea gal (or maybe that’s just my imagination).

So I’d say its very unlikely that Democrats are behind this lovely piece of political theater. Some GOP “operative” does indeed have some minimal talent.

I’m told that all of the GOP candidates are in the process of buying TV time now. We will see what these ads look like, and then revisit this subject.

Strohmaier’s Smart Ad

Montana Congressional Candidate Dave Strohmaier (D) has a smart new ad up.  The ad is different than anything else on the airwaves and shows he believes in fairness and equality for all people.  If he were really smart, Strohmaier could probably get some national talk show attention for this.  Perhaps that’s already in the works.

Here’s the ad: