Art Wittich

FACT CHECK: Supreme Court Smear Machine Uses Fear and Lies to Distract from Juras’ Inexperience

The choice between Dirk Sandefur and Kristen Juras for the Montana Supreme Court race couldn’t be an easier one: Dirk Sandefur is well-qualified.  He’s a 3-term State District Judge in one of Montana’s busiest and most populous districts –and before that he was a prosecutor and a police officer.  He’s got decades of experience Kristen Juras just does not have. He’s been endorsed by 50 Montana judges, she zero. 

Since Juras can’t run on experience, enter the same dark money group set up to flood the last three Supreme Court elections with misinformation and deceit.


A Look at Montana’s Delegates to the GOP Convention

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Greg Gianforte

More on the Gianforte Stream Access Story

by Cowgirl

I enjoy the flattering attention when newspapers cite to the blog, but at the risk of sounding too modest, it should be made clear about yesterday’s news about how this blog “surfaced” (the Lee Newspapers word) a 2009 lawsuit filed by Greg Gianforte to close down stream access on his property.  The post has since become the